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Where-you-at Bollywood stars from the 80s & 90s that I loved - where are they now?

It is not surprising that most people assocaited the 80s era of Bollywood as the worse ever! However, for me, it was the beginning of my Bollywood love connection and passion. Look at me now! I am in my early 30s now and still trying to find some Bollywood films that were dubbed in Hmong and grew up with.

80s and 90s Bollywood stars are what I grew up with. Watching their films bring back so many nostalgia moments. Therefore, I decided to see what the stars are up to these days. I miss them!!

I can not start off my list without one of my all-time favorites -- Neelam!!!!

Neelam Kothari, better known as just Neelam. Even though she was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Thailand, she ended up in Bollywood films! Debuted at the age of 14 in Jawaani, she is one of the cutest Bollywood actresses ever! Being paired with Govinda and known as the dancing hit jodi in films -- Ilzaam, Love 86, Farz Ki Jung & Hatya. Kasak is her most well-known acting performance. No matter how big or small her role was, she was memorable.

Being divorced and single doesn't stop her for being successful. She moved on in the fashion world. Jewelry-making was always in her family's bloodline. Owning her own jewelry line and business, Neelam Jewels, she successfully has her own showroom in Mumbai.

Why I like her?
Why not? She's cute, bubbly, and cute. And still cute. I must say that Neelam has aged very well and still looking, well, cute! Love 86 and the Govinda-Neelam dancing jodi are what made me adore her so much! Usually Neelam is smiling, looking naive, and dancing with her long, silky hair flipping. Her cute modern outfits and dance steps rocked the 80s and 90s, which many actresses were only good with the traditional look and dancing.

Pooja Bhatt
Daughter of the film producer/director, Mahesh Bhatt. At the age of 17, she debuted in Daddy and her career was just getting started. She starred in memorable films -- Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin with Aamir Khan, Sadak with Sanjay Dutt, Junoon with Rahul Roy, Chaahat with Shah Rukh Khan, Tamanna with Manoj Bajpai & Sharad Kapoor, & Zakhm with Ajay Devgan & Sonali Bendre.

She has married her long-time boyfriend, Munish Makhija, who was a former VJ. Even though she has given up on acting, she is still around in Bollywood as a producer and director. Film-making was in her blood. If you have not seen Dhokha, you must! My favorite film of her as a producer. Her other two films she directed/produced are Paap & Holiday.

Why I like her?

Growing up in a male-dominated filmi family, Pooja came out and just showed everyone what she was made of. I love her ambitious goals to succeed at what she is able to do. Even though her films didn't do well at the box office, she still manage to stay on top of her game.

Rahul Roy
Before the cool, long hairstyles of John Abraham, there was the cool, long hairstyle of Rahul Roy. His debut film, Aashiqui, storming the box office and won many fans. Although he isn't the best actor, he still has entertaining movies to look out for -- Junoon with Pooja Bhatt, Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee with Pooja Bhatt & Pooja Bedi, & Sapne Saajan Ke with Karisma Kapoor. He had potential but just never made it that big.

Married to model, Rajalaxmi -- You may remember her as the the girl in the "Aa Toyar Hoja" song from Asoka. He has not given up acting yet. His most recent films have been Meri Aashiqui (2005) and Naughty Boy (2006). In 2006, Rahul appeared Big Boss, which is the Indian version of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK and won on the first season.

Why I like him?
He's good looking! Yes, he is. He was one of the sexiest Bollywood stars, I've ever seen onscreen. Well, you know me and my shallowness. Without Rahul kicking it off in the 90s eye candy for me, I wouldn't have lured more of my Hmong girl friends to watch Bollywood films.

Tina Munim
Dev Anand found the beauty and launched her in his film, Des Pardes. In addition, she starred in a few more Dev Anand films -- Lootmaar and Man Pasand. She was casted as the leading heroine and love interest in Sanjay Dutt's debut Rocky. Her other well-known co-stars were Rishi Kapoor -- Yeh Vaada Raha & Karz -- and Rajesh Khanna -- Fifty Fifty & Souten.

Since she has retired from the industry, she has been involved with charities, art events, and shows. Married to the billionaire, Anil Ambani, they both have two sons, Anmol & Anshul.

Why I like her?
Ever since I first saw her in Yeh Vaada Raha, I knew there was something special about her. She played the role, Sunita, so well that I wanted to see more of Tina Munim. Not only could she act, she is gorgeous.

