Thursday, September 24, 2009

99 - Kunal Khemu is just too darn cute and underrated

Kunal, Kunal, Kunal.

Kunal Khemu, that is. Please do not think I'm talking about Kunal Kapoor (I don't even find him that attracted, sorry fans).

Loving the new look, makes him look even more drooliable (is that even a word?).

Since I first saw him in Kalyug, I was wondering, who is this cutie-pie? Little did I know it's the same child star in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, Raja Hindustani, and Zakhm! I was sooo shocked. And not in that way. I was more amused at the fact I saw him grow up and now think he's sooo cute. He's the same age as my brother, hahaha.
Also check him out in Super Star. Major cutie!

Yes, yes. I mainly watched 99 because of Kunal Khemu.

Okay, let me get it together and get to storyline ;P

Based on true events? Maybe?

99 is set in the year 1999 in Mumbai.

Two crooks, Sachin (Kunal Khemu) & Zaramud (Cyrus Broacha), run an illegal SIM card duplicating business.

Meet Crook #1 aka Cutie #1, Sachin
He is the smart one, the one with the brains, the smooth talker. Oh yeah, the adorable cutie!!

What more can I say about Kunal that I already haven't?

Meet Crook #2 aka Funny man, Zaramud
Sweet, cool, but doesn't come up with all the bright ideas. Always makes you laugh and don't realize it :)

Making his acting debut in 99, Cyrus Broacha is already a well-known guy. He is most famous for being a prankster in the MTV show, Bakra. Just knowing he is naturally funny is a plus to see him in 99 because he lights up the screen with his humor.

When the cops get notified about it, they run and ends up stealing a car and getting into an accident.

Making matters worse, the car that they stole belongs to a bookie-gangster, AGM (Mahesh Manjrekar). Not being able to pay up, they work to pay-off their debt for AGM.

Meet the bookie-gangster, AGM
People come to him to borrow money but many cannot pay back. Don't mess with him. Be scared of him, be very scared.

Mahesh Manjrekar is perfect for the role. He's no stranger to films. If you don't remember him, lemme remind you - Slumdog Millionare, Astiva, Vaastav, Zinda, Kaante, etc.

Four months later, it's March 2000.

The guys end up going to Dehli to collect debt from others owing AGM.

Even Bill Clinton welcomes you to Dehli :)

On the way to Delhi, Sachin says every girl he meets will be named either Pooja or Nisha.

I spy a Kajol picture in the taxi behind Sachin

Sachin is right. He did meet a Pooja and Nisha. However, he is smitten by a girl name Pooja (S0ha Ali Khan)

I'm no fan of Soha. I find her cute and an okay actress. Sometimes she impress me; sometimes she don't. In 99, she doesn't have a huge role but does good at what is given. To me, her best performance is Rang De Basanti (everyone was sooo good in that film though)

Obeying AGM, Sachin & Zaramud must collect debt from Rahul (Boman Irani). No secret. Rahul doesn't have the cash to re-pay back.

Rahul has a gambling addiction, which separates him from his lovely wife, Jahnavi (Simone Singh).

Boman Irani never disappoints. It's always a pleasure to see him on screen. He's very versatile in the roles he chooses and gets into his character every time.

Beautiful Jahnavi. She loves her husband so much but is fed up with his gambling habits.

Simone Singh usually play a supporting role. I like her and would like to see her tackle bigger roles.

Guess what? Not only does Rahul owe money to AGM. He owes money to Kuber (Amit Mistry)

Amit Mistry is really funny. I don't know the guy who plays Dimple, who is his sidekick.

Kewal is another guy who owes AGM. He borrowed money and now he's an actor, yet he has not paid AGM back yet.

I'm not sure who the actor who plays Kewal is. However, I was wondering what his purpose was in the film. Towards the ending, he showed up again. Now, I understand.

Rahul teams up with Sachin & Zaramud to cash in money to help pay their debts off together to AGM.

