Wednesday, September 3, 2008

List of headers for blog...

I just wanted to keep a track of how many times I changed the headers for my blog. I do know there's a way to to set it where it refreshes and shows a new header but I don't want that. Why? Because I want everyone to see the same headers.

Click on image to view larger.

Header 1 - Allu Arjun

Header 2 - Ruslaan Mumtaaz

Header 3 - Bipasha Basu

Header 4 - John Abraham

Header 5 - John Abraham

Header 6 - Salman Khan

Header 7 - Random (Jay Sean, John Abraham, Allu Arjun, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Arjun Rampal)

Header 8 - various (Arjun Rampal, Allu Arjun, John Abraham, Ruslaan Mumtaz, Surya Sivakumar)

Header 9 - John Abraham
Header 10 - Surya Sivakumar
Header 11 - Allu Arjun
Header 12 - Bipasha Basu
Header 13 - Allu Arjun

Header 14 - Allu Arjun

Header 15 - Allu Arjun

Header 16 - Allu brothers - Arjun & Sirish

Header 17 - Allu Arjun


dunkdaft said...

Hey, what hapnd to headers i sent u in email?

Nicki said...

Darshit - hmmm, never got an email from you. :~

dunkdaft said...

Here are links to both of them. Hope you will like them. (u can delete this comment later)

Nicki said...

Thanks. Will use the John one tonight. Thanks soooo much!

dunkdaft said...

My pleasure. I like to play with photoshops. If anytime you require to make a new header, tell me. I will definitely do.

Mansi Sharma said...

Hey i am sure going to join....thanxs for this...

pawan kalyan said...

Alluarjun photos

image said...

image gallery

Unknown said...
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