Friday, March 13, 2009

Godavari - good Telugu film mostly shot on a ship

Sriram aka Ram (Sumath) is a kind-hearted guy who returned from the USA and wants to be politician. Although he has many great intentions, many people do not believe he can lead.

Ever since they were kids, his heart has always been for only Raji (Neetu Chandra). However, Raji's father only wants her to be married off to a rich, powerful family. Now, Raji is engaged to an IPS Officer (Kamal Kamaraju).

Seetha (Kamalinee Mukherjee) runs a designer store but her family wants her to settle down and get married. She refuses because she rather be an independent woman than bow down to a man.

All the characters end up taking a trip on the Godavari River on a boat. Their adventures of love and friendship is bonded on the ship. Raji and her family goes on the trip and Ram only tags a long. Seetha ends up going to get away from her family's pressure of finding a groom.

The heart broken Ram and stubborn Seetha start to hang out. Eventually, both start to fall for each other. Raji learns that her fiance is a selfish brat.

Will Ram and Seetha end up together? Or will Ram and Raji finally end up together?

Godavri is the name of the river that flows from west to east India.

Ram is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. He thinks about everyone else but himself, resulting in Raji not thinking he's manly enough for her.

Sumanth is awesome. Absolutely love him and fell for him! Quite different from the mean-ass from Madhumasam

Seetha is the stubborn girl who gets her way all the time and does not want to settle down.

Kamalinee Mukherjee is such a cutie. To me, she was the one who shined the most. Can not wait to see more of her films.

Ram loves Raji, but she is already engaged.

Nanda is gorgeous. Her character was flaky at times but she was portraying it well.

Raji's arrogant fiance

Songs are beautifully shot.

Song #1 - "Manasa Gelupu Needera"
Ram and Seetha's separate lives. Not realizing that they will soon meet.

Song #2 - "Uppongele Godavari"
The ship cruise on the Godavari River

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Song #3 - "Tappulu Tippulu"
Dancing in the rain on the ship

Song #4 - "Andangalena"
Seetha is falling for Ram. She shows her sexy side of her by wearing different colors of sarees.

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Song #5 - "Manasa Vaacha"
Ship time is over. Why does Seetha love Ram so much? Does Ram love Seetha?

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Found this really funny. Instead of it being an Intermission, it's a Cool Break, lol

For me, the biggest let-down of the film are the animals. It was cute but very unnecessary. I believe the animals were real but when they were "talking," it was definitely computer-animated. Luckily, not too much screen time for them.

Absolutely love how the film was shot 90% on the ship. Plus the camera shots on the ship were stunning. I know I took too many caps on this...but I actually had more and had to delete some, lol.

For those who know me, I love nature and the beautiful scenery. Especially waterfalls.

Even though the story seemed focused on Ram, Seetha's thoughts were written in her diary. So you were able to see the film from Seetha's point of view.

Overall, a good movie. Fun, entertaining, and visually stunning. Beside the few minor flaws of the film for me, I really enjoyed it. Now, I have to watch Anand, same director and actress - Kamalinee Mukherjee - in that one!


Bhargav Saikia said...

This movie sounds interesting and as you said it looks pretty good! (atleast from your ever brilliant screen caps!)

Anonymous said...

Neetu Chandra was great in Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye. Wouldnt mind seeing what she is like in proper masala. Great screencaps as usual. :-D The movie sounds like fun!

ajnabi said...

This is in my Netflix queue, I think. It looks really good--and I don't think you took too many screencaps, I love to see them!

Nicki said...

Bhargav - I love how the film took place on a boat! It's so beautiful. Hope you get to watch some Southie films!

bollyviewer - Thanks! Interesting about Neetu. I have to watch that film for Abhay too. ;)

ajanbi - I think overall you will like the film. :) Love making screen caps although it does take a lot of time,hehe

punjabichick said...

wowo Nicki! This is awesome. You ROCK chica! Reena :)

Nicki said...

Hey Reena - thanks for stopping by!!! Thanks so much for checking out the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Anand is an awesome movie. You will definitely like the movie, kamlenini and the hero (hot guy). I am looking forward to your review of Anand. This movie got the best movie award in the State.

Also pls see the latest movie "Happy Days" from the same director. It was a big hit in South in Dec 2007

Nicki said...

Thanks for stopping by anonymous.

You know, I have Anand at home and there has been delays in me watching the film. I saw the first 15 mins but had to stop since then. I'm so disappointed!!!!

My friend is sending me Happy Days and I can *not* wait to watch it soon either!!

Anonymous said...

I do wish you find time soon to see Anand. I have been reading your reviews often and I agree with your taste and comments. I am positive you will like Anand - music is good too. Without giving away anything i want to say that it is a romantic movie and has a positive image of woman


Nicki said...

anonymous - I finally finished watching Anand. I loved it. I re-read what I wrote above. I meant to say that I was disappointed at myself for not finishing the film. The dvd quality and subtitles were not that great either but I managed to watch it.

So Anand review soon!