Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boys - the young Siddarth & Genelia

Ever since my Sid crush, I've been trying to get my hands on the Boys movie. Plus to make it even more exciting, Genelia is in the film as well! They rocked in Bommarillu and was excited to see them again. From stills, Sid looks soooo young. Genelia still looks the same, but can you believe she was only 16-years-old in Boys?

I won't give any huge spoiler for this film but it's going to be very descriptive so read and beware! Lots of screen caps.

Boys is about five guy friends -- Babu Kalyanam, Kumar, Krishna, Juju, Munna -- who want to fall in love.

Babu Kalyanam aka Bob Gally (Bharath) loves to play the guitar and tries to serenade girls to fall for him. He is an aspiring fashion designer.

Kumar (Manikanden) goes looking for a girl friend instead of concentrating more on his college work. His parents only source of income is a concession stand.

Krishna (Sai Srinivas) plays the drums and comes from a rich family but instead, he hopes to trap a girl to fall in love with him.

Juju (Nakul) plays the keyboard and just lives life carefree. However, his parents are teachers and wants one day for Juju to follow in their footsteps.

Munna (Siddharth) is from a middle-class family. His parents fell in love and eloped to be together so their love was their primary focus. Like Munna's other four friends, he hopes to fall in love.

Look at how young Sid looks! So adorable! His acting is amazing as usual. He never fails to disappoint.

It's cute to see the five guy friends hang out and goof off. There's this one scene where they were trying to woo the girls and were singing Backstreet Boys' song, "As long as you love me."

Song #1 - "Girlfriend"
The guy friends talk about looking for a girlfriend.
Kinda funny about the 3D computer animated girls in the song for each one of the guys. Makes the guys look even more desperate, lol.

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All the guys want Harini (Genelia D'Souza) to fall for them. Her parents did not have a love marriage. Her father lost his love and named his daughter, Harini, after his ex because he chose his career over her.

I really like Genelia. At this moment, she's on the top of my favorite working actresses. I was checking out her future films and she has Hook Ya Crook with John Abraham and Shreyas Talpade. Of course, there's the Hindi remake of
Bommarillu coming up with Harman Baweja titled It's My Life. Just hope that in Bollywood, she continues to play her strong, sassy roles unlike when she first debuted in Bollywood.

Song #2 - "Dating"
Guys wants to date the girls. Girls say, no way!

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Munna and Harini fall for each other. I love me some Sid and Genelia. However, I did like how their love story was "forced." Not natural at all.

Song #3 - "Ale Ale"
Love looking at this song. It's so cute how it's shot. Making screen caps do not do justice to the song. Must watch!

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Their parents forbid them from seeing each other. They leave house and stay together on their own terms. With the help of friends, they were able to meet end-needs.

Song #4 - "Boom Boom"
Munna tells Harini that he'll be happy with her living with all the "junk." Just by the still, you'll be like WTH?? Robots? Look closer, they are made of recycled materials, same as Munna and Harini's outfits too. Just a cute song that proves that they will move on and be happy together no matter what.

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Song #5 - "Please Sir"
The gang tries to get a singing contract with Sony. But first step, he must listen to them sing....

Song #6 - "Break the Rules"
The gang finds out where the CEO of Sony is. They decide to play at the game so everyone could hear them sing.

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Boys get their contract and appoints their great friend, Mangalam Sir (Vivek), who has been there for them through thick and thin.

Boys music become a huuuuge hit!

Song #7 - "Secret of Sucess"
Boys perform at the MTV Awards

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Boys tasted their "s
ecret to success" but still there are sad moments.

I am glad I finally saw the film but didn't love it. The songs are great. Love seeing Sid and Genelia again. Love the youthful feel to the film. Enjoy the guy friendship bond. Of course, once Munna and Harini get together, the girl friendship bond disappear for Harini. There was just too much going on in the film for me to love it. Definitely worth a watch but it's no


dunkdaft said...

Oye...Oye.. Nicki. I counted, and if I am not wrong you have made 101 screencaps. Wow, how can you do such restless work?? Each cap is wow.

Boys, I love the soundtrack of this one. Though I have not SEEN any of the songs. Only heard them. And by your thoughts, this seems so much innovative and interesting.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I'm totally completely entirely sold on the movie- Siddharth looks so so adorable- ooh!

bollywooddeewana said...

Am i the only one who thinks parts of the futuristic parts of this film looks a bit like Love story 2050, i'd love to see this

Nicki said...

Wow Darshit, I did not realize that I made that many caps, hahaha. Just love sharing what's in the film.

I absolutely love the soundtrack and was listening to it again last night.

Shweta - DO watch it!!

bollywooddeewana - Do you mean that Love Story 2050 looks like this? :)

Bhargav Saikia said...

I've heard good things about this film. Should watch it asap! And above all it has Sidharth and Genelia! :)

Thanks a lot for those southie recommendations. I'll probably start with Bommarillu!

Bhargav Saikia said...

Also I agree with Darshit, your screencaps are absolutely amazing!

bollywooddeewana said...

Parts of the futuristic scenes while not looking exactly looking like it, reminded me of 2050

Nicki said...

Bhargav - do watch it and review it. And you're very welcome.

bollywooddeewana - lol, I was just trying to say that that Boys came out waaay before Love Story 2050, that's all. It's not really futuristic but more recycled materials, hahaha.

Unknown said...

OMG nakul looks so different in this film. watch this movie then watch masalamani, he looks bare different.OMFG u can't beleive its him.i swear.

Nicki said...

asinsilver - looking forward to see the grown-up, mature Nakul :)