Wednesday, October 28, 2009

There's just something about Allu Arjun

What happened to my Bollywood hottie, John Abraham?

There's no doubt that I find John Abraham hot -- he's so sizzling hot, I can cook scrambled eggs on his chisled, six-pack abs. Honestly, I didn't find him that attractive back in the days, I started to notice him more mainly because of Bipasha Basu (if you know nothing about my girl crush, Bips, then read this or this or even this). Then I read and saw his interviews and fell in love with him more. Besides his physical physique hotness, he is laid-back, cool, fun, sweet, all that.

What's up with Allu Arjun then?

When I ventured out to South Indian films several years ago, I fell for a guy name Allu Arjun. It was all because of him that I'm more in love with Tollywood aka Telugu films.

Besides Arjun's good looks, it was his boyish charm and character in his films that got me. Oh yeah, not to mention the guy can dance! Forget Hrithik Roshan and/or Shahid Kapur. He is the *best* dancer in India. I can watch him dance all day. Trying to learn his dance moves is a good workout!!! Check him at the South Scope Style Awards, Maaro Maaro - Bunny, Thakadimi Thom - Aarya, Gola Gola - Desamuduru, just to name a few.

Sometimes when I think about it. What really is it that makes me go ga-ga for Arjun? I feel like a school girl crushing sooo hard. Both JA & AA are smoking hot, but within the past year, my dil goes to Allu Arjun.

I rather stare and watch Arjun's films, good or bad.
On Youtube, I search for anything Allu Arjun.

Instead of Mumbai, I rather go to Hyderabad.
Forget trying to learn Hindi, I want to learn Telugu!

Funny thing is JA is closer to me in age. Instead, I'm crushing on a younger guy this hard. And I'm a married woman! My kids know my crush on Arjun, hahaha.

Allu Arjun, what have you done to me?


Unknown said...

John wouldn't be happy to hear that :P But he'll understand. Its hard NOT to fall in love after watching him dance.

lapetitediva said...

The shirtless pic is nice. Very, very nice. I could look at it all day ;)

I've watched only one movie of his, Happy. There was another one I was meaning to watch, I forget the title, but I know you've reviewed it--Desh...something. I'm too lazy to look it up, but Haniska Motwani is in it, and Rambha has an item number, which piqued my interest in the flick.

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol Nicki you're too much indeeed, do you really want to fry an egg to eat on Johns Abs...LOL

i SAW THE gOLA gOLA VID, HE IS A FAB DANCER indeed his dancing energy/vibes remind me of Shahid

Anonymous said...

I'm on the whole Telugu thing too. Did I tell you I saw Magadheera in the theater? Awesome. Another Telugu movie I loved was Varsham.

I see it's not on your list, but have you seen it? A friend of mine recently saw it and was enamored by Prabhas,(of course!) but even more by Gopichand. Have you seen any of his films? Here's a great interview with him:

I'll be looking for more of Allu Arjun now that you've alerted me to him. Thanks!
All the best!

filmizest said...

Who doesn't like John's abs? can't say I have thought of frying eggs on his abs but I won't get it out of my head his dimple too.

So how did you get into allu arjun so much, where/when/which film did you see him in first?

MinaiMinai said...

Hi Nicki! Ahhhhhh, Allu Arjun. There really is something about him! Have you seen his recent 7-up commercial on YouTube? I'm so glad you listed his South Scope Style Awards performance which was the BEST I have seen him dance. I didn't know he had that style of dance in him. Just sharing the Arjun looove! :D

Nicki said...

Kiran - Hahaha, I still love JA but not as much as AA right now :) I do think it's the dancing too

lapetitediva - Yeah, his 6-pack is nice :) Happy is my fave film of AA. He is hot in Desamuduru, the songs are awesome!!!!

bollywooddeewana - John is that hot so heck yeah, I'll cook scramble eggs on it. AA is sooooo hot, talented, can dance (he's better than Shahid, hehe) he melts my heart, lol

Sita-ji - I didn't see Magadheera in the theater. No subs. Did your theater have subs??? I haven't seen Varsham yet. I like Prabhas but don't think anyone can replace AA right now :)

filmizest - John's dimples are sooooooooooooo cute!!! He's hot from head to toe, hahaha.

I got into AA because of one of my friends posting a pic of him from Desamuduru, before it released. He even sent me AA's films and I fell in love with him with Bunny being the first film :)

MinaiMinai - Hey girlie!!! Yes, there's just something about Allu Arjun.

Louella said...

I liked Arjun recenly in Parugu but it take me to watch 4 movies to finally just like him :P
Now I'm waiting for u to like Prabhas :D

Yusuf Acharya Campwala said...

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Nicki said...

Louella - Even if I start to warm up to Prabhas, Allu Arjun will always be my #1 :)

Yusuf - hello, thanks for visiting. I will visit your blog

Shona said...

haha, i agree with almost all your points!
i too look for him in youtube, extend my telugu learning just so i can understand his interviews...and though hindi is supposed to be economically viable, i rather be proficient in telugu...I LOVE ALLU ARJUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicki said...

Hey Shona! Thanks for stopping by. Glad you can relate to my Bunny obsessiveness :D

red42 said...

Thanks for sharing Nicki! I totally understand your obsession. I cannot believe the amount of time I spend watching interviews I cannot understand and scouring the web for any mention of Allu Arjun. For me he just has that spark - the same charisma that drew me to SRK. Its the ever present grin - even when he's not smiling, you just know it's lurking there. And the dancing - just so totally amazing. Yep - I'm totally hooked. Thankfully there are others like you who can share and understand the obsession :)

Ayngaree said...

Nicki Ji, I love John alot but Arjun not really, Since you loving him so much den i should watch his movies more...Trust me learning Telugu is the most difficult ever even I'm struggling for being telugu girl:(:(