Sunday, June 15, 2008

Anamika - the truth should've been left alone....

Anamika is about an amateur escort Jia (Minissha Lamba) who isn't good at her job but needs money since she's an orphan. Vikram (Dino Morea) hires her to be his escort and both fall in love with each other. After Jia learns about Vikram's first wife Anamika (Aarti Chhabria) passing away, Vikram and Jai get married and he takes her to his palace Gazneer in his home town in Rajasthan. Malini, Vikram's childhood friend, (Koena Mitra) runs the palace. Never good enough as the first wife, Jia feels she is out of place until one day Jia comes back to the palace.

The film is said to be a remake of an Anthony Hitchock film, Rebecca, which is based on the novel, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (thanks to EliteXtasy for letting me know!!). I haven't seen the original but I knew this movie was going to be a thriller. I mainly watched the film for Dino. I adore him and think he's underrated. Not only does he look hot in the movie, he gets better and better each time I see him - looks and acting wise. He's even sexier with the stubs. He used to be overshadowed by Bipasha in their movies together. However, ever since I've seen him in The Fight Club, he's getting better and better.

Minissha is a good actress. I haven't seen too many movies with her but all the ones I've seen I've been impress with her. Most of the movies I've seen her in - she was in a supporting cast. In Anamika, she was the heroine and looked lovely. I hope to see her more in the future in lead roles. Yahaan is a film I have yet to see but heard she's awesome in her debut film. I do have Shaurya sitting at home. Hopefully I'll watch it soon. Update, reviewed.

Koena is so lovely! She's so underrated in the dancing department. I remember first seeing her as an item girl in the 'Khullam Khulla' song in Road. Most item girls are great at dancing and stick with it. However, Koena wants to do more than model and dance. Kudos to her. Although I don't think she's a good actress yet, she's improving.

Storyline wise - it's very interesting. For some reason the movie fell flat in the second hour. It just got boring which it should've gotten better!! I had a feeling I knew what happened to Anamika and I was right! The beginning of the movie was a bit rushed too. Vikram and Jia's love story was not convincing to me.

What I did like - the songs. 'Sagufta Dil' had Pan Asian/South East Asians dancing in the background and not goras! I did the research and found out the part of the movie was filmed in Thailand. Another Bollywood movie filmed in Thailand. I was happy. Too bad there was not much else about Thailand in the movie nor the significance of it. Instead of Switzerland, is it now Thailand?

Overall the movie could've been better. Of course it had moments. Only watch the movie if you're a die hard Dino, Minissha, or Koena fan. You could always get a Bollywood song dvd with Anamika songs.

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