Monday, July 20, 2009

8x10 Tasveer - why isn't Akki given more props?

This past weekend was a horror/thriller filmfeset. On Saturday, I re-watched the Korean horror classic, A Tale of Two Sisters. Then on Sunday, I watched 8x10 Tasveer. Just wanted to keep in the similar genre. Honestly, I did not hear anything about this film. There was not much publicity and promotion for it.

Jai (Akshay Kumar) has a gift, a special power. If a tasveer (photo) is given to him, he is able to to look at the it and become that person, at that place, at that time. He sees the world through that person's eyes who he enters into.

Having powers is great, right? It could be. But to use it because your father accidently died? Wait, a minute...what if he was murdered? Now, Jai must find the truth!

Akshay Kumar, aka Mr. Khiladi, is in a handful of movies yearly. Does this guy ever take a break? Sadly, with all these films, only a few are memorable. Regardless I think he's awesome. I'm not a huuuge fan of his but I do appreciate his work.

Jai loves his job. He works for the EPS (Environmental Protection Society). He also has powers that not a lot of people are aware of, or would ever believe

Since this film was low budget, I did not pay much attention the cast, except knowing that Akki was in the film. It was a pleasant surprise to see Ayesha in the film! I almost forgot she got married. Thought it was cute she used her marital surname as well :)

Sheila (Ayesha Takia Azmi) is Jai's girlfriend.

Jai keeps having this dream? What does it mean?

Why does Jai keep having these dreams? Must he find out what really happened to his father? It wasn't an "accident" like everyone claimed? Was he murdered? He keeps ending up at his parents' home.

Jatin Puri (Benjamin Gilani) is Jai's father who died on the boat.

Jatin and his business partners were drinking on the boat, Golmaal, when he died.

The last time Jatin was alive. The photograph of the business partners. Jai has to, no, he must enter the photo.

Savitri (Sharmila Tagore), Jai's mother, and one of the last ones to see her husband alive. She was the one who took the picture on the boat. Is she the murderer? Or any part of it?

Sundar (Anant Mahadevan) is one of the business partners and one of the last ones to see Jatin alive. Is he the murderer? Or any part of it?

Anil (Girish Karand) is one of the business partners and one of the last ones to see Jatin alive. Is he the murderer? Or any part of it?

Adit (Rushad Rana) is one of the business partners and one of the last ones to see Jatin alive. Is he the murderer? Or any part of it?

Doesn't he look like Saif, mix in with a little of Sharman Joshi? I looked at his filmography, he was in Super Star? I don't remember him at all.

Happibullah aka Happi, with an I (Javed Jaffrey). Ex-cop who believes that Jatin was murdered. Plus he has a special place for Jatin in his heart since Jatin took him in and helped him when he first came to Canada.

Jai must find the truth! It doesn't hurt to find out, right?

Even though the film had a full soundtrack, only one song made it in the movie. I'm glad it was only one and no more. In addition, it was only a background score.

"Kuchh Is Tarah"
Jai and Sheila, deeply in love

Watch Below

But there is the ending credit, which is also the promotional music video for the film. Song is by Bohemia, with Akki in a hip hop avatar who is looking really yummy.

Watch Below

Overall, I thought it was a very entertaining film that kept me wanting to know what will happen next. I watched it with a few friends and all of them enjoyed it. In addition, I converted a few more Bollywood watchers :)

Now, why isn't Akki given more props? Just because he doesn't play the same roles over and over like some of the other stars doesn't mean he has that star quality. I've always found him underrated. And I stand by that. Still. Mr. Khiladi deserves more than what he is given. Of course, like all stars, he has his share of films to stay away from. But in all, he has variety in his work.


Bhargav Saikia said...

For me, Tasveer was a poorly made film. Bollywood writers have a lot of homework to do before they can make a decent sci-fi film.

ajnabi said...

I think Akshay's a Bollywood workhorse. I bet someday he'll attain cult status among Hindi movie bloggers, like Shashi is now. LOL I kind of want to see this; you've made me curious. It's a good premise anyway!

bollywooddeewana said...

Great review Nicki, i feel like seeing this now, everyone pretty much bashed it but your review seems fair on the film, I heart Hip Hop Akki as well, he was well styled and he pulled off the fashion well

Nicki said...

Bhargav - that's too bad. Maybe you are more harsh on Bollywood films cause you expect more? that's how I am with Hmong movies :)

ajnabi - Akki is definitely a workaholic. This film, like Aa Dekhen Zara are just brainless fun. However, I prefer this film over ADZ

bollywooddeewana - Thanks!! It's not as bad as other say. Hey, if we both liked Race then why not this film too, huh?

Filmi Girl said...

Hi! I had mixed feelings about this one. I enjoyed the story (and AKKI!) but I thought the film itself was poorly structured.

It either needed to have 3-4 songs and be a masala film or to have a tighter narrative flow and be a sci-fi/mystery film.

I agree that Akshay Kumar does not get the props he deserves, though! I'm on Team Khiladi 4Ever!

Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting Nicki, thanks for the heads-up!

Oh, and, that Rushad Rana bloke reminds me Jimmy Shergill...

bollyviewer said...

Akki needs to do at least ONE intelligent and interesting movie every few years before he deserves ANY kudos! He is a good actor and pretty handsome too, but why, WHY, must he exclusively do silly stuff like Singh Is King and Welcome ALL the time. Surely one good movie for every 4-5 money spinners isnt too much to ask?!

That said, I like the premise of this one a lot. But then again, Bollywood doesnt do thrillers and sci-fi too well. I'll give this one a try if my public library gets it.

Nicki said...

Filmi Girl - I think I get amused easily, hehehe. Akki is awesome!

piyaara - just don't have high expectations.

bollyviewer - you make a great point about Akki!! hahaha!

Shoot, I wish my public library carries Bollywood films!

dunkdaft said...

Why didn't I posted a comment here, yet? I read ur nice post too earlier.

I liked this movie, as you know by my review. I would like to see more from Ayesha+Akki. [especially Silent Akki]

Anonymous said...

hmm .. this movie... I liked most of it except the ending where the bhai bhai bhai thing goes in the boat. Was super lame - the ending. Otherwise I thght it was a decent fare.
Akki to me was the hotest in Aakhen.


Nicki said...

Darshit - it's okay. That happens to me too :) Yes, I'm glad I wasn't the only one who liked it. I guess we have similar taste in thrillers since we both enjoyed this and Aa Dekhen Zara

anon - hahaha, yeah, I know what you mean but still overall, a good watch :)

I'll have to re-watch Aankhen cause I think Arjun was the hottest thing :)