Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Athidi - Mahesh Babu's latest film & it was in 2007!

Great news! Another Mahesh Babu film for me to watch! Sad news is that Athidi is Mahesh Babu's latest film and released in 2007! What?? According to Wiki, he had no films released in 2008 or any scheduled to be release in 2009. So fans will just have to wait till 2010 to see more of the Prince.

Young, orphaned boy makes a living by trying to earn money in every way that he can -- from selling tea to balloons.

When he meets a young girl, he ends up giving her a free balloon, not making any profit. They befriend each other. While it is storming, she gives him her umbrella. The strong wind blows the umbrella into a dangerous area. He sees a car coming towards it. The little girl and her parents are in the car. In every way possible, he stops them. Later her parents fall in love with him and decides to adopt him. They decide to name him Athidi, meaning "Guest."

While Athidi and the parents are on their way out, a teenager robs them and shoots the parents. He flees while Athidi try to shoot him. Unfortunately, Athidi is blamed for the parents' death. Witnesses only see Athidi with the gun and the dead bodies. The young girl hates him now. All he could find about the murderer is a photo of him. He must seek revenge!

Athidi ends up in jail for 14 years for a crime he didn't commit. He seeks to find the little girl who believes killed her parents. In addition, he must find the real killer, Kaiser.

That's what basically Athidi is about.

Because Athidi was jailed for something he didn't commit, he became this strong, fearles individual. Not once has he forgotten about the killer. Or the love he received from the couple who took him in their house.

Mahesh Babu. That's enough for me to watch this film.

Amrita is a happy-go-lucky girl, always smiling and goofing off.

Amrita Rao is so darn cute. I haven't seen much of her since Main Hoon Naa, even though she had a handful of low-budgeted films.

Murali Sharma plays Inspector Ajay Sastry, who is looking for the criminal, Kaiser, as well. Murali reminds me of a combination of Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan.

A friend sent me a copy of this film. The dvd I received didn't have menu screens, but I was able to do extra research and find the song titles.

Song #1 - "Khabaddarani"
Athidi is a fearless bad-ass

Song #2 - "Khiladi Koona"
Athidi embraces Amrita and she loves it

Song #3 - "Gona Gona"
Amrita in love with Athidi

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Valla Valla"
Athidi and Amrita in love?

Song #5 - "Satyam Emito"
What's the truth? Is Athidi a good or bad guy?

Song #6 - "Rathraina"
Sexy Malaika Arora-Khan as an item girl
Athidi goes find Kaiser at the club

Not really liking Amrita with so much makeup. She's a pretty girl with natural beauty and don't need to be caked-up. On top of that, some outfits reminded me of her Main Hoon Naa style.

Like the girl bond. Too bad it was only in the beginning.

Funny Matix-style scene of Amrita, pointless but fun

From the song, "Valla Valla." When making caps, I caught Amrita wearing sneakers!

Cute scene. Amrita paints a picture of Athidi, not realizing that he is there.

Wow, made more caps of Amrita than Mahesh this time! I think she's soooo cute! Mahesh is not bad either ;P He's so adorable

The wet, rain look is always hot

Didn't really like Mahesh Babu's longer hair. Made him look older. He has this boyish, goofy, sexy look to him. Instead, I didn't see that in this film. He's still adorable, don't get me wrong. He just looked a bit drained-out, to me.

Overall, the film could be a hit or miss. Only watch it if you're a big Mahesh Babu or Amrita Rao fan. There were great moments in the film. However, the film was waaaay too long. It's definitely not a Pokiri or Athadu.


ajnabi said...

I love Amrita Rao and Mahesh Babu. Sigh. I wish Netflix had this film; I don't buy movies sight unseen. It looks awesome though! Thanks for all the caps.

bollyviewer said...

Tsk tsk tsk... Athidi clearly never saw any films before. HOW could he be caught with the proverbial smoking gun in his hands? For a crime as serious as that (not watching films/not learning from them), he deserves a LIFETIME in prison, not just 14 years. And no, Mahesh Babu's extreme cuteness does NOT get him time off.

Nicki said...

ajnabi - yeah, this movie is a hit or miss. Songs are worth watching.

bollyviewer - not fair! hahaha. Adithi was an orphan so he wasn't sitting at home watching masala movies so you gotta give him that. He was too busy trying to earn money. Plue he acted on instint, not realizing what he was doing ;P

Emily said...

Mahesh Babu. That's enough for me to watch this film.

Ditto for me, I bought it sight unseen just for him! It's turned out to be one of my favorite Mahesh Babu movies, even though he looks a bit...I don't know...unhealthy maybe? Like he was sick during the filming or something. Still adorable, though!

NidaMarie said...

This definitely looks worth a watch! Is it out on DVD yet? I just love movies where childhood friends fall in love when they're older. And what a hurdle for the hero to climb to win the heroine's heart! Songs looks gorgeous, too. Agree that Amrita looks better with less makeup! I think she might get better the older she gets. Sometimes she's too immature for me. Or that may be my trouble relating to someone soooo tiny! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

OMG! As a Mahesh Babu fan and the mom of a 5-yr old MB fan,I have to disagree!
I took my son to watch this movie in the theater (I know - rap for bad parenting!)and it was horribly violent.
The villain in the first half is weird, there is a ton of bloodshed, almost no coherence in the movie.
The leads are cute and so is the romance, which still doesnt do much for it.
I believe Mahesh Babu lost a large section of his younger fan base with this movie.
He is still adorable though...

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I really like Murli- the policeman guy- I keep catching him playing a baddie/supporting actor, and I do appreciate him a lot. Its good to finally know his name! :)

Anonymous said...

God, I wached Athidi in cinema and I liked the romance between Mahesh and Amrita but the rest (especially script) is weak. OK, the music is catchy and I love every song.
MB said lately in interview that he don't want to dissapoint his fans once again and does his best in Varudu. Good luck, I hope it'll be sth superb like Pokiri.
Make-up artists wasn't good enought so the actors looks very strange for me...
Athidi in my opinion is a Mahesh must-see because reviews are very different - some poeple liked it, some not. I love the scene when Mahesh is drunk :D And this twist with pole in climax.
Well, Athidi is too long. End's too heavy, he second half was quite boring for me.
Main villain schould be played by Prakash Raj, he's just perfect for every role ;)
Asish was brilliant with his hairdo xD
I think that insted Athidi we can watch Murari or Takkari Donga - there everything is superb, not only few things.

Anonymous said...

I felt Athidi was okay. I definitely prefer Athadu & Pokiri over this. I think even Mahesh Babu felt the same & didnot okay a script for THREE years! Going at this rate, he will beat Aamir Khan's record for having the biggest gap between two releases.

Nicki said...

Emily - Mahesh wasn't looking his best but always good to see him :)

Nida - oh yeah, Adithi is out on dvd, it came out in 2007. I like Amrita, it's just that she looks so young

anon - Mahesh Babu always have violence in his films andI'm used to it by now, lol.

Shweta - you're right, Murli is everywhere :)

imienazwisko - you saw it in the cinema? Awesome. I totally agree, script is weak but songs are good. I felt the movie was too long too

anon #2 - Oh gosh, yes, Athadu and Pokiri are definitely better.

Anonymous said...

Mahesh is awesome. Come back!!

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Unknown said...

I like this movie very much.Amrita and Mahesh's chemistry was superb. I want them to see together again in future films. Songs of this movie are very good. There are no bad points about this film but I dont know why people have some negative thinking about this film. Silly people.