Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya - my first Bollywood film in the theatre

Pyaar Kiya To Darna is the first Bollywood film I've ever seen in the theatre! It holds a special place in my heart for that reason and the Salman/Kajol jodi. During that time era - 1998, even though I live in Atlanta where there are a lot of Desi people, there were not a lot of theatres playing Bollywood films. I had to go far away to wach the movie. I chose PKTDK cause it starred two of my faves - Salman & Kajol. They were being paired for the first time ever! Adds on to my anticipated excitement! Re-watching it again on dvd brings back so many memories. Gosh, I love you Sallu! Kajol is still beautiful. Many people love the Shahrukh/Kajol jodi but the Salman/Kajol jodi rocks too! You know you're in love with a movie when you have to buy a new dvd. Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch more than half of the movie again. :( Sadly, my dvd is overplayed. Otherwise, I would have more caps to share. The rest of the song caps I made I got off YouTube. I apologize in advance for the poor quality for the remaining half of the song quality.

Muskaan (Kajol) lives with her older, over-protective brother Vishal (Arbaaz Khan) on a farm. Even though he has always watched and looked after her, Muskaan convinces him to let her go to college in another state in the city. There she meets Suraj (Salman Khan), a carefree-goofy yet a good-boy-at-heart guy who she falls in love with. When Vishal comes to visit Muskaan at college, he learns about Suraj and Muskaan's little love affair and takes her of school to bring her back home. With all Muskaan's love, Suraj refuses to let this happen to him and goes off to find her. Suraj has to live the life of a farmer in order to stay there. Will his love triumph all?

Suraj - I love his personality and attitude. He reminds me of my hubby. Yes, my hubby is goofy-crazy like him. Hubby's personality has been compared with Will Smith's too. What I love about Suraj is even though he has family problem he covers up his feelings through humor and comedy. I've compared PKTDK before with Nuvvostandante Nenoddantana. If you like Sid in NVNV, then you'll love Suraj. The main difference is Suraj doesn't have a father who supports him like Sid does. Many of NVNV's scenes are taken from PKTDK and Maine Pyar Kiya. Salman Khan - if you know me by now, you know I love this man. I don't care what anyone else says about him.

Muskaan is an obedient sister of the over-protective Vishal. While going away to college in the city, she meets and fall for Suraj. I love Kajol. She was one of the actresses who I've always went out of my way to watch all her films.

Vishal - he's been taking care of Muskaan since both are orphans. He just wants the best for her. I love with it when the Khan brothers come together. PKTDK is Sohail's first production too. I can never image Arbaaz as the leading hero but in supporting roles, he's good at them.

Ujali - Muskaan's childhood and best friend. She's secretly in love with Vishal. Anjali Zaveri is cute but never made a big name for herself.

Thakur Ajay Singh aka Chacha. It's always a treat to see Dharmendra.

Since half of my dvd won't play, I was listening to the music again on YouTube - 1998 was the year for Sallu! He had all hits that year - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Baadhan, Jab Pyar Kisise Hota Hai, and Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya. I looooove the soundtrack to PKTDK.

Song #1 - "O O Jaane Jaana"
The most popular song of the soundtrack. Why not? Sallu's six-pack abs. Drool. Love it. Song is Suraj's intro. Muskaan celebrates as she is going to college in the city.

Watch Below.

Song #2 - "Chal Hat Kudiye"
After Muskaan help save Suraj from getting into trouble, everyone celebrates. Suraj and Muskaan are falling in love.

Watch Below.

Song #3 - "Deewana Main"
Suraj is on a mission to find Muskaan. He images her everywhere.

Watch Below.

Song #4 - "Tum Par Hum"
Even though Vishal is a stern brother, Muskaan dislike Suraj talking about him.
I apologize for the poor quality, this is when my dvd stopped playing. :(

Watch Below.

Song #5 - "Teri Jawani"
Ujali seduces Vishal.
I apologize for the poor quality, this is when my dvd stopped playing. :(

Watch Below.

Song #6 - "Odhle Chunariya"
Suraj and Muskaan in love.
I apologize for the poor quality, this is when my dvd stopped playing. :(

Watch Below.

Some of my favorite scenes from the film. Suraj and Muskaan didn't start off well and he acts silly trying to get her attention. My hubby would literally act like this if I ignore him, LOL.

Another scene I could watch this scene over and over. I love Sallu's seductive eyes. Suraj says he doesn't want to play trivial games but he surprises Muskaan when she opens her eyes and there he is staring at her. The staring contest at college....

Since my dvd died on me, I wasn't able to make all the caps I wanted to. Below are a few scenes that
Nuvvostandante Nenoddantana has borrowed from PKTDK. Muskaan and Ujali talk and Ujali sees Suraj and describes to Muskaan how Suraj looks like. Vishal "welcomes" Suraj by throwing him out.

A really funny scene when Vishal shows Suraj around the farm. Suraj's legs are tied around in rope as Vishal drags him a long.


Anonymous said...

This was such a cute movie. I was very reluctant to watch it because I'm not a fan of the leads but remember liking it.

And perhaps not being able to take many screen caps is a blessing in disguise? It sucks up so much time to get even a moderate amount of them (at least for me) and you usually have so many!

ajnabi said...

This looks super cute. I've never seen a Sallu-Kajol movie, and this looks like a good place to start. :-)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I saw this movie in a movie hall in India way back whem! oh it was so much fun!!!! that u for bringing back such amazing memories- taht 1st song with a shirtless salman- omg omg :)

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - PKTDK is so adorable. It's one of my fave films to kill time. Hahaha, about the screencaps. I do want to make more. So many scenes! Time for new dvd.

ajnabi - Actually PKTDK is the first and only Sallu/Kajol film. If you count KKHH, then that's all the films they have together.

shweta - I know!!!! Isn't Sallu just hawt??? "O O Jaane Jaana" is one of my all times fave songs!!! Plus staring at Sallu's 6-pack abs doesn't hurt either.

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

Thanks so much thebollywoodfan. I never heard of Kamal Khan's solo. Now I have to look it up. Thanks for telling me.

The movie was totally Sallu for me cause I absolutely love him in it.

S said...

I remember seeing this movie...I mainly saw this for Kajol..who is generally good in all movies ....

Nicki said...

reviewer - I do agree that Kajol is usually good in all her movies. Love her too.