Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jay Sean - my first meeting with a "celebrity"

It's no doubt I love Indian movies and music. When I found out my fave gal, Bipasha Basu, was going to be in a video. I was so excited! The music was by an Indian hottie that goes by the name of Jay Sean. The music has desi beats mixed with English lyrics. In addition, it had a bit of R&B flavor which is my favorite type of American music to listen. I fell completely in love with Jay Sean. He's good looking and have a great voice!

Thanks to one of my buddies who hooked me up with seeing Jay Sean when he came to Atlanta to perform on Friday, May 20, 2005. It's been 3 years but till this day, I have never had a better celebrity interaction.
(Other celebrity encounters - Arjun garba encounter, Rockstars concert, Dev Anand meeting)

There were a lot of performers who opened up for Jay Sean. I honestly don't remember any of them because I didn't know any of them! Besides I was anxiously anticipating seeing Jay. But I do remember one - Deep G since he pulled me on stage to dance with him!! He's a rapper with Punjabi beats.

When Jay came out, he was so amazed by the love. His album wasn't even released in the USA yet he has so many fans supporting him. He's a British-Indian singer.

Sorry had to tag pics

I was fortunate enough to go VIP style to meet and talk to Jay. My friend and I were the last ones to meet Jay - which was a good thing!! When we went back stage, Deep G saw me and was saying I was the girl who he pulled on stage. That's right. So took a picture with him for memories.

Warning - don't be scared of my pics - it was May 2005 and I was blonde

We got to talk to him for a long time. He asked me how I got to know about him. I told him it's because of Bipasha Basu since I'm a huge fan of hers. He was impressed since he has heard many females not liking her because of her sexy image. (Gotta think, this was in 2005) Everything from what's the last Bollywood movie I saw, fave stars, to am I going to the after-party club afterwards. So I took a picture with Jay.

I had 5 posters made by the wonderful Reema (at that time, I was homeless, no kidding. It's a long story - short - fire in house, lost almost everything so I wasn't able to make any posters). Jay signed all 5 posters! So sweet of him! He signed one with my name and the rest with just his signature. I gave one of the posters to Reema because she was sweet enough to make the posters for me.

The poster on the top-right, Jay signed "Nicki, Loads of love + thanks for your support. Jay Sean" and he signed "Love, Jay Sean" on all the others.

Sorry it's not that detailed. It's been several years. Gosh, I was so star struck and nothing could come out of my mouth. The following are some songs that Jay performed at the concert.

"Stolen" - how I knew about him. That's Bips in the video!

"Eyes on You" - one of my favorite from the soundtrack

"Dil Mera" - which is also on the Kya Kool Hai Hum movie - Jay performs (gotta review this and also for Ajnabi because she asked about Isha Koppikar's movies)

And Jay just gets sexier every time. After so many years, he
finally released his second album (2008) after many complications. I'm into R&B and his second album has more R&B and less "Indian" flavor than his first. I know some of my desi friends don't like his new style but I love it! Plus he cut that hair. I looooove it!


"Ride It"


Anonymous said...

Wow! You seem to have met a lot of hot celebrities! This guy is certainly good looking and has a great voice, too - I wonder why I never heard of him before... By the way, what is R&B? (Yes, I am abysmally ignorant about anything musical!)

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - I think 2005 was a lucky year for me to meet these celebs. Never have I had a better star encounter like I did with Jay Sean!! Well, I only heard about Jay because of Bips. R&B literally stands for Rhythm and Blues. Hollywood singers that fall in this category are Usher, Mary J Blige, Brian McKnight, R Kelly, Aaliyah, etc. Justin Timberlake's music is borderline R&B and Pop.

NidaMarie said...


This is so cool! I love "Stolen"-thanks for showing us this, I have never heard of Jay Sean before!

Bips looks sooo gorgeous--She is totally a "video girl". I wouldn't be surprised if more R&B stars snatch her up for their videos--She really looks the part!

Nicki said...

nida - You're very welcome. Hope you get to listen more to Jay Sean's music. He's awesome and hot!!

I loooove Bips. Maybe next time I'll blog why I love her so much.

Anonymous said...

Just want to add that he's British, born in Hounslow (West London) which is a bus ride away from Southall, a huge Desi (mainly Punjabi sikh)community featured in the 'Eyes on You' video.

Nicki said...

Hello Anonymous - thanks for stopping by. You're right. I should have mention that too. I'll edit now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Nicki,
It took me a while to finally get hipped to Jay Sean.
All the best!