Thursday, September 29, 2011

30 Day Bollywood Soundtrack Challenge: listing 11 - 20, Part 2

Part 2 of 30 Day Bollywood Song Challenge, with 11-20

Part 1, with entries 1 - 10 could be found here

11.  A song that can be potentially used as a chat up line
I honestly don't know but I always thought "What Is Mobile Number" - Haseena Maan Jayegi was really cute. Come on! It could be done, right? :D

12. A song to express matters from the heart
The lyrics to "Aur Intezaar Ab Mushkil Hai" - Romance are really nice. To me, it's such a romantic and sensual song.
(I actually reviewed this movie, with lots of caps)

13. A song to express a broken heart
"O Mere Sajan" - Painter Babu is a sad song to begin with but the lyrics does express a broken heart. I love this film so much!
(I actually reviewed this movie, with lots of caps)

14. Your favorite song ever or the closest thing to it
Dang, I already put my all time favorite Bollywood album, Aashiqui on #6 for A song that you can chill to. But since I already used that song, I will go with my second favorite song/OST, also by the Bhatt's.
"Dil Jigar Ke Jaan Achchha Hai" - Jaanam

15. An English song that has been covered by Bollywood
When I first heard "Neend Churayee Meri" - Ishq I knew immediately that it was a copy of "Sending All My Love" - Linear. I was such a diehard fan of theirs back then and even went to their concert, lmao. I have pics :D

16. A song that you would potentially have at your wedding as a first dance. Or have had as your first dance
I'm married. Not Desi style, unfortunately.....but if I was to have a gorgeous Desi style wedding, I would want "Woh Pehli Baar" - Pyar Mein Kabhi Kabhi to be the first song for my wedding :D I loooove Shaan's voice. It's a cute college first love type of movie :D

17. A song that you know all the words to
"O O Jaane Jana" - Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya. No kidding, hahaha. This is my all time fave Sallu song! I was so excited when Sallu performed it at the 2006 Rockstars concert :D The film will always hold a special part in my heart cause it was the first Bollywood movie I ever saw in the theater :D

18. A favourite patriotic song
I thought Zameen was an underrated film and remembered "Hai Ishq Ha" sung by Shaan, who I adore. Film stars Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu

19. A song that you love but be embarass to admitting it
"Tu Mera Superman" - Dariya Dil - haha, not really embarass now but I do cringe when I see it every now and then but it's so cute and funny at times. I know others say, I know you like Govinda but come on!

20. A song picturised on your favorite Bollywood star yester years/current or male/female
How about the movie that peaked my interest in Bollywood and starred two of my faves back then? The wonderful, Dharmendra & Hema Malini
"Zindagi Hai Khel" - Seeta Aur Geeta

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