Friday, November 20, 2009

Hmong dubbed Bollywood movies

For lapetitediva, just because she asked when I blogged about the Hmong New Years and Bollywood films being sold there.

I thought, why not blog about it?

Hmong people love movies, in general. We love all types of cinema. Whether it's Thai, Korean, Hong Kong, or Bollywood, we watch them all.

But most of the ones I grew up with are dubbed. There are no Hmong subtitles. Sadly, most of the Hmong Americans are not able to read and/or write in Hmong. Therefore, the films are dubbed.

Here are a few Bollywood films that have been dubbed into Hmong.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

Hmoov Phem Tau Neej Toxm Nyem
Translation - Unlucky To Have Someone Poor

Om Shanti Om

Nco Koj Txhua Tiam
Translation - I Remember You Every Life Time


Tus Neeg Zoo
Translation - The Good Person


Txoj Hmoo Sib Raug
Translation - Our Luck To Be Together


Yus Tus Tav Thiaj Hlub Tus Tshaj
Translation - Your Soulmate Is The One Who Loves You Most

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

Kev Sib Hlub Txheej Tiam No
Translation - The Love This Generation (I think it's saying this generation's love story?)


Tseem Muaj Koj Nyob Hauv Kuv Nraub Piab
Translation - Still Have You In My Heart

Many Hmong dubbed movies are on YouTube. One of them being Tum Mero Ho, which I blogged about before.


lapetitediva said...

Thanks for posting these! I especially like Hmoov Phem Tau Neej Toxm Nyem(Unlucky To Have Someone Poor), Nco Koj Txhua Tiam(I Remember You Every Life Time), and Yus Tus Tav Thiaj Hlub Tus Tshaj(Your Soulmate Is The One Who Loves You Most) :)

I wasn't aware they were dubbed only, but it makes sense, given that, as you stated, "most of the Hmong Americans are not able to read and/or write in Hmong".

I will have to check out your other post about dubbed Hmong movies.

Unknown said...

This is interesting. The Hmong dubbed titles have completely different meaning when compared with the original hindi titles.

Anonymous said...

Either these are pirate copies or Hmongs are terrible at coming up with catchy titles and designing video covers ...or maybe both?

Nicki said...

lapetitediva - You're welcome. Yes, all are dub, no Hmong subs. No problem at all

Kiran - I totally agree, the Hmong titles are totally different.

anon - I rather watching the original version with English subs. How about all the above?? Trust me, you're not offending me at all. Keep trying and stay anonymous, that's what makes it fun. I know that's where you're trying to get at. You're probably the same person going to all of us non Desi bloggers and posting.

Filmbuff said...

I don't see anything wrong in the Hmong titles. Exact transalations are never possible where foreign languages are concerned. The main aim is to convey the essence. While Kiran is right in her observation I don't agree with comments from Anonymous.

Nicki - I have seen hindi films being dubbed in Thai and shown on Thai TV channels when I was living in Bangkok. My thai friends used to tell me the thai titles for these movies which were tryin to convey the meaning but were not matching the hindi titles - it is no big deal

E granada said...

This is very interesting - I know that this also goes on in Europe, for reasons known only to the distributors, they change the movie titles to sound "catchier"..

I actually like the jacket covers!

Nicki said...

Filmbuff - thanks! I agree, can't literally translate all the titles.

E - Thanks for stopping by.

toumba said...

Looking for Mes Nyuam Yog Niam Nplooj Siab. Also want to know the name of the song used at the ending. That song is so sad.

Nicki said...



Thank you

postsecrets said...

Hey. Have/Do you watch old indian/hindi movies? Like, 1980s and 1990s? If so I'd appreciate you messaging me back. I want to know if you have seen some movies I can't seem to find or no the titles of if you don't mind. Thank you!!!

Nicki said...

Of course, did you not see my list of movies I own? :D

Unknown said...

Zoo heev

Unknown said...

O.m.g. I've been trying to find this specific one. I've found the original Bollywood version but I like the Hmong version. I was wondering if you can help me find it. The name is Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. Please oh please help me find it!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the hmong dubbed name for sangdil sanaam?