Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shaurya - A Few Good Indian Men?

Shaurya is a about two best friends Sid (Rahul Bose) and Akash (Javed Jaffrey) who are are militant lawyers taking a case on a man name Javed. Akash lives life following the rules while Sid is carefree and not knowing what will come next. One day the two best friends were assigned a case for Javed, a man who is accused and charged with mutiny, treason and killing a fellow officer. Akash is the prosecution attorney while Sid is the defense attorney for Javed. Kaavya (Minissha Lamba) is a journalist who helps Sid out to find the truth. Then there's Bigadier Pratap (Kay Kay Menon) who is a strict militant living with his rules and wants Javed convicted. All records and witnesses indicate Javed is guilty but why is he silent? What is the truth?

Rahul Bose is enough for me to watch this film. Whether it's Mr & Mrs Iyer or Jhankar Beats, he never disappoints me. Therefore, I'm a huge fan of his. His films are mostly known as "art" since he doesn't play in a lot of masala movies. His character Sid is very silly and carefree which I love then he becomes serious when the time is right. That's why I love Rahul Bose. I love the roles he picks. I've never been disappointed in him in any films I've seen.

I'm used to Javed Jaffrey in supporting roles but usually as the silly character in a film. Sometimes when I think about him, I think of his character in Salaam Namaste, the silly Jaagu AKA Crocodile Dundee wannabe. However, his character Akash is really serious and it's Sid who has to tell Akash to chill sometimes and not take things too seriously. With short screen time with his fiance in the film shows he is a great guy who takes his work very seriously.

I've mentioned about Minissha Lamba because of Anamika. I liked her in everything I've seen of hers even though she's mostly been the supporting cast. She's not bad in Shaurya but her character is a bit annoying at first. Makeup wise, she looks awful and old. At times, she reminded me of a drug addict instead of a journalist. Overall she was disappointing.

Rahul and Minissha's short little love story is cute but unnecessarily. That's what happens when you get two people two spend that much time together - feelings start to develop. The movie's lighting is awful. Most of the clarity of the pictures look dark.

Sid was funny when he put a plastic bag over his head to "think." I laughed about it. There were times that I hoped he wouldn't commit suicide by thinking too hard because this strategy was shown more than once.

Kay Kay Menon - another reason why I would watch this film. He's so underrated. Gotta love him. When I first saw him in Sakar, I was blown away. This guy is good! Loooooved him in Corporate and found him sexy in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi. Kay Kay is the best thing in this movie. He plays his character to the max! The ugly moustache made him look sophisicated and mature. I love Kay Kay.

The beginning half was a bit slow but the second half was much better. Amrita Rao was a pleasure to see on screen. She is soooo lovely!! I haven't seen her in a while. With her natural beauty, I wanted to see her on screen more but she was good at what she did. Her character was Virendra's widow. Miss you Amrita.

Let's not forget this guy - Deepak Dobriyal. Although he was silent in most of the movie, his facial expressions were right on target. When he spoke, he was great. I realized he's in 1971 - Prisoners of War also. Previously I mentioned it was one of my fave films of 2007 - a very underrated one. I would like to see more of him in the future.

In all, the movie has inspiration from Hollywood film, A Few Good Men. Replace Tom Cruise with Rahul Bose. Replace Jack Nicholson with Kay Kay Menon. Minissha Lamba is definitely no Demi Moore and don't even come close! Shaurya is a decent film if you like A Few Good Men. Just don't be disappointed in it. Or don't expect Kay Kay to shout - "You Can't Handle the Truth!!" in Hindi!

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