Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pussycat Dolls remixes "Jai Ho"

Just in case you haven't heard about the remix.

I complained already on my Twitter, but will complain here, as well. ;)

Why, oh why??????

Pussycat Dolls remixes "Jai Ho" - AR Rahman's winning song from Slumdog Millionaire

Well at least, AR Rahman is in the video, right? Not?

We all know Nicole loves Indian fashion....I think




Okay, all the girls in sarees


dunkdaft said...

Hey, thanks for the vid. I only saw some snippets in news channels. Good one.

Nicki said...

You're welcome Darshit

Bhargav Saikia said...

I don't like the remix. Remixes hardly work anyway.

By the way, that fusion of Saaree and Jeans is looking too vulgar. What a waste!

Alisha's Fashion & Beauty Blog said...

hi! thanks for visiting my blog.
yes i am desi :)
i love watching hindi movies...
nicole looks fabulous in that sari!

bollywooddeewana said...

i agree, Nicole looks better tahn the rest in the Sari, and she actually looks like she could be a bollywood babe. I expect an item number should be coming her way soon

Nicki said...

Bhargav - I think remixes suck when you already heard the original.

I agree Nicole did make the outfit look vulgar but she looks great in the sari.

Addictd2Fashn - Thanks for stopping by!! Nicole looks hot!

bollywooddeewana - I think Nicole can pass for desi and has the look. I don't think she can dance but she can definitely just be an item girl.