Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rajput - Khanna.O.Rama & huge star cast, Vinod, Rajesh, Dharmendra, Hema, Ranjeeta, Tina

It is Khanna-O-Rama week(s).
Hanging with the Khanna trio, father/sons - Vinod, Rahul, & Akshaye
Beth blogged and tweeted about it.
I plan to write about each Khanna in their films.

Even though Rajput has a multicast star (Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna, Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Ranjeeta Kaur, Tina Munim), Vinod is surely a lady's man. All the ladies wanna be with him.
Check below!

Rajput has a very complex storyline. Without giving away a lot of spoilers. I have tried my best to narrow down what it's all about.

From Wikipedia - A Rajput is a member of one of the major Hindu Kshatriya (warrior) groups of India. They enjoy a reputation as formidable soldiers; many of them serve in the Indian Armed Forces.

The film, Rajput, does deal with several Rajputs who are fighting for what is right and wrong. With the deceitful government mistreating and misrepresenting their people, a few Rajputs would have to overturn them.

I'm sticking with the 80s, a decade I'm more familiar with :D

There was no way I could try to list every character. Therefore, I stuck with the six main stars who would bring in the audience.

Dhirendra (Rajesh Khanna) is a police officer in love with Janki (Hema Malini). He goes by the books and fights for justice.

Manu (Dharmendra) & Janki (Hema Malini) are in love with each other but cannot be together because of their past family feuds.

Bhanu (Vinod Khanna) is the younger brother of Manu (Dharmendra). He is torn apart when he and his love, Kamli (Ranjeeta Kaur) are not able to be together.

Janki's (Hema Malini) parents want her to marry Dhirendra (Rajesh Khanna) and refuses for her to be with her love, Manu (Dharmendra).

Kamli (Ranjeeta Kaur) loves Bhanu (Vinod Khanna) but is unable to be with him.

Jaya (Tina Munim) is very naive. She does not realize that her father is living a double life.

Because the songs would have given a lot of spoilers if I screen cap a lot of them, I reduced the number of caps I took. So enjoy with no spoilers.

Song #1 - "Mere Sang Sang"
Dhirendra falls for Janki
Such a beautiful song!!!

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Bhaga Re Bhaga Re"
The couples having fun on Holi

Song #3 - "Doli O Doli"
Janki gets married

Song #4 - "Kahaniyan Sunati Hai"
Manu sings a sad story to the little boy

Song #5 - "Aapne Jaan Se Jaan"

Overall, the film is worth a watch. If you're not convince with the storyline, go for the star cast.

Oh yeah, Vinod has a kick-ass, rebellious, don't-phuck-with-me role.

Since this is Khanna-O-Rama week(s) for Vinod, here are more caps of him.

Each and everyone of the cast did a wonderful job. You will fall in love with Dhirendra's sweet, caring, godly role. However, you may fall for Manu because he thinks about everyone else before himself. Or Bhanu's bad-ass self instead.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Great find! Love all the costumes. And Sita-ji will positively DIE for that shot of Vinod with balloons!

bollywooddeewana said...

Glad you wrote this one up, i've often wondered whats its all about. Please don't forget to do Ashanti for me ( you have it on dvd right) sometime soon, i know it has no Vinod it it but i'm very curious about it.

ajnabi said...

Oh, wow, look at everybody in their PRIME! (Especially Vinod. Loverly.) I love the screencaps of Rajesh kissing Hema's jewelry--so sweet!

Nicki said...

Beth - Thanks!! Yes, the costumes are gorgeous! Tweeted Sita-ji

bollywooddeewana - You're very welcome. I could not find my Ashanti dvd, will try again :)

ajnabi - Yes, I totally agree!!! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great movie! Wonderful screen caps here, and I especially love the Vinood with balloons composition.
All the best!