Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Indian Cinema other Bollywood?

Like many ignorant people who watch Bollywood - Hindi films, I used to think everyone in India knew Hindi and Bollywood films represented India. Little did I know there are so many languages in India. Everyday is a learning experience for me as I learn more about India. First time I was hit with knowledge about other languages in India, I was reading about Kajol's film, Sapnay. The Hindi version is rename Sapnay but the Tamil version is Minsaara Kanavu. No wonder it was hard for me to find Sapnay! With my shallow mind, I didn't think about watching much more Tamil films because I love eye candy. Prabhu Deva is an awesome actor and dancer. Just to be fair, I did watch Isha Koppikar's Tamil films - En Swasa Katre and Dharma. Kollywood (Tamil) - sorry! Since I'm a huge Bipasha Basu fan, I even went and got her Telugu film Takkari Donga. Mahesh Babu isn't bad looking. I want more eye candy! Does Tollywood (Telugu) have a chance?

It was friend showed me a picture of Allu Arjun. I was in heaven! This guy's hot! Has the body! I'm in love! My friend was even sweet enough to send me two of Allu Arjun's films - Aarya & Bunny. OMG…I was so impress and in love. So crazy that I even made this website dedicated to him - I even went and bought all his movies (thank goodness he didn't have many). (note - I don't own the website anymore, read here why) His dancing is amazing!!! I love a guy who can dance and is fine. I was willing to watch more Telugu films now.

Aarya - reviewed 07/27/2008
Bunny - reviewed 07/26/2008
Happy - reviewed 09/10/2008
Desamuduru - reviewed 09/14/2008

Thanks to Rang De Basanti, I was able to find my other crush - Siddharth Narayan! While a lot of females drooled over Kunal Kapoor. I rather have Siddharth. His boyish looks and charm made me feel like a teenage girl again. He's just so adorable. Next thing you know, I started watching his Telugu and Tamil films!!!

Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana - reviewed 08/31/2008
Bommarillu - reviewed 09/26/2008
Ayutha Ezhuthu - reviewed 11/13/2008
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I'm willing to watch more South Indian Regional films now. Mainly due to the star cast. If I like a Bollywood star, I will go out of my way to watch their non Hindi films. For example, I looked everywhere for Dino Morea's Kannada film, Julie. I'm still searching for Sameera Reddy's Bengali film, Kalpurush (seen now, reviewed 11/2009


Anonymous said...

Did you see Sidharth in Bommarillu? I saw hinm in that and in Rang de Basanti. Here's a link to the post I did on Bommarillu:

All the best,

Nicki said...

Yes, saw Sid in Bommarillu. I need to review that movie too! I love Sid

Emily said...

LOL, that sounds almost exactly like me. "Everyone in India speaks Hindi and watches Bollywood. Oh, there's a lot more to it than that? Well, but those guys aren't really cute... Hello, Allu Arjun! And you too, Siddharth! Hey, maybe I should check some more of these movies out..."

Nicki said...

emily - Thanks for stopping by! I need to review more Tollywood films. I am so caught up on Bollywood oldies that I haven't had enough time! Allu Arjun is so freaking hot. I love that man to death, lol

Anonymous said...

I agree that Allu Arjun is one of the actors I look for in Tollywood movies. I own all but the his first movie (plus I have bought the movie soundtracks to listen to at work and in my car).

Other actors from Tollywood that I like are:
-Sumanth in Godavari,
-Prabhas in Varsham, Chatrapati, Munna and Bujjigudu
-Nagarjuna in Santosham, Nenunnanu, Don, Super
-Mahesh Babu in Athadu and Pokiri
-Siddharth in Boys (Tamil), Aata, and Chukkallo Chandrudu
-Raja in Anand

Nicki said...

Hello Linda217 - Thanks for stopping by and giving me some recommendations! I really appreciate that. I have Boys and Aata at home now. I hope to see them soon. I've heard nothing but great things about Godavari. I've been searching for Pokiri. Hopefully I'll watch it soon.

Anonymous said...

I buy from They have more than 900 Telugu movies as well as some of the other Indian languages. When placing my order, I comment that I only want movies with subtitles and the let me know which of the ones that do not have subtitles.

Anonymous said...

I just checked my netflix account and Pokiri is available there as well if you have an account.

Nicki said...

Thanks linda217. I don't use Netflix. I have never heard of since I usually use

Anonymous said...

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Nicki said...

Thanks Rajesh