Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Athadu - totally smitten by Mahesh Babu

If you're missing the Bollywood masala with action, love, drama, you name it....then look no more, watch Athadu. I know. I know. Athadu is not Bollywood, it's Tollywood. Telugu cinema! Mahesh Babu does it again and again, delivering his masala flava to his films. Athadu released before Pokiri and Bollywood has remade it already. For those who may or may not know, Wanted (Salman Khan, Ayesha Takia Azmi) is the Bollywood version of the wonderful, action-packed Mahesh Babu film, Pokiri . Some argued that Salman is not suited to play in action roles. But the Sallu fan I am *sigh*, I had to disagree, I can see it. Let's just see him pull it off.

Ek - The Power of One (Bobby Deol, Shriya Saran) is the Bollywood version of the wonderful Mahesh Babu film that I am reviewing now, Athadu. Not that I dislike Bobby or don't think he can pull it off, it's just that I enjoyed Athadu so much that I wanted the Bollywood remake to be noticed more with an actor who would bring in ratings and more . Someone like Akshay Kumar could easily pull it off. Now, I will watch the Bollywood version just to see how it was done Bollywood style.

So yes, I really enjoyed Athadu. From the first frame of the film, I was hooked. It was that exciting for me. I tried my best to explain what the film was all about without huge spoilers.

As an orphan growing up, Nandhu (Mahesh Babu) became this fearless boy who ended up in the life of crime. When he gets framed in a murder that he didn't commit, he ends up in a village where everyone mistakens him for Pardu, a guy he meets on the train who gets killed. Nandhu ends up pretending to be Pardu. Finally, he knows the feeling of love and family, which he never had before. Does the police ever find Nandhu? What happens to the village who all loved him as Pardu?

Even though Nandhu is an assassin, he has a good heart. When he ends up becoming Pardu, he was raised without love and affection and Pardu's family gave him what he had been lacking.

Mahesh Babu!!! No wonder you are called the Prince in Telugu Film Industry. Every time I watch another film of yours, I become more smitten. I absolutely love his characters on screen. Besides Mahesh portrays them well and is an amazing dancer. He has this dorky, cute, yet sexy appeal to him.

Poori is Pardu's fiance. Since childhood, Poori and Pardu were suppose to get married.

Trisha Krishnan is great! However, her character did annoy me a bit. Maybe cause I only think Trisha is cute and not gorgeous. Her character was a bit conceited thinking that she is sooo beautiful. To be fair, that wasn't all her fault since she grew up thinking she was all that. Besides that, I looooved her.

Malli (Sonu Sood) grew up with Nandhu and organizes the crimes while Nandhu kills whoever he needs to. When one mission blows up, Malli's car explodes and Nandhu becomes a fugitive in a murder he didn't commit.

Sonu Sood had a short but significant role. It was hard for me to get a good screencap of him. I still think he looks like the young Amitabh Bachchan.

Since both Nandhu and Malli are orphans and ruthless, Sadhu (Rahul Dev) raised them in the life of crime. However, as time goes by, Sadhu ends up in prison paying for his crimes.

Rahul Dev usually plays a negative supporting role and damn good at it.

Officer Anjaneya Prasad (Prakash Raj) is investigating the murders. Does Prakash Raj ever rest? I see him in Tamil and Telugu films all the time now! Maybe it's just the films I watch?

The real Pardu (Rajeev Kanakala). Sadly, his life ended before he was ever able to go back to his family in the village.

Song #1 - "Athadae Athadae"
Nandu grows up

Song #2 - "Pillagaali Allari"
Poori proves how beautiful she is to Pardhu, but ends up looking goofy at times

Song #3 - "Neetho Cheppana"
Poori is in love with Pardu aka Nandhu

Song #4 - "Chandamama Chandamama"
Poori wants to show Pardu that she can be sexy, so she goes "North Indian style"
I think it's just modern style, not necessarily North Indian

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Avunu Nijam"
Poori finally gets her man!

Watch Below

Song #6 - "Pilichina Raanantava"
Wedding, not Poori and Pardu's though...well, not yet??

I see rangoli all the time in South Indian films. I think it's very beautiful and interesting.

