Friday, September 26, 2008

Bommarillu - Siddharth + Genelia = great movie

Siddhu (Siddharth) has a great life! He lives in a household full of people always catering to him. His father (Prakash Raj) gives him anything he wants. The family is very well off. What can he ask for, right? Wrong! Regardless of how perfect Siddhu's life is, he wants to make his own decisions. He wants to fall in love and want to be with the girl who makes him feel carefree - Hasini (Genlia D'Souza). With all the love a father can give his son, will he ever let his son walk his own path?

Since I have Siddharth fever cause I obviously love this guy! I had to watch Bommarillu. Ever since I saw Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana
, I just had to watch Sid's Telugu and Tamil films!

Siddhu - the guy who has a double life. No one at home knows his anger and frustrations of pleasing his father. He wants to be his own person but is trapped between being a loyal son. Until he meets Hasini, never did he realize how uptight he was. He needed to be carefree, independent, and liveliness!

As I mentioned in the
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana review, I adored Sid since Rang De Basanti. Just couldn't get enough of the cutie pie.

If you like Kareena in Jab We Met, you'll fall in love with Genelia in Bommarillu. Hasini lives life to the fullest. Bubbly, beautiful, carefree - that's Hasini. She opens Siddhu's eyes and he is able to view life though her eyes.

Genelia is so freaking adorable. I wish her Bollywood films would portray her cuteness like her Tollywood films (still stuck between this film and Happy - which film I like her more in). Her voice is kiddish and cute but in Bommarillu, it seems sounds so childish. Regardless, she's great.

Aravind (Prakash Raj), Siddhu's father. He always looks out what is best for his family. Never had he thought about him controlling their lives. He always give, give, give. Prakash Raj has been in a lot of Tollywood films I've seen. Such an awesome actor.

Lakshmi - Siddhu's loving mother. She learns about Siddhu's yearn to be independent. Jayasudha plays the typical wife/mother. Stuck between being loyal to her husband or realizing her son needs to be free.

Kanaka (Kota Rao) - Hasina's loving father.

Music is great. I'm so addicted to Tollywood music - I must watch more! Telugu language is so beautiful. Found most of the songs on YouTube with English subs.

Song #1 - "Padaharanaala Telugu Juliet"
Siddhu is searching for his love, his Telugu Juliet.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Kannulu Teriche"
Siddhu becomes more independent and carefree hanging out with Hasini

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Appudo Ippudo"
Siddhu and Hasini falling in love
Did you know that Sid actually sings this song himself? Thanks veracious for the interesting info.

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Bommanu Geesthee"
Siddhu and Hasini - more in love

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Lalu Darwaza"
Engagement party

Watch Below

Song #6 - "Nammaka Thappani"
Hasini makes the decision to leave Siddhu. He now realizes how much he misses her.

Watch Below

Although I love Allu Arjun to death and wanna have his babies, I do prefer Siddharth's movies over Arjun's. The type of movies Siddharth has been in, I enjoy more. The excution of the film is portrayed very well. I love my action-hero Arjun but do love the cute-lovey-dovey-love-struck Siddharth too.

I'm so torn that Bollywood plans to remake this wonderful Tollywood film. Why? Oh why? Keeping Genelia but replacing Siddharth with Harman? Are you kidding me???? The Bollywood version is titled It's My Life. If you've never seen any Telugu films before, Bommarillu is a good film to start off with. Either that or
Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, both Siddharth starrers. Doesn't matter if you're not a fan of Siddharth, you'll fall in love with him in either films.


veracious said...

Maybe Siddharth was offered Hindi!Bommarillu but couldn't give them dates or didn't agree with the choice of the director or the script (Sidd is pretty picky with scrips as you may have noticed!) and that's why they went with Harman. Unfortunate choice, I hope the movie doesn't do that well because then people won't make the effort to see the great original. Then again, maybe Harman could pull it off?

I agree that Bommarillu is a wonderful, sweet movie. I think the song picturizations could be better but the music in general is lovely. Did you know Sidd himself sings in Appudo Ippudo?

ajnabi said...

I can't wait to watch this movie. Maybe tonight! When I first saw your post title, I thought it was saying, "Bommarilly MINUS Siddharth plus Genelia equals great movie." LOL I was all, "Why doesn't she like Siddharth?" ;-)

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

veracious - You're right. Sid probably turned it down but I have to read some news about it, hehehe. I haven't seen Love Story 2050 yet but need to. Just to see Harman act.

Wow, I didn't know about Sid signing Appudo Ippudo. Thanks for the the info!!

ajnabi - You're so funny!!! Can't wait for you to watchit.

thebollywoodfan - Thanks. I'll check out your review.

Hmmm, I can't wait to watch Jaane TuYa Jaane Na. I know most of my friends told me that Genelia is better in Tollywood and Kollywood movies than Bollywood.

Bollywood said...
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Anonymous said...

You already know I LOVED this film. :)

I trust your judgment and will now try and get a hold of Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. Thanks for the tip. I too think that the Hindi remake will be odd, why not use Siddarth too?

On another non-Bollywood, sut still Indian film note, have you seen the Tamil film, Sillunu Oru Kaadhal? If not, I think you'd love it.

All the best,

Nicki said...

thebollywoodfan - For some reason, my friends tell me actresses have more scope in Telugu or Tamil films. I'll have to watch more of Genelia's films to see.

sita-ji - Yes, I remember the review. You definitely shoudl watch Nuvvostanante Nenddantana - if you like Maine Pyar Kiya or Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya, you will really like NN.

No, I haven't seen Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. I will look out for it now. Thanks so much for the recommendation!!

Anonymous said...

The concern other than Harman is the music of the film. The original music is intrinsic part of the movie. We can't separate the Bommarillu's music and the story-screenplay just like Hasini cannot be separated from Genelia.

But going by the history of remake films in Bollywood, most of the remakes did not carry the orginal music.

Nicki said...

anon - Originals are usually better. I wonder how the Hindi version will be. I never saw the Tamil remake

gomolo said...

Amazed to see your passion and love for movies. Language really doesnt matter. A good movie always bridges the gaps. Indian movies are all about passion, dreams and colors, and full of rhythms. Great blog. Would love to share links of some of your reviews.

Nicki said...

Thanks so much gomolo. I totally agree with you. A good movie doesn't matter what language its spoken in :)