Poonam Dhillon
After winning the Femina title of Miss Young India, Yash Chopra approached her and launched her debut film, Trishul with Sanjeev Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Hema Malini, Raakhee Gulzar, Waheeda Rehman, & Prem Chopra. The song pictured on her, "Gapoochi Gapoochi Gum Gum" was a hit. Afterwards, Yash Chopra gave her a leading heroine role in Noorie, which she got a Filmfare nomination. Since then she has starred in many other films-- Yeh Vaada Raha with Rishi Kapoor, Romance with Kumar Gaurav, & Red Rose with Rajesh Khanna.

She is divorced and has two children -- son, Anmol and daughter, Paloma. Having her own personal website, Poonam is very much active, such as participating in the Bharatiya Janata Party and running the makeup van company, Vanity. Not too long ago, she played Maddy's mother in 13B.

Why I like her?
Look at those eyes! She has one of the most beautiful and seductive eyes! In addition, she graces the screen with her innocence. Unfortunately, she never gotten the recognition she deserved. But that has not stopped her for continuing to strive to be her best.

Padmini Kolhapure
Singing is in Padmini's family blood and as a child, Padmini sang for songs from films such as Kitab, Dushman Dost, & Yaadon Ki Baraat. Because of her musical talent, her aunt, Asha Bosle, recommended Padmini to Dev Anand. He casted her in Ishq Ishq Ishq. As a child star, she also appeared in other films, such as Dreamgirl, Zingagi, Saajan Bina Suhagan, & Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Bagging the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress for Insaf Ka Tarazu, she was also appreciated in her leading acting debut film, Ahista Ahista. Later on she took the Filmfare Award Best Actress Award for Prem Rog. She's had many memorable films, such as Pyar Jhukta Nahin with Mithun Chakraborty, Woh Saat Din with Anil Kapoor, & Souten with Rajesh Khanna. Since singing was one of her passions as a child, she even sang for the movies she has starred in -- Vidhaata, Hum Intezaar Karenge, & Sadak Chaap.

At the age of 21, she retired from the film industry after marrying Tutu Sharma, who casted her in his film, Aisa Pyar Kahan. They both have a son, Priyank. When he got older, Padmini decided to go back into acting in Marathi films -- Manthan, Eight, & Chimnee Pakhra. She continues to act but in dramas -- Mera Bachpan & Daughter -- and on stage -- Kaash, Abhi To Mein Jawan Hoon, & Aasman Se Gire Khajoor Pe Atke. She has a personal website for her fans to keep up with her.

Why I like her?
Ahista Ahista is one of the earlier Bollywood films that I grew up and loved. Therefore, Padmini will always be one of my favorites. She was so memorable and good, which turned me into a fan. Not only is she talented and beautiful, I admire and adore her for balancing her family life and career.

Kumar Gaurav
Son of Rajendra Kumar, Kumar debuted in Love Story and became an instant hit. His nickname is "Bunty" just like his character in his debut film, but his real name is Manoj Tuli. His hit films, both opposite Poonam Dhillon, Teri Kasam & Naam, couldn't do justice to his acting career.

Even though his film career didn't do well, Kumar landed a role in a Hollywood film, Guiana 1838. He is married to Sanjay Dutt's sister Namrata and has two daughters, Saachi & Siya. At the moment, he hasn't given up acting yet. He is filming for director, Rahul Kapoor's My Daddy Strongest.

Why I like him?
Bunty is the first Bollywood guy who I found so cute and adorable onscreen. Even though he doesn't have the box office hits to his credit, I still continued to be loyal and watch his films. He has that boyish-charmed look to him, which was rare, to me, during the 80s.

Rati Agnihotri
Making her mark in South Indian films first, Rati was already a well-established actress. Her Hindi debut film, Ek Duje Ke Liye, was just a stepping stone to her Bollywood career. Interesting enough, her debut film also was Kamal Hassan's Hindi debut and is a remake of his film, Maro Charithra. For her outstanding performance, she got a Filmfare nomination for Best Actress. She continued to rise high with hits -- Shaukeen with Mithun Chakravorty, Farz Aur Kanoon with Jeetendra, Coolie with Amitabh Bachchan. For her performance in Tawaif with Rishi Kapoor, Filmfare nominated Rati again for Best Actress.

