Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caravan - back to Bollywood but with a classic, forget Asha & Helen, Aruna Irani all the way!

Finally a Bollywood film again! I know. I've been on my South Indian filmfest for a bit, but I still have a lot to watch. Nothing new in Bollywood really made me want to come back. Therefore, I decided to rewind and hit with a classic that I've never seen before!

Caravan. Honestly, I know nothing about the film except that it has the famous song -
"Piya Tu Ab To Aayaa." Okay, I also knew that it wasn't a lovey-dovey film. So, I've been waiting for a chance to be in the mood to watch an oldies classic.

See, I have a problem with some older films. Okay, I am quite prejudice towards older films because of the slow pace. I have to admit that. Even with Hollywood or any other cinema. However, I'm slowly trying to change that. And remember, I'm the eye candy girl. I didn't see much back then. Handsome/cute face but no hot bod, lol.

Sunita (Asha Parekh) ends up marrying Rajan (Ravindra Kapoor), who ends up being her father's killer. Running for her life, she ends up pretending she's a village girl name Soni so that Mohan (Jeetendra), his friend Johnny (Kishan Mehta), and his younger brother (Mehmood Jr) will take her in their traveling caravan. She must get to Bangalore and meet up with her father's old friend. Will she be able to reach her desination? Will Rajan and his men ever find Sunita?

Naziar Hassan. The only film I've seen of his is Yaadon Ki Baraat. However, I keep hearing that his other films are worth watching, especially Teesri Manzil. Thank goodness that dvd is sitting around waiting to be watch! It may be sooner than I think.

Sunita is running away from her one-day old husband, Rajan. Under the alias, Soni, she hopes to reveal his evil doings.

I am disappointed in Asha's timid, boring character. I wanted to see more spunk in the character. To be fair, I don't remember ever watching any of her films, only her dancing so I was expecting too much. Wait a minute, I just looked her up her filmography and I've seen Love in Tokyo, but I don't remember it. Must re-watch! Nevertheless, I won't write her off yet.

Mohan (Jeetendra) drives the caravan and ends up falling in love with Soni.

Is it me or did Jeetendra gain a bit of weight in the film? I still think he has a handsome face but in some scenes, his outfit look too tight on him when he dances. I've always found Jeetendra a good actor.

Nisha (Aruna Irani) is a gypsy girl in love with Mohan. OMG, can this film give more props to the fiesty, sassy, spunky girl? My goodness, after watching this film, I wonder why this wonderful vamp doesn't get more credit to her name. She can dance, is beautiful, act, and kick ass!

Monto (Mehboob Jr) is Mohan's little brother. He has a soft spot for Soni. He's so adorable. On IMDB, he is credited as being one of Viju's friends in Lovers?? Plus in his filmography is not many significant roles :(

Monica (Helen) is Rajan's lover and his accomplice. Helen is best known for her vamp-ness (is that even a word?) Love her dancing and it was great to see her. She had a bit more than just a dancing girl.

Rajan (Ravindra Kapoor) - murdered Sunita's father and tricked Sunita into marrying him. He's also Monica's lover. Ravindra is a handsome guy. He looks mix to me. I looked up him on IMDB and he was Charlie in Star?? (I know another Kumar Gaurav film) Wow, Charlie looked British to me.

Johnny (Kishan Mehta) brings humor to the film. His I'm-always-drunk, carefree personality sparks.

Caravan is most known for the "Piya Tu Ab To Aayaa" song, which features Helen. However, the soundtrack is worth a listen. Makes me miss old school music like this.

Song #1 - "Hum To Hain Rahi"
Mohan, Monto, and Johnny's intro with their caravan

Song #2 - "Piya Tu Ab To Aayaa"
Monica performing on stage

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Dilbar Haan"
Nisha seduces Mohan

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Chadthi Jawani"
Mohan and Nisha practicing

Song #5 - "Arre Lo Goyrla"
Journey to another city

Song #6 - "Dalya Main Kahan"
Soni and Mohan performs on stage

Watch Below

Song #7 - "Haire Haire"
Drunk Mohan dancing with Nisha

Watch Below

Song #8 - "Kitna Pyara Vaada"
Mohan and Soni in love

Watch Below

The caravan is very cool-looking. Love the designs.

Some people may disagree but I love the gypsy/village outfits. It also may have to do with it appearing more tribal (ahem my heritage).

Definitely worth a watch. Had me entertained from beginning to end. I am so looking forward to Teesri Manzil!


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

who can forget Monica Darling? Helen in a cage is probably any man's ultimate fantasy, crazy and mad as it is :). And yes it highlights Aruna's "item songs" really well - all classics. Though honestly, I have little appreciation for the leads and the movie itself- to me, they are incidental, an accessory to justify all the songs being on screen :D

bollywooddeewana said...

I love this movie, its a massive entertainer all the way, Nasir Hussain definitely cooked this one up well, i loved Aruna's feistiness and of course my dear Jeetendra, i really loved how he liked English and the scene where Asha PAREKH spoke in English to his amusement was sooo funny

Bhargav Saikia said...

Classic songs! Forever Helen :)

Nicki said...

Shweta - hahaha, good points. I guess I felt Aruna was under-appreciated in the film.

bollywooddeewana - I wish Aruna was more appreciated from the film. :( Oh yes, the scene with Jeetendra and Asha was to die for! The English part! Hehehe.

Bhargav - Helen is awesome!

Bollyviewer said...

This was a fun romp and I agree with the others - the best part was the songs. They are all RD Burman classics. Aruna Irani was awesome here - so pretty and fiesty and she got all the best songs too. Couldnt understand why Jeetendra preferred Asha! And Asha Parekh has done tons of fiesty roles elsewhere, so dont give up on her.

Anonymous said...

Scrool, scroll, scroll, and look away! I just ordered this move and will also be watchint Teesri Manzil in the next few days. I'll report back and THEN read this great post of yours. (trying to avoid spoilers) FOr a long time I've used that screen cap here of Helen starring in the wine glass as my computer work...LOL.

All the best!

Nicki said...

Sita-ji - I don't have many spoilers, just what isn't already on the dvd covers and synopsis on the web, hehehe. But if you had no idea, then I totally understand. :)

I plan to watch Teesri Manzil this weekend. Looking forward to it. :)

Unknown said...

I absolutely love the songs of Caravan (i m a RD burman fanatic). Love your reviews. Just like to point out 1 slight error. You have mixed up the Real names of the characters Rajan (kishen mehta ) & Johnny (Ravindra kapoor)

Nicki said...

Thanks Seema for stopping by...I got that from IMDB