He thought about his gambling, cricket match-fixer friendemy [no, didn't misspell (see this post)], JC (Vinod Khanna)

Honestly, I did not know Vinod Khanna was in the film. He looked very different. When I found out that he played JC, I could see it now. But really. I would have never thought that when watching 99. He is definitely a memorable veteran actor -- Qurbani, Chandni, The Burning Train, etc

Rahul wants to find out which team JC will bet on - India or South Africa cricket match

The rest of the film focus on whether or not, any of the guys ever pay back AGM.

For some reason, I thought 99 would be a dark film. It was based on true events. Yes, it really was. However, the director added humor and made it lighter.

There were only a three songs in the film. Two of them were background music. One of them is the ending credits. All three were catchy and good to listen to.

Song #1 - "Delhi Destiny"
Sachin, Zaramud, & Pooja hanging out in Dehli

Song #2 - "Soch Mat Dobara"
AGM wants his money

Song #3 - "What's Up"
Ending credits

Watch Below

I wanted to see more of Kunal Khemu. Okay, I made caps of him...yes, I have a huge crush on him...

Okay, I'm done. Okay, not really. Took a few caps of him shirtless. Didn't know he was that fit.

99 is definitely worth a watch. It is a good-paced film filled with fast-paced excitement and funny comedy, not stupid, with a multi-star cast.


Anonymous said...

Kunal's got a magnetic smile. Lots of cool people in this film - Kunal, Boman, Vinod Khanna, Soha & Simone! Loved Simone singh in the tv series "Heena". Her talent is so under utilized in bollywood. And Mahesh Manjrekar looks so different here from 'Wanted'. Will check it out as it sounds like a funny film.

Filmi Girl said...

This film was soooooooo cute!!! I really, really enjoyed it!

I'm glad you like Kunal Khemu, too. I really do not understand why he is not a bigger star!

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol at be scared of him, be very scared of him'

I ,ve heard lots about this film and your review confirms its plae on my rental list. I've never seen a film with Kunal in it before so this should be a good start

bollyviewer said...

This sounds like fun. I havent seen Kunal Khemu in anything yet, but all this drooling over him in blogland does puzzle me - looks-wise he looks terribly ordinary and very un-droolworthy to me (and yes, I do think Kunal Kapoor is cute)! But then I am one of those people who hated the kids in Hum Hain Raahi Pyaar Ke, too - something must be wrong with my perception! lol

ajnabi said...

Why the heck is Kunal Khemu not a HUGE star?! He's got an edge to him that's impossible to find with any other under-25. I can't wait for this to make its way up my queue!

Nicki said...

Kiran - I know! I love his slick smile, it's like a half smirk, so adorable! Wow, I want to see more of Simone Singh. I remember her from Sur and I loved her.

Filmi Girl - let's make a Kunal Khemu fan club! I really have a huge crush on him :)

bollywooddeewana - Hahaha, you're so funny. I think you will enjoy it. Kunal is awesome. Have you seen him as a child star though?

bollyviewer - It is a cute movie. Hahaha, it's okay. More Kunal to me ;P You can have the other Kunal :D

ajnabi - I know!!!!!!!!! Isn't he just so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Simone Singh acted very well in "Being Cyrus" with Saif Ali Khan. She also did well in "Sur" though her role is a short one.

I saw about 15 mins of this movie - until Boman Irani goes to an illegal cricket betting place. some how the movie did not hole my attention. have heard a lot of good things about it though. perhaps i will give it a try again.

I do like Kunal Khemu as an actor. He did very well in Doondthey Reh Jaaogey" with Soha Ali Khan

Tiff said...

Kunal is definitely a cutie. I absolutely love his smile.

Yeah, Bips and Kangana are my favorites. In my opinion Bipasha would put most plain jane Hollywood stars to shame in the looks department :D.

Anonymous said...

I instantly recognised the actor that plays Kewal! (@3:31)

Nicki said...

anon - Too bad it didn't hold your interest, give it another try. I totally forgot about Simone in Being Cyrus. She was awesome!!!! I have Doondthey Reh Jaagoey now so I plan to watch it soon too

tiff Hey! Kunal is just so cute. I agree with you on Bips, love Kangana too

anon#2 - Thanks!!!