Saturday, July 18, 2009

Punnagai Desam - when your family is your worst enemy, all you have to do is rely on your BFFs

When no one in your family supports you and think you're a loser, what happens? Turn to your friend. But what happens when your friends are losers too? And their parents, as well as yours, don't think you will succeed in life? Do you prove them wrong? Or do parents know what's best for their children?

Sounds pretty harsh, right? That's basically what Punnagai Desam is about.

You start off with Loser #1

Selvan wants to be a collector and go to college. His parents don't see him succeeding.

Selvan is portrayed by Hamsavardhan. He's an attractive guy. Even being chased down by a girl who wants him, while all the other guys in school want to date her. Out of all the losers, I actually liked him the most.

Next, there is Loser #2

Raja wants to become a singer. His parents don't see him succeeding.

Raja is portrayed by Kunaal. Cute guy, but a little too pretty boy for my taste. So because of that, I wasn't buying his "superstar" qualities. He was the weakest link of the losers.

Finally, there is Loser #3

Vijay wants to become a mimicry artist. His parents don't see him succeeding.

Vijay is portrayed by Dhamu. Is he the biggest loser? Mainly there for comedic purposes but did not go overboard. He's no Johnny Lever, thank goodness. Why do you think he wants to be a mimicry artist?

So...the three Losers get together to prove their parents wrong. The Three Stooges move to Madras aka Chennai to start off their lives.

What's worse than three losers?

Make that four!!

Meet Loser #4

Ganesh goes and visit his rich "uncle" to marry his daughter. Since childhood, Ganesh was told that he and his Bhooma would be together. But he hasn't seen her since then!!

Ganesh is portrayed by Tharun. He reminds me so much of a moustached Jimmy Shergill, must be the smile. Ganesh is a good-all-around guy. Just had too much saintness to make him blah in my books.

Meet Nandini.
All the guys in college want to be with her but instead, she is in love with Loser #1, Selvan. She's from a rich family, and he's not.

Nandini is portrayed by Preetha. Sassy, bubbly girl who speaks with her heart and mind. Love her! Too bad she isn't shown much.

Meet Nandini's friend, Priya
Like Nandini, she is from a rich family as well. The more she learns about Ganesh, the more she is smitten by him.

Priya is portrayed by Sneha. She is the reason why I even attempted to watch this mediocre film.

In the middle of the film, I got so bored. Why show the boring losers in the beginning? That took up half of the film! Urgh.

Song #1 - "Ennai Padaa Vaaida"
Ganesh, Ganesh, I know your intentions are good but dreaming about a little girl to be your lover is freaky and creepy.

Song #2 - "Mazhaiye Oh"
Priya's intro

Song #3 - "Katrile Pattu Varum"
Friends encourage one another

Song #4 - "Thottuvidum Dhoorathil"
Ganesh preparing food.

Thought this was cute since I hardly see food being prepared in details in any Indian cinema film. If there is any, please let me know. I see a lot of detailed cooking in Korean movies though.

Song #5 - "Roja Thottam"
Four losers and two girl friends team up and hang out

Watch Below

Song #6 - "Enngal Muchukkule"
Do I smell success? Or is that rejection?

Watch Below

Song #7 - "Vetriku Mel Vetri"

I did find this scene really cute. Ganesh praying to Lord Ganesh.

So I'm trying to watch more South Indian films if given the opportunity. Never did I think I would love them more and more. However, this time, no matter how freaking cute I think Sneha is. I was underwhelmed after watching the film.

I don't mind seeing Sneha in smaller roles like in Autograph, Unnai Ninaithu, or ABCD. She was so underused in Punnagai Desam. Could I see more of her like in Madhumasam?? Because she is the reason why I watched this film, I made a handful caps of her.

The message that your friends are there for you through thick and thin is good...but the family portrayal is a bit overboard too. I'm not saying that it does not happen...but to see four loser friends have the same problem? A bit much....Overall, yawn in the beginning. Second half got better but still not enough for me to recommend.


bollywooddeewana said...

i'm yet to watch my first proper south indian film, such a pity my rental service doesn't do them, i'm too scared to buy one and then not like it, i get angry when i buy a movie that i end up not liking

What Tamil/telugu films do you reckon is good value for money and that i can watch again and again

ajnabi said...

bollywooddeewana: You've gotta watch Bommarillu. It's definitely worth every penny.

Nicki: this sounds lame. Hey, have you reviewed Anand yet? I'm about to get that any day now.

Nicki said...

bollywooddeewana - for Tamil films, I recommend Autograph.

For Telugu, I recommend any of Sekhar Kammula's films - Anand, Godavari, or Happy Days

ajnabi - why did you ask? you commented, hehehe

Go here for my review of Anand, the Telugu film, right?

Anonymous said...


There are a lot of good tamil movies for a beginner. I would recommend "Alaipayuthey" (original tamil version of Saathiya), Nenjathai Kiladai (Suhasini's first movie in tamil), Mouna Ragam (good review on Bollyviewer's site), Agni Naksthatram, Mozhi, Kandukondein-2

Autograph may not be a good one for a beginner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nicki! Just watched a south Indian film tonight "Chocolate" (2007) a Malayalam film, so I came here to see if you'd seen it.

Nice write up and screen caps here, love the food. :) I'd see a movie for Sneha too. I've seen Kunal in Dil Hi Dil Mein/Kadhalar Dhinam ( and I wrote on that here:

In that write up I included that I'd read that he killed himself:

So sad.

As far as south, one not mention in the other comments so far is "Kandukondain Kandukondain" (2000) is a must bollywooddeewana. And ditto on Bommarillu, which is great.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

I could hear my credit card having palpitations as I read your review Nicki and it's sighs of relief once it was over. With so many Sneha film's to watch, I'm glad I can strike this one off my list.

So thanks from me and, especially my credit card...

Ah, but, then I go and read your Madhumasam review, which sounds pretty good and, my credit card is now in intensive care...

Actually, I can second lapetitediva's suggetstion of PIRIVOM SANDHIPOM that she mentioned in the comments of the Madhumasam review.

Sneha plays a gal from a small family who finds herself part of Cheran's huge family after marriage. The second half takes her away from her doting in-laws to the comparative loneliness of a hill-station.

I enjoyed the first half more than the second but, It's still a good film and, it's Sneha all the way.

Nicki said...

Thanks anonymous for the suggestions. I still think Autograph is a good movie for newbies but that's just my opinion.

Sita-ji - OMG, I didn't realize that was the *same* Kunal.

I forgot about Kandukondain Kandukondain - I will have to re-watch and review again.

piyaara - Hahaha! Thanks! I think I just got Pirivom Sandhipom and will watch soon :) I do want to see a Sneha film all the way. Thanks for reminding me again

Anonymous said...

Sitaji, I did mention Kandukondein-2 in my earlier suggestions for tamil movies.

thanks for letting me know about Pirivom Sandipom. I will have to look out for this.

Nicki - have you seen Parthiban Kanav - sneha movie?

Nicki said...

anon - I haven't seen Parthiban Kanav yet. I have to see if it's one of the films I just got of Sneha's.

Anonymous said...

Pls do see it. You will like it - it is an all Sneha movie - looking forward to your review

BB said...

A film about losers is bound to be a loser. Still, Sneha looks GORGEOUS as always, I'm tempted to watch this movie just for her!

Nicki said...

anon - definitely will!

BB - hahaha, good point. Sneha is just too darn cute!