Monday, September 14, 2009

Gamyam - another awesome Telugu flick

Well, I have been handicapped for a week. So because of that, I have been on a filmfest. Thank goodness for the stackful of Southie films I haven't watched yet. There's always pro's and con's for everything :)

Gamyam is one of the better films out of the stack. I should have already known I would enjoy it a lot. Whenever Kamalinee Mukherjee is in a film, it's bound to be good -- Anand, Godavari, Happy Days, Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu, Classmates. Not to mention Bollywood's Phir Milenge.

Admittedly, when I first saw some clips and stills, I was not sure I was going to even like the film. That's what I get for "judging a book by it's cover." Two dudes looking like rowdies on a bike? Hmmm...don't tell me it's a love triangle! Please don't...

But I was proved wrong, I absolutely loooooooved Gamyam. It is NOTHING of what I thought it was going to be.

Gamyam means "destination" in Telugu.

Not only does it focus on the main character, Abhi (Sharwanand) and his gamyam for finding Janaki (Kamalinee Mukherjee) because she just left without a trace. It's also about the gamyam of finding himself. Gamyam is about the journey of a spoil, rich, only child, Abhi, who re-thinks about his life and what it means; and how much the encounter with a wonderful, loving, giving, sweet orphan, Janaki, impacted his life.

Movie starts of with an accident, which involves Abhi and Janaki. When Abhi re-gains consciousness at the hospital, all he seeks is Janaki. Where is she? Why has she disappeared?

Abhiram aka Abhi is the only child of the rich GK. Everywhere he turns, people take notice.

Abhi is an arrogant cutie. Can't really blame him, he was brought up that way.

Of course, a kind woman enters his life to change that.

OMG, I think Sharwanand is just too adorable and very attractive. I've never seen any other films of his before. Looking forward to seeing more of his film, even though he has a short filmography (saw Classmates and loved it too)

Entering Abhi's life is the beautiful Janaki to open up his eyes.

Of course, it takes her absence for him to seek into his soul even more -- don't know what you got, till it's gone.

Kamalinee is definitely my fave Southie actress. Not only is she naturally beautiful, she has that spark and spunk that I adore about her. Looking forward to seeing more of her films.

Abhi rides out solo to find Janaki.

On Abhi's journey, he meets Gaali Seenu. Although he is a thief, he has a kind heart and helps Abhi find Janaki.

Allari Naresh adds humor and is really good at the comedic parts and does not overdo it either.

Together, Abhi and Gaali Seenu go find Janaki.

I love the passion Abhi has to find Janaki. On top of that, the passion Gaali Seenu has to help Abhi find Janaki.

Abhi and his cousin, Raghav, met Janaki helping a pregnant lady. Abhi was determined to win Janaki's love and affection.

Raghav is there for his cousin when Abhi goes on his gamyam.

Abhi's father, GK (Vidyasagar)

Janaki loves helping other people but Abhi looks down at people in poverty. He just can't seem to see her passion.

Music is great to listen to. Even though I do not speak or understand Telugu, the translations to the songs were meaningful.

Song #1 - "One Way"
Opening credit
Very catchy song. Love the use of the cartoon strips to make it suspenseful of how the movie will be like.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Challegani"
Falling in love?

Song #3 - "Hatheri Chintamani"
Stopping by a village and Gaali Seenu having fun

Song #4 - "Samayama"
Goooorgeous song
Abhi's birthday party
Abhi & Janaki falling in love

Song #6 - "Enthavaraku"
Journey continues to find Janaki

Love the Pan-Asian inspired dance Janaki performed

Even though Janaki says it's Chinese style. Reminds me of Thailand's Fawn Thai classical dances

Love this image of Abhi & Janaki, the view is stunning

A few more pics of the beautiful Kamalinee Mukherjee

And not forgetting the cutie, Sharwanand.

Did you know that Gamyam was on the list for one of India's entry to the Oscars? But of course, can't beat Taare Zameen Par though :)

is definitely worth a watch. Loved how the movie used the flashbacks to show viewers why Janaki is really special to Abhi. Really enjoyed it. Seriously, can't go wrong with Kamalinee Mukherjee. Add in the cutie Sharwanand for eye candy too. Gotta watch it!


ajnabi said...

Oh yay! More Kamalinee! I have Godavari in my top ten of my queue right now; can't wait to see it. :-) This movie looks really interesting.

Anonymous said...

I liked Kamalinee in this movie. She was wonderful as usual, but my favorite of hers will always be Anand.
Gamyam is an offbeat story told in an entertaining way. Even more than Sharwanand, I liked Allari Naresh's charcter. He completely dominated others with his comedy and energy.


Nicki said...

ajnabi - I love Kamalinee, hope you get to see Godavari soon.

Kiran - oh yes girl, Anand is still my all-time fave! I'm a sucker for a cutie and that Sharwanand have. However, I agree with you on Allari Naresh cause I love his presense.

BB said...

Okay, I officially HAVE to watch this movie, if only for the Far Eastern-looking dance sequence. That looks BOMB.

Anonymous said...

I love the opening credits song. Really a unique concept.

bollyviewer said...

This one looks really cute. I love seeing pampered, spoilt, brats get their come-uppance! :-D

Was Kamalini in Phir Milenge? I dont remember...

Nicki said...

BB - oh girl, you will like. Check your email!

Anon - I really liked it too, thought it was cool.

bollyviewer - Kamalinee played Tanya, Shilpa's sister