Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sachein - First film saw of Genelia, why not it also has Bips

Happy New Years. I'm starting off by trying to review films I've seen prior to Ghajini but because of my hyped-up anticipation for Ghajini, I neglected to write up a review. Saw Sachein several year ago but re-watched it again week ago. I've seen the film spelled as Sachein, Sachin, and even Sachien. On my dvd cover has Sachin but when I watched and made caps, it was Sachein, so I'm sticking to that!

Movie starts off with the sad Sachein (Vijay) thinking back at his life. He was a carefree, happy-go-lucky college student. One rainy day, he and Shalini (Genelia D'Souza) happen to see each other by staring glances at each other and started to feel some attraction. However, the beautiful Shalini is a hot-tempered girl who has a big ego. Vijay pretends he isn't interested in Shalini, which makes her even more upset while most of the guys at school is dying to date Shalini. Over time, Shalini starts to fall for Sachein because he is a sweet guy. Will Sachein and Shalini ever get together?

Sachein is a fun guy. He makes you laugh, dances well, and is a very modest guy who wants you to like him for who he is. Pretending not to fall in love with Shalini was hard to do.

Not a fan of Vijay but he's tolerable here. I've seen him in Dharma: The Warrior opposite Isha Koppikar. Now, that may be unfair to judge him from the one film but I'm shallow. He doesn't make my heart skip-a-beat. Watching him dance was a pleasure to watch, I think he has good dance steps but was not feeling some of his outfits. I was reading more about Vijay and didn't realize he was that popular in Kollywood.

Shalini is the college's beauty queen. All the guys want to date her but she looks at that as a physical attraction and they don't know what kind of person she is. Although she is beautiful, she is one very hot-tempered, stubborn girl. Sachein annoys her because he refuses to acknowledge her while all the guys want her attention.

First film I've seen of Genelia. Interesting enough, Genelia was credited as "Harini" in the film. I didn't know Harini was Genelia until I saw her in the Telugu film, Happy with my hottie Allu Arjun. For some reason, in Tamil, she is credited as Harini, and in Telugu, it's Genelia. I like her stubborness character Shalini a lot. The more I see films of her, the more I like her. It's just ashame beacause in Bollywood, she isn't being recognize more.

Sachein saves Manju, the sexy woman in town. She starts to fall for Sachein because of his kindness. Shalini starts to feel threaten and is jealous now.

Honestly, I watched the film for Bips and 2005 was a bad year for her. The only film in 2005 that was worth it for Bips acting was Chehraa. The others - Sachein, Barsaat, No Entry, Shikhar - we saw Bips in a sexy avatar that was sidelined. 2005 was the start when Bips gets sexier on screen because she started to be more active and stay fit. I won't even count Apaharan which also came out in 2005 -- she had such a short role in the movie but was dressed in sarees and hardly had on any makeup. Glad Bips is coming back with a bang! Love her!!

Music is actually quite nice. I enjoy listening to the soundtrack.

Song #1 - "Hey Maaro Maaro"
Intro to Sachein
I kept listening to this song for several times because I was wondering where I heard the tune from before. It finally clicked!! It's from Telugu film, Bunny, starring Allu Arjun -- the song is called "Rough Vayasumadi."
I'm not sure who copied who first but both films came out in 2005.
Coincidently both songs introduce the hero and both of their names are the titles of the films.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Kann Moodi"
Sachein is in love with Shalini and imagines being with her

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Hey Vaadi Vaadi"
Sachein shows the "rock band" how to rock in Tamil.
I think Vijay dances well in this song but not liking his outfit.

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Song #4 - "Beat of Sachein"
Manju shows off her sexy self. Is Shalini getting jealous?
This isn't really a song but it's an instrumental part of the soundtrack. Yes, Bips voice is dubbed in Tamil.

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Song #5 - "Dei Dei Kattikkoda"
Manju seduces Sachein.

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Song #6 - "Gundu Maanga"
Is Shalini falling for Sachein? She's starting to dream about him.

Watch Below

In the beginning of the film, several guys were talking about how the guys flock to see Shalini play basketball. I thought it was cool to watch the girls play basketball. I couldn't cap a good picture of Genelia by herself so this is all I got. She was on the pink team. :)

Tamil and Telugu films are known to have WTF action scenes. I captured a few shots of Sachein fighting.

What I liked most about Sachein is the story is about Sachein and Shalini. Their parents were not obstacles in their love. Shalini had to overcome her pride. Manju was only there to challenge Shalini if she really loved Sachein. There were cute comedic scenes in the film as well. It's worth a watch if you want to see Vijay or Genelia.


dunkdaft said...

Genelia..I just loved her in Jaane tu....

As you mentioned, the WTF action scenes put me off whenever I try to watch Tamil / Telugu movies. I have never ever seen a full length movie.

Shall I start now??

Also the problem over here is, I can't find Original dvd's of southern movies, where I can see the subtitles. Only pirated one are available. Sad...

Still, can you suggest some for starters? I will read ur blog along with the movie and know whats happening :-)

ajnabi said...

Darshit, you should watch Bommarillu! I reviewed it at my blog and Nicki has a great post on it here too.

Anyway, thanks for posting about this movie, Nicki; I had no idea Bips did any other type of film besides Hindi. Very cool!

Nicki said...

Darshit - doesn't Hindi films sometimes have nonsense fighting too? Look at DDLJ, the ending fight was over the top, to me but overall, great movie.

Like ajnabi said, you could also check out Bommarillu and I reviewed it there, and ajnabi reviewed it as well. I believe even shweta and thebollywoodfan did too. The language is Telugu and stars Siddharth from Rang De Basanti and Genelia. HINT - Bollywood is re-making it!

Or you could try Siddharth's other movie - it has a misture of Maine Pyar Kiya, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kiya, and other popular Bollywood films. The language is also Telugu.

A friend sent me several Tamil films which I shall review soon cause I read that Bollywood took inspiration from.

ajnabi - Bips second movie was a Telugu movie called Takkari Donga with Mahesh Babu and Lisa Ray. I have that film, unfortunately, no subs but I'll try to review it. It's Telugu cowboy style, hehehe

dunkdaft said...

HINT - Bollywood is re-making it!

I was not going to find out who is remaking this. But to my bad luck, when I was reading about Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy on Wikipedia, there they had mentioned about this new movie, which stars Harman [Yuck!!] Baweja against Genelia. !!!

Thanks a lot lot for the Email. Seems you have done great research for me, so glad u care for your readers at such great extent. I will spare my time and watch it when I get free from this overload at work.

Nicki said...

Hey Darshit. Bollywood is re-making Bommarillu, not Sachein though.

I wanted to watch originals from South India first before their films are re-made into Bollywood now.

You're welcome. I try to help out as many people as I can. I've always been like that way because I'm playing it forward. Some people have helped me out in the past and I want to do the same for others.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't realize that Bips did South Indian movies!! Does she do many movies outside of Bollywood?

Nicki said...

Hey Sarai!! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, Bips did a couple of South Indian movies. One of her first films is a Telugu movie called Takkari Donga. I'll have to review it soon.