Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love 86 - Govinda/Neelam again + nostalgia moments

Vicky (Govinda) and Omi (Rohan Kapoor) are petty thieves who steal to meet end's need. Since the two friends have become orphans and unsuccessful at finding jobs, they chose to steal to survive. Both meet the beautiful sisters, Leena (Farah) and Esha (Neelam) and fall instantly in love with them. With the love of Leena and Esha, the two guys change their stealing habits and become new men. Despite already being wealthy, the stern, strict mother (Tanuja) still wants her daughters to marry into a rich family. Will Vicky and Omi ever be with their love?

Govinda - so youthful and handsome. He plays Vicky who steals in order to live. No one wants to give him a job. As many know, I've been a fan of Govinda since Ilzaam. I feel guilty sometimes because I used to be a die hard fan of Govinda. Ever since his partnership with David Dhawan with those stupid comedies, I didn't like him as much. Nevertheless, I still adore and appreciate him. I'm glad other people are finally seeing Govinda's charm.

Rohan Kapoor - the other petty thief and friends with Vicky. Omi and Vicky are similar and get along well together. They are orphans and steal to survive. Both fall for two beautiful sisters. I've never seen any other movie with Rohan. I looked at his short filmography and he does have another movie with his Love 86 co-star Farah.

Neelam - Vicky's girlfriend and younger sister of Leena. Leena is the cute, bubbly sister. I love the Govinda-Neelam jodi. Watching this movie over, I loooove Neelam. I miss her. Hope to see her more in future films.

Farah - Omi's girlfriend, older sister of Esha. Honestly, the girls didn't have much to do in the movie. It was mostly the guy's movie. However, it was good to see the girls. They brought out the best of the guys. I didn't see many of Farah's movies when she was younger. A tidbid - Farah is Tabu's older sister.

Tanuja - the strict, stern mother of Leena and Esha. She loves money more than her husband and kids. Everyone is scared of her. Tanuja is so good. I have to admit I've never seen her films when she was younger. I need to go watch one. For those who didn't real life, Tanuja is Kajol's mother.

Shafi Inamdar plays the girls' father. He helps the boys change their lives. He and his wife are separated because she rather have wealth than her husband. RIP Shafi Inamdar.

Johnny Lever plays the servant in the house. He still has his comic moments but isn't lame. Look, is that Tuffy next to him?

Omi and Vicky

Lovely sisters - Leena and Esha

Song #1 - "Kismat Apni Apni"
Mother is out of town. Girls celebrate and go out. They meet they guys.

Watch below

Song #2 - "Love 86, O Miss"
They are in love

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Song #3 - "Main Jab Bhi Dekhta"
They spend more time together - can you tell which one is Omi/Leena or Vicky/Esha?

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With the help from the girls' father, the guys deceive the mother and spend some time with the girls.

But....has to be watch by these two fellows

Song #4 - "Pyar Ki Hadh Se"

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Song #5 - "Aaee Hai Barat"
Mother disproves of the guys. Guys fight for their love.

L for Leena
O for Omi
V for Vicky
E for Esha
What does that spell??
Love 86

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Song #6 - "Mehboob Se Hamare"
Guys end up jail. Girls miss them.

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We want to get married!!

I couldn't find one of the songs on YouTube. I have these songs ripped and with English subs. If there are enough people who want to see them, let me know. I used to upload videos and movies on YouTube with English subs but my accounts got suspended.

Love 86 is another cute movie I saw growing up. As I was watching it again, I saw a lot of cheesy moments. This movie is close to my heart for many reasons. This movie is what brought some of my cousins and me close together. It's strange because they were the ones who got me into Bollywood. I grew up with Bollywood but I loved it even more when they reintroduced me to Bollywood. I already loved the Govinda-Neelam jodi but seeing them in a more romantic movie just really did it for me. It's funny because now I'm into Bollywood more than my cousins are. Whenever I watch a Govinda-Neelam movie, I think back to my pre-teen days. No worries. All carefree, just watching Bollywood films. The storyline is nothing new. Well, you do have to think about it...I mean it is very 80s. Back then, Bollywood storylines were similar. Whether it was poor/rich boy/girl or mother/father don't approve girl/boy. Regardless, I still love Love 86. Bring the crackers cause lots of cheesy moments! Considering its an 80s film, the fashion isn't that bad. Watch Love 86 for cute silly moments of the 80s.


Bollyviewer said...

Farha and Neelam look so cute! I think it was Neelam's first movie. I remember seeing the songs on TV when the movie came out. It was a big hit and perhaps Govinda's first big hit. Poor Rohan Kapoor got nowhere, though!

ajnabi said...

Awww, Neelam looks adorable! And you're right, Govinda does look very handsome. I think I'll run over to Netflix now. :-)

Nicki said...

Hey bollyviewer. Neelam's first movie was Jawaani. It came out in 1984. I love that movie. Still waiting for it to come out on dvd with subs. Ilzaam is Govinda and Neelam's first movie. It came out right before Love 86 did. :) Poor Rohan Kapoor, I know!! Farah is cute. Sometimes I think she is cuter than Tabu cause of her babyface.

ajnabi - Yah, do watch it!! I'll have to review one more of them together. I love them together. I miss them!!! I haven't forgotten about the Arjun or Isha K movies yet. I feel like doing one for John too. I love to spread the love I feel about these stars. :D

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

This brings back SO many memories!
I was a wee babe when this came out, and COULDnt go to the movies, so it took long years for me to be able to see it.
And then- Govinda was actually handsome here! Of course Neelam was pretty, but Farha was adorable- she was a surprisingly bad actor (guess the genes didnt translate) but quite cute. I love ur choice in movies, stat :)

Nicki said...

Shweta - I am just glad that you can see the reason why I love Govinda/Neelam so much. Doesn't matter if you were just a little baby when the film came out. I agree about Farha, she's nothing like her sis. I hope I can bring back more memories for you when I review more "oldies" :)

Anonymous said...

Yup, the carefree 80's, this movie was an all-time fav of me and my sisters.. we grew up watching the lovely and cute Neelam-Govinda pair! They looked so good together. That was back then like you said pre-Dhawan movies for Govinda. These movies were so simple yet enjoyable, simply BOLLOYWOOD! miss this a lot!