Friday, July 24, 2009

Satyam - Vishal's hot but the film's not

Finally, I finished watching Satyam. Desperately I went seeking to see Satyam and found a subtitled version online.

Seeing this movie still should've turned me away from even attempting to watch the film, right?

But then I saw this I wanted to attempt to watch it.
Still taken from Tamil Masalaa

Satyam is produced by Vishal's older brother, Vikram Krishna Reddy.

Satyam (Vishal) is an honest cop, too honest for his own good. Not all cops are created equality. A handful are evil and will bend the rules and law with money. Many will just brush it off with police encounters. Will Satyam maintain his honesty with his uniform? Or will he end up like the other crooked cops?

Satyam is one of the bet darn cops. He is so good that many fear him, like the crooked cops and dishonest politicians.

After seeing so many hot pics of Vishal and even posting them, I finally decided to watch a film of his and chose to watch Satyam.

Even with the ugly mustache, Vishal still is hot. Kinda reminds me of Surya in Kaakha Kaakha. I was hoping that Satyam was more in that direction. But I was wrong and disappointed.

Nayantara plays Vishal's love interest, Deivanayaki. Her character was sooo annoying but she looked hot. I couldn't believe that was her. This was the same dumb nurse student that played in the Tamil version of Ghajini! At that time, I didn't find her attractive at all!

Since I saw Satyam online, I didn't have any menu pages to list the songs, so I had to do some extra homework.

Song #1 - "Aaradi Kaathe"
In the life of Satyam, at work and at home (taking care of his mother)

Song #2 - "Ada Gada Gada"
Silly song with Satyam and kids teasing Deivanayaki, with interesting costume changes

Song #3 - "En Anbe"
Deivanayaki in love with Satyam
Gorgeous song!!!

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Chellame Chellame"
Sexy song with the lovebirds.
Saw this video online and thought why not to watch film?

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Paal Pappaali"
Fun song with the lovebirds

Vishal is the **only** reason why I finished watching this film. The beginning was soooo boring with so much stupid comedy, pointless romance, and annoying kids. However, I was determine to at least finish it. I love his adorable, big ears.

lapetitediva and I tweeted about how much older Vishal looked with that ugly mustache.

My wish for that mustache to be vanished..... came true, look!! He is one good-looking fella

I know he doesn't look too happy with his haircut

But you gotta watch the film why he looks so intense

The second half is a lot better because the first half tried to show a comedic lighter side of a action-packed film. But overall, not worth it. I'll have to find another Vikram movie to drool over.


lapetitediva said...

I loved how he rocked the bald look in the end. He has a really nicely shaped head.

I thought this movie had so much potential to be an entertaining popcorn flick, and it tried to be too many things at once in the first half.

A couple more Vishal films you might be interested in checking out:



Anonymous said...

i'd say se chellame, it has it's moments and nice songs. Vishals first movie and a decent attempt


bollywooddeewana said...

Never as a catwoman and poer ranger outfit looked so

BB said...

I realize this is totally random, but in "Chellame Chellame," is he wearing a Hrithik-Dhoom-2 rip off? Or did Hrithik rip off Vishal?


I agree, I think he looks much sexier without the mustache...but some hair on his head in the second half would've topped it nicely!

ajnabi said...

Oh my gosh, it looks soooo bad. I think it's hilarious that you made it through!

Nicki said...

lapetitediva - yes, I totally agree, it had soooo much potential. I think all the unnecessary comedy had to go. Thanks for the suggestion!!

anonymous - the songs are not bad. "Chellame" is awesome.

bollywooddeewana - hahaha!

BB - I never thought of that! I'll say Vishal ripped Hrithik :)

He's really hot, check out the other pics I posted of him on another post.

ajnabi - to be fair, it could've been better cause it picked up in the second half. I was just disappointed that I didn't go into much depth in this review.