After her father's death and marrying her love, Anil Virwani, Rati decided to take a break from acting and raise their only son, Tanuj. During her hiatus, she received a degree in Reiki, healing people. After many years of staying out of the filmi industry, Rati made a comeback playing Kajol's mother in Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi. Since being active in acting again, overall, she has starred in films in 10 languages, including English, Kannada, Bengali, & Punjabi. Besides acting in films, she has been on the tv series, Kaajjal - Sabbki Aankhon Mein Basi. In addition, in 2006, Rati and her husband opened a shopping mall, Virwani Plaza, located in Pune. One of the stores, Om to Home – Candles and More, has house artifacts, fashion accessories, and candles, which are all personally designed by her.

Why I like her?
She's a multi-tasked, talented mom!! I love that. Not only is she beautiful, and talented, she makes time to be a part of her wonderful family. She always lightens up the screen with her cute smile. Staying true to her beliefs, she has never taken her nose ring off while filming and rocks the look!

Kimi Katkar
The spelling "Kimi" stuck in the film industry even though her name is spelled Kimmy. Even though her debut film, Tarzan flopped, she still got recognition and oozed the screen with her sexy image. She continued to make more films -- Dariya Dil with Govinda, Ustaad with Vinod Khanna, Abhimanyu with Anil Kapoor, Khoon Ka Karz with Vinod Khanna & Sanjay Dutt, Hum with Amitabh Bachchan, re-defined her sexiness.

After marrying photographer, Shantanu Sheroy, and settling down, she gave birth to their son, Siddhanth. Because of Siddhanth's illness at a young age, she and her family moved to Melbourne, Austraila, because of her husband's brother is a doctor. Because of his occupation, Shantanu switched from Mumbai to Melbourne while Kimi stayed in Melbourne taking care of Siddhanth. Her name is mentioned in the book, Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts. With Karen Anand, Kimi will co-host a food show.

Why I like her?
Finding recent pictures of Kimi was such a difficult task since there were not much current information on her. In addition to her seductive eyes, she was the only actress in the 80s who I thought looked good with wavy hair. Ever since I saw her in Tarzan, I adored her and took the sexy look to another level. She made that tough decision of quitting films to be with her son and I admire her for that.


Anonymous said...

Guiana 1838 is not a Hollywood film - not all films made by USA (or, in this case, USA with another country) are Hollywood films.

I'm quite sure Kimi Katkar's decision wasn't tough to make.

Nicki said...

anon - if it's not Hollywood, could you kindly let me know what type of film it is instead of just telling me that it's not???

Well, I think it was tough for her but who knows, I'm not Kimi and you're not either :) Just my opinion

bollywooddeewana said...

Thank you so much for this post, you almost brought a tear to my eye (lol) with your post as these are people i grew up watching and its quite sad some of them have been forgotten in today's press, thanks once more for writing about this folks

dunkdaft said...

Pooja, pooja, pooja, today itself we friends were talking about her, especially in Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee. I loved her in every movie I have seen of her as a child. Even today, she's doing great job as a filmmaker.

Really nice post, though I am not much into 80's, I loved the way you collected all info.

dunkdaft said...

** Term 'child' refers to me, ofcourse. :)

bollywooddeewana said...

You know who else i just remembered, whatever happened to Meenakshi Sheshadri

ajnabi said...

Oh, I love posts like this! I didn't know Neelam went into fashion, how cool. You're awesome for putting this together, Nicki!

Nicki said...

bollywooddeewana - Yah! Glad you enjoyed it! I don't hear much about these stars and decided to write about them. The others who are still active, you hear about cause they are still acting. For the females, many of them returned back but many newbies have no idea who they are so I thought I'll dedicate a post to them.

OMFG!! Thanks so much for reminding me about Meenakshi Sheshadri. I will have to do another post of hers only.

Darshit - via our Twitter postings, I hope you find Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee. I do need to re-watch and review it!! I <3 Pooja

ajnabi - Thanks sooo much!! :) Hope you get to watch films of Neelam, she is just too darn cute.

bollyviewer said...

Oooo this is awesome. So great to know what happened to all these stars. The actresses were all gorgeous, even in the 80s fashions that werent really kind to anybody.

Kumar Gaurav looks so much better now! The last pictures I saw of Tina Munim were a few years ago, and she was unrecognisable with all her weight gain. Looks like she has lost it again.

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - hahaha, the 80s and 90s fashion were horrible!

I think Kumar still looks handsome.

I do remember those pics of Tina, I couldn't post them here, lol

Hans Meier said...

Very nice article!

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Rajan said...

Manisha koirala,the most talented actress in 90s.sadly bollywood forgot her.

Rajan said...

Manisha koirala,the most talented actress in 90s.sadly bollywood forgot her.