Saturday, March 13, 2010

Joshila - another Dev Anand film

Here I am having insomnia and writer's block. So, please excuse this crappy and thoughtless post....

Dev Anand doesn't get much love in the blog-world -- that's even from me too!! Therefore, I thought why not watch another film of his. He is a living legend for a reason, right?

Next up, Yash Chopra film, Joshila.

Dev Anand + Hema Malini + Rakhee + Pran + Bindu = WOW!!!!

I absolutely loved the film. I was engaged from beginning to end. Even though Dev does nothing for me look-wise, he is a wonderful actor. I do love his hair though, hehe.

I tried my very best to try to write up the review without spoilers but it is hard! So some spoilers ahead.

First lemme say that the dvd I have is one of the worse quality in terms of credits rolling...for reals, see below...are you able to make that the name of the film is Joshila? Actually if you select it, then you can actually tell, otherwise, if you watch on your tv, no way you can tell...

Hmmm, I wonder who the stars are? 

Oh yeah, that's Dev Anand, if you could tell... 

Hema Malini!


Shalini (Hema Malini) loves writing, whether it's poetry or stories. She happens to meet Amar (Dev Anand), who is a a convict with a heart. Why she decides to sit by a tree deep in thoughts near a group of convicts? Beats me...

She is in town to visit her BFF and her cop-father

But there is no freaking way Amar could ever murder someone! Look at the mother-son bond!

That's right. At least, Shalini thinks so.

Why is Amar in jail?

She reads up on Amar's profile. There is just no way this guy should be in jail. Therefore, she has to find out the truth.

Come on, Amar, why are you here?

Amar narrates the past.

Amar loves his girlfriend, Sapna (Rakhee)

He works in Sapna's brother's (Roopesh Kumar) company.

Horny-drunken pervert sees the chai girl and tries to rape her.

Amar comes to the rescue

Trying to save her, he fights with future brother-in-law

Unfortunately, Amar kills him in self-defense

For some reason, ungrateful homegirl decides to lie and say that Amar tried to get frisky with her instead and kills the original pervert

Jail you go, Amar.

No way Amar could kill...but he is my brother! Poor Sapna

Shalini was right. No way Amar is a killer

Shalini tells her BFF that she is going to write a book about a good-hearted convict and name the book, Joshila

A fight broke up in the jail cell. Strangest thing is that they live right above it!

Amar to the rescue (again)

Good news! Amar is acquited with the charges and can now be release.

Amar is reunited with his mother again

But he learns that his whole family was struggling when he was in jail. He cannot believe his sister, Manju (Padma Khanna) turned to a cabaret dancer!

Amar meets up with an old buddy, Mandalal Dogra (Madan Puri). He tells Amar about a potential job opening. Why not? It's hard to find a decent job as an ex-convict.

What Amar doesn't know is that Mandalal Dogra was hired by to kill.

However, Mandalal Dogra ends up getting killed.

Amar uses Mandalal Dogra's name to land a job as a real estate agent and tells his family not to worry about him

Amar meets Thakur Saab (Pran) and his young wife, Rani (Bindu).

Amar learns that Sapna is Thakur Saab's daughter!!

The rest of the film deals with Sapna's mis-understanding that Amar has the hots for her young mother-in-law, whether or not Amar can pull off the murder, if Thakur Saab & Rani ever finds out that Amar is not really Mandalal Dogra.

I loooove the music!

Song #1 - "Kiska Rastaa"
Amar sings in jail and Sapna finds his singing amusing

Song #2 - "Kuch Bhi Karlo"
Amar and Sapna in love

Song #3 - "Happh Rahi Hoon"
Manju's cabaret dance

Song #4  -"Sharmana Yoon"
Rani "relaxes" Amar

Watch Below

Song #5 -"Dil Mein Jo"
Amar and Shalini in love

Watch Below

Song #6 - "Tu Na Mile To"
Shalini annual dance show, funded by daddy-dearest

One of my fave parts of the film is when Sapna shows Amar her book, Joshila, and autographs it. I don't know how she got it published so quickly, hehe

 I took so many caps but am not able to share all of them. Below are just random caps of the cast.

I just love how older films have "The End"

I must say that I am definitely enjoying Dev Anand films because I like the suspense he has in the films I've seen so far.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

To give Dev his due, I do agree with you that he'd have some lesvel of suspense in his movies, at least 1-2 good songs, and TONS of campiness to round it all off with.
Its good to see u blog again Niki.

memsaab said...

The print of this is SO AWFUL, but it has enough WTF-ery to make it worth watching. The masala death trap at the end is fab.

And if you want to truly see what the Dev Anand fuss is about, watch his films from the 1950s. You will understand it then :) He was v.v. handsome indeed and made some lovely films. My favorite is Solva Saal (a remake of It Happened One Night) with Waheeda Rehman, and they are both so gorgeous together. Plus it's a really good movie :) even if you hate b&w movies give it a whirl!

ajnabi said...

This is totally off-topic, but don't you think Jyothika (from southie films) looks SO MUCH like young Hema Malini? Okay, on topic, I love the idea of their room being right on top of the prison! Nothing like keeping your work home with you, right?

bollyviewer said...

Am with memsaab on young Dev - he was so stylish and handsome in the 50s and 60s and had lovely movies then (some of the best thrillers, ever). By 70s, though his films were still stylish and fun, he was turning a bit too old (and creepy, in my opinion) for romancing the likes of young Hema, Rakhee, Zeenat Aman, and their contemporaries. That said, I remember enjoying this film quite a bit.

Nicki said...

Shweta - Thanks! I will have to watch more Dev Anand films :)

Memsaab - Gosh, I hated the print! It IS awful. Wow, I've never watched any 1950s film.I have to admit that I am prejudice against black & white films...however, I'm more open-minded now so I may give it a try. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

ajnabi - Hmmm, never thought about Jyothika and Hema looking similiar but I can see why you say that :) You so funny, hehehe, I find it creepy about the home on top of the jail, lol

bollyviewer - Okay, I am convinced. I HAVE to watch Dev's older films. Thanks!

bollyviewer said...

He does have colored ones too - try Jewel Thief. Its a great thriller, fast paced, loaded with pretty, and it is in glorious technicolor (or do I mean Eastman color?).

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - saw Jewel Thief already :)