I loved the WTF action. Mahesh Babu kicks ass.

In loved with all Trisha's outfits in the film. Whether she wore traditional or modern outfits, she rocked it.

So because I was smitten by Mahesh Babu, I went screencap crazy. No kidding!

Besides my infatuation of Mahesh Babu, the film is definitely worth it!


lapetitediva said...

It's funny. I didn't like this movie until after I bought it. When I watched most of it online, along with Sainikudu, I chose to buy the latter because I was more engrossed in it. But one day I thought, "Why not?" and got it and ended up loving it. First impressions can be wrong sometimes, I guess.

I have no desire to watch Ek(even though Shriya is in it) or Wanted because, with a few exceptions, Hindi remakes of South films don't pique my interest.

ajnabi said...

Oh my gosh, this looks AWESOME! I think this is going to be my first Mahesh Babu film.

GoldenEmbers said...

Hey, I've watched this film over and over... my family and family friends are obsessed... and my mother tongue is Telugu so I think I can add some perspective:
* Poori does go "North Indian" not simply modern when she tries to prove to Pardhu that she can be modern (she wears a churidar).
* Rangoli is most popular and common in South India than North India.
* Poori, in my opinion, doesn't look goofy in Pillagaali Allari, she's just acting her personality, which is fun, energetic and a little ditzy.

Nicki said...

lapetitediva - I still like to watch remakes. For some reason, I like to see the difference, mainly cultural. Not sure when I will watch Ek. Having Shriya in the film is an extra plus for me.

ajnabi - Do watch it!!

GoldenEmbers - thanks for your input

Anonymous said...

Mahesh Babu is a handsome talented actor. However the violence in most of his movies puts me off.

Rangoli - elaborate and colourful ones are done on special occasions and festivals in South India. It also famous in Gujarat. Otherwise rangoli also known as Kollam in tamil and muggu in telugu - is a daily feature of most households (rich or poor) in South India. Every morning before 6 am, women folk clean the front courtyard and purify the earth with water and then make rangoli - white with coarse rice powder. Usually birds and insects come to feed on the rice powder. The concept is something like starting your day by sharing with other beings.

Young girls during school holidays usually learn unusual rangoli designs and also henna designs. It is all part of growing up.

Nicki said...

anon - aawww, I think Mahesh got the "it" factor that I'm looking for. I don't mind violence in films. Shoot, it is worse in some Hong Kong or Korean movie.

I want to go to South India! The more I watch Southies, the more I'm in love with South India, in general.

AP said...

you haven't mentioned about the paddy field fight scene with the landlord.Also the fight at the temple.Those two were awesome....

Anonymous said...

ApunBindaas, awesome screencaps!!

I just watched this yesterday. Many of the scenes on the DVD they sent weren't working, but some of the scenes did work. Luckily I got to see some of the cute MB-Trisha moments and most of the songs. I also saw some scenes with MB's childhood friends.

I really liked the second song, the one that starts with the rain. And Trisha was so cute.

I think I will be buying this DVD. And I will be looking for more movies with these actors!!

cmleigh said...

Nicki, you may go screen cap crazy with MB any time. ;-)

Krishna Mohan Kola said...

my favourite telugu movie of all time.i dont have any words to describe this movie.i liked it bcoz i liked the village setup which is close to my family.i like action n the stuff here is fantastic.the scene in which he fights in fields n in temple is really superb.if u know the language u can enjoy the dialouges to d fullest.the confession dialouges with pardu's grandpa r excellent.i have watched it more than 20 times n i never get tired see it again.i love mahesh in this movie,i am saying this being a big pawan kalyan fan(both have a good competition as to who will be no1).mahesh rocks in athadu

Pooja said...

It is the most played movie on television. Maa tv telecasts it atleast 3 times per month. ppl will not get bored at even 100th time watch.
Athadu- A classic & evergreen Masterpiece in Indian cinema.

prithvi's said...

Athadu is the best telugu movie i have ever seen.... it was beated up by "Dookudu" movie again starred by mahesh babu

prithvi's said...

Athadu is the best telugu movie i have seen ....... but it was beated up by 'Dookudu' movie again starred by mahesh babu