Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bipasha Basu - still my #1 girl crush

Everyone who knows me how much I love and adore Bipasha Basu.

Just wanted to share a few pics of hers that I had on my computer and thought she was absolutely radiant and stunning.

Wait, not done. Loooove the John-Bipasha jodi. Look at both of their cute!!!

Since it's going to rain allllll day today (yes, it's still early 3 am EST), my plans to go hiking with the family has been canceled.

Honestly, I forgot about Aa Dekhen Zara releasing. A friend was e-mailing me asking if I was going to watch it. Shoot, now I am! Probably drag my daughter to watch it with me and take her out to eat Indian food. :)

Oh yeah, lastly, my friend also sent me the video of Bips performing at the Screen Awards on January 2009. I haven't been keeping up with award shows anymore cause I find most of them crappy. For some reason, I did not know about Bips performing.

I must say....WOW!!! The girl can't dance but she sure makes dancing fun. So sexy and hot! Bips looks like she can be in MTV music videos rocking the modern look. Check out John's facial expressions....and Akki's! They seem to be enjoying it. Not sure about Priyanka though, lol.

Here's Neil and Bips at Filmfare 2009, promoting their film Aa Dekhen Zara. :)

No worries. I am there later to support! I've read bad reviews but it's okay. Still will watch ANYTHING with Bips in it!


dunkdaft said...

I love b/w photos anytime. Bips looks *eyes widened*

wht indian food u enjoy? (now dont say curry..)

bollywooddeewana said...

Lol at the look on John's face in the first video, when are those two going to finally tie the knot? I wish them all the best and i really hope they get to one day

ajnabi said...

Bips said in an interview pretty recently that they won't get married for a few more years, because she doesn't want to be stuck with "married woman" roles yet. I guess we'll see. Gosh, she's gorgeous.

Nicki said...

Darshit - Bips is gorgeous. :)

My fave Indian food is masala dosai followed closely by chicken masala tikki.

bollywooddeewana - I absolutely love John's facial expressions. I don't know when and if they will ever marry. It saddened me when John said they weren't engaged during the Simi show but Bips said they were in KwK first season.

ajnabi - I honestly think Bips wants to settle down and just using that as an excuse....or unless she has changed her mind.

However, she is right about "married" women not getting bigger roles after marriage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for amazing pics of Bips :)
Her dance is not so superb but who can dance in such horrible outfit? :P

debojit said...

Bips is super koool...chic with brains.

Nicki said...

imienazwisko - You're very welcome! Hahaha,funny. I think the outfit isn't that bad though, lol

debojit - I know, that's why I love her!! :)