Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Condom ringtone from India is a hit in Atlanta, USA

This isn't related to any Indian cinema but dealing with India. But I just thought I'll share it.

Yesterday I was listening to Q100, which is the most popular radio station in Atlanta. They were talking about a ringtone from India to help promote safe sex. It's been downloaded by many in India. This morning, they mentioned it again since a lot of Atlantans want to download this ringtone too. Just thought I'll share it here.

This is from the Q100 website

Condom RingtoneIt could be the most obnoxious ringtone ever, but you'll want to download it. A group called the BBC World Service Trust has released a new ringtone in India to promote safe sex.

Direct link to the condom website

What do you think?

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