Friday, August 22, 2008

Hatya - Govinda/Neelam jodi + Govinda best acting/movie

Hatya is not your typical Bollywood masala. Especially in the late 1980s. It's a thriller. Deaf and mute cute little boy Raja (Baby Sujitha) witnesses a man's murder along with his mother's. He escapes and Saagar (Govinda) finds him.He loves Raja so much and tries to help him find his family. The killers are looking for Raja since he witness the murders.

All Govinda haters - watch this movie! This man can act! He makes you feel his pain and struggle. Ever since Ilzaam, I loved Govinda. Not to mention Govinda + Neelam!! You will see the jodi dance away too.

I love Neelam! I know all of you know by now. She doesn't have a big role in the movie but her role is significant. She's not there "just for the songs." In Hatya, she plays the cute Sapna who Raja just adores and later she falls for Saagar.

Raja is mute and deaf witnesses Mohan and his mother's death. Raja is sooooooo adorable! I just wanted to take him and hug him. Baby Sujitha does a great job. I wonder where he is now?? Anyone knows?

Raj Kiran was also in
Ilzaam with Govinda and Neelam. He plays Police Inspector Ashok who investigates the murder cases.

Hatya starts off with Mohan's (Satish Kaul) murder. Raja witness it and his mother ends up dead as well.

Geeta is Raja's mother. I couldn't find her real name but she has a really short role. She gets killed because she witnessed Mohan's murder.

Anupam Kher plays the crippled businessman Surendra.

I couldn't find his real name and forgot his character's name in the movie but he's the guy who kills Mohan and Geeta.

Look! It's Johnny Lever. Yes, he's in the movie for some comedy but he plays a key role in helping Saagar find out who the killers are.

Om Shivpuri plays Sapna's father.

Satyendra Kapoor plays Father Joseph. He knows Raja and his mother.

My favorite scene is when Saagar is drinking and telling Raja about his sad love, why he's the way he is - a drunk. He knows Raja can not hear him but he does it anyways. You can feel the tears and sorrow in his eyes.

Saagar is a good artist and draws Raja.

Saagar and Raja

Hatya has to be the best Govinda movie for his acting. I think it's a pretty darn good movie. This movie released in 1988 and watching it again, I still loved it. Many may not know but Govinda's brother directed Hatya. Another interesting fact - this blog has been getting a lot of hits for Govinda-Neelam movies. No worries. More to come!

Go Watch Hatya!! Now time for the music....

Song #1 - "Ghoonghat Ke Pat"
Saagar sings at a wedding.

Song #2 - "Main To Hu Sab Ka"
Saagar takes Raja to a restaurant and sings there.

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Zindagi Mehek Jaati"
Raja misses his mother. Saagar comforts him.

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Main Pyar Ki Pujaran"
Sapna is in love with Saagar and dreams about him.

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Aap Ko Agar"
Saagar teaches Raja some words. They hang out with Sapna.

Watch Below


Anonymous said...

I saw this one years ago. The kids "yaya" was heart-breaking and he was sooooooooo cute.

Nicki said...

Hey bollywviewer - thanks for stopping by. I know, I had tears in my eyes every time the little boy cried "yaya."

Anonymous said...

I Sooooo want to see this movie! I have to get it somewhere soon! they don't have it at netflix, but I'll go to nehaflix.

All the best,

Nicki said...

Oh gosh sita-ji, you have to watch Hatya! I know you appreciate Govinda too.

Anonymous said...

just it last night, what a great movie. I had seen it in 90's but it was great to see it again, especially when all the new movies are crap.
Any update on the girl who played Raja in this movie?

Nicki said...

Thanks for stopping by anonymous. I love the movie. I thought it was a boy who played Raja? So far, I haven't heard anything else either.

bollywooddeewana said...

Just saw this was a remake of a tamil film called 'Poovizhi Vasalile' see the song below and you'll realize

Nicki said...

I know :( Even Kay blogged about it on her blog

Jojy John Alphonso said...

The bearded actor who killed Mohan and the boy's mother is Babu Anthony, a popular action star from Kerala. Here is a link to his FB profile -

Anonymous said...

Raja is played by a girl... Sujitha. She has acted in many movies ( non hindi)since Hatya.. yes I was shocked too! Google 'sujitha actress hatya