Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tashan - Saifeena or Sakshay?

Tashan is about a full-time call center guy Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan) who also teachs English part-time. Unlucky in love until one day he sees the beautiful Pooja (Kareena Kapoor) who asks him to teach Bhaiyyaji (Anil Kapoor) English to advance his business. Things get chaotic. Jimmy thinks he's in love. Pooja deceives Jimmy and Bhaiyyaji. The wannabe gangster Bachchan (Akshay Kumar) joins in with Jimmy to find the missing money for Bhaiyyaji. Not knowing who to trust, each have to trust someone in order to survive.

A very anticipated film of 2008 - Tashan! Why? Is it because of Saifeena or Sakshay? With Saifeena, the audience get to see the two love birds in a movie together! Finally! They were briefly in LOC Kargill together but didn't have enough screen time. You have to admit, Saif and Kareena look hot together. Or was it Sakshay? (Thanks to Sanni AKA veracious for the term - see her blog). They were were a hit duo since Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Can't we have Sakshay back together with a more modern action movie? Khiladi Akki is one of the best action heroes! It's been a while since he has been with the Yash Raj banner too. In Yeh Dillagi, the Sakshay duo were together but not in an action flick. Since the Yash Raj banner have been trying to be trendy with the action genre - Dhoom, Dhoom 2, Race. Why not continue? Then there is Tashan.

Saif. As an actor, again, more props to him for being where he is now. Acting for 10+ years and getting notice. Kudos! The past few years were rough for him but I like him more and more as an actor now. Although I still don't find him sexy like many fan girls do, I think he's attractive - just not my type. However, that moustache in Tashan has got to go Saif! Yuck. Reminded me of Aamir's ugly moustache in Mangal Pandey. Towards the end of the movie, the moustache finally didn't look to bad because Saif had stubs on top of it too. The role of Jimmy was nothing to brag about. However, Saif did what he does best at what his given to him.


Kareena. First of all, I want to say Kareena is not anorexic looking! I think her body and her long slim legs are rocking. Sure I saw her ribs in a couple of scenes but she still great overall. Some critics are coming down on her too hard for looking really skinny. Why not? If that’s what she wants, let her. In her defense, she was criticized before for being too "fat." No wonder she's all confused! Bebo is one of the best actress in the millenium. Although I'm not a fan of her off screen, I love her on screen.

Akki. On my shallow side, he's getting hotter every time I see him! Thank goodness for the waxed chest too! He already had a body to match it with maritial arts skills. I'm a sucker for a guy who knows martial arts. Instead of being known as a khiladi star, we should see him as Akshay Kumar - the actor. Always the underrated underdog, he proves yet again he is star material. Tashan belonged to Akki. His facial expressions and sexy voice were great. Move over Saif - it should be Aksaif instead.

Anil. Thank goodness he isn't romancing a young heroine anymore. I know I've said it before. Thanks Anil for that. Let your beautiful daughter Sonam act in romantic films now, not you. Since the 80s, Anil has always been one of the better actors. Seeing him in a movie with Madhuri or Sridevi was always a treat. He's looking ageless in Tashan. After Akki, Anil was the next best thing in the movie. His comic timing was right.

Storyline wise. Very interesting. The writers for Dhoom & Dhoom 2 directs Tashan? Will we get a Dhoom 3 lookalike? Not at all! Okay, okay. The only similiarity will be the 'Chaliya Chaliya' song where you see Kareena in a bikini (and in blue outfit with half of it showing her stomach similar to Aishwarya's in Dhoom 2). Not too many twists and turns, the movie flowed greatly. Although it was great to see Kareena kick some butt in the movie, I'm slightly disappointed in it. Maybe I'm watching too many maritial arts where the girl does more butt kicking, but I wanted to see more! Kareena's butt kick was definitely better than Shilpa's in Dus. That kick was so overrated!

Definitely worth a watch. It flopped but how many flop films you know actually flopped because it was bad? Only flopped because the staff put in a lot of money to make the film.

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