Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Farz Ki Jung - Neelam kicks ass in this movie and Govinda is still adorable. Gotta love Govinda/Neelam!

Vishal (Govinda) is a poet and never fell in love until he met Kavita (Neelam). Kavita is the new girl in school and loves books only until she fell in love with Vishal. Both are very much in love until each one has a family member who could tear the family apart. Kavita's older brother Vikram (Shashi Kapoor) is a honest police officer but is framed by Vishal's dirty-crooked-politician father Jaikishan (Amrish Puri). Will the two lovers be together?

Whew, the synopsis was hard to write up. Farz Ki Jung has a more complicated storyline than that! I saw it so long ago and ordered it just recently because I can finally watch it again on dvd with English subtitles. When I first saw it, I saw it with out subs. The Govinda/Neelam jodi is the reason why I saw the film. I've mentioned so many times before how much I love them - Ilzaam, Love 86, & Hatya. Hopefully I will write up more of their movies and their movies be available on dvd with English subs.

Govinda - I'll say it again. This man is very handsome and is a great dancer. I'm so glad the newbies and youngsters see his appeal now.

Vishal (Govinda) is loved by all the ladies in the college. They say he is a wonderful poet and dancer. Vishal has yet to fall in love yet. All that changes until he meets Kavita.

Kavita (Neelam) is the new girl in school. None of the guys can mess with her. She'll literally kick some ass. She is smitten by the ladies talking about how charming Vishal is. She came to the college to study because she is in love with books. All that changes until she meets Vishal.

After watching this movie again, I realize how much I miss Neelam. I still think she looks really good! She's around the same age as Madhuri Dixit-Nene and still has that baby face.

Vikram (Shammi Kapoor) is the oldest brother of Kavita. He is an honest cop who everyone in town loves. Unfortunately, he gets framed and is jailed.

Amar (don't know real name) is the brother of Vikram and Kavita. In addition, he is also a cop. He wants to prove that his brother Vikram is innocent.

Ashalata plays the mother of the siblings - Vikram, Amar, and Kavita.

Jyoti (Anjana Mumtaz) is Vikram's loyal wife. Anjana, your son Ruslaan is one of my biggest crushes. Will review his debut movie soon.

Jaikishen (Amrish Puri) is Vishal's father. He is a crooked politician and his wife and son doesn't know.

Amrish Puri is the best villian ever! Period. I miss him. Who could ever forget Mola Ram from Indiana Jones Temple of the Doom or Mogambo from Mr India or even Bhairon from Nagina. RIP. You are definitely missed and loved.

Laxmi (Gita Siddharth) is Jaikishen's wife and Vishal's mother.

Gill (Raza Murad) is the crooked cop who helps Jaikishen frame Vikram.

Mr Parker (Bob Cristo) is JaiKishen's evil business partner.

I love the music soundtrack. Listening to it again brings so many nostalgia moments.

Song #1 - "Phool Kya Shabab Kya"
Vikram and Kavita's first meeting. He lures her with a rose and his poetic voice.

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Song #2 - "O Saathiya"
Vikram and Kavita are in love

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Song #3 - "Aap Se Mile"
A female dancer (Leena Das) dances for Mr Parker. Courtesy of Jaikishen.

Song #4 - "We Are a New Generation"
Vikram and Kavita dance in the competition at college.

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Song #5 - "Abhi Abhi Aaee"
Vikram, Kavita, and Amar go undercover. Kavita seduces Mr Parker.

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When I was watching Tashan, I was glad Kareena kicked some butt but I thought it could've been better. Shilpa's overrated kick in Dus was nothing to brag about. Neelam's kick-ass fights in Farz Ki Jung is what I'm talking about. Some are OTT but nothing like Raima's 30 second fight in Honeymoon Travelers. Kavita doesn't take crap and being the sister to two cops sure helps!

Not only does she fight once, she did it twice! More fight scenes at the end. Glad to see her help the guys beat up the villians at the end. I won't say that Farz Ki Jung is a must watch but it is for Govinda and Neelam fans. The storyline is very 80s with lots of fighting and action.

This outfit reminded me of Hmong clothing. Not necessarily the outfit but the colors and style of it.


Anonymous said...

Neelam looks lovely! I had no idea how many Govinda films Shashi was in - I might land up watching this just for him! :-)

Anjana Mumtaz has a son in movies? Do tell... She was so good in some of my favorite telly-serials.

Nicki said...

Hey bollyviewer. I know! I want to own all the Govinda/Neelam movies! There's still quite a few that hasn't made it on dvd with English subs yet.

Yes, Anjana Mumtaz has a hot son. His name is Ruslaan. His debut film is Mere Pehle Pehle Pyaar also known as MP3. It's on my next to review list after I do one for Ajnabi. MP3 has a teenage feel to the film.

BTW - I haven't seen many of Anjana Mumtaz's films. Any recommendations?

ajnabi said...

Wow, I am loving those screencaps of Neelam literally flipping. Sooo cool! I've gotta watch the movie just for that.

Anonymous said...

Nicki, I was referring to Shashi not Govinda (am totally blind to Govinda's charms)! lol

I havent seen Anjana Mumtaz in movies much - she played side/character roles in a few films that I cant recall. Her big movie was Mahua where she plays the lead. I have seen her more on TV where she got decent roles and was sooooo pretty.

Nicki said...

ajnabi - You're so funny. FKJ is not a bad movie. It's typical 80s stuff. I do love Neelam's character in the film a lot.

bollyviewer - LOL, I knew you were watching it for Sashi. :)

Thanks for Mahua. I'll have to see if I could get that movie.

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

Hey there thebollywoodfan. You're very welcome. Neelam is just too adorable and still very beautiful. I love her and miss her so much!

neelam fan said...

I am a big fan of neelam I am from the nederlands and I love neelam sooooooooo much I really miss neelam

Nicki said...

Hello neelam fan. Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I miss Neelam too.

Anonymous said...

I am a great fan of Leena Das. She was so sexy. It was a treat to watch this so sexy lady. I am trying to collect/download as many of her pics as possible, but it is absolutely difficult to find anything about het on net.please do help me in getting her pics, if possible.I can not forget her sexy dance in Insaaf. In fact in the beginning of that sexy song ‘Tu hai, Mai Hun Aur Raat Hai” they have actually spilled drinks on her boobs. Unfortunately, that scene was edited later on.

Nicki said...

anonymous - email me. I'll see about getting you more pics or even sending you the video of her dance.

Unfortunately, I don't have the old Insaaf movie. Only have the new one with Dino Morea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. So many great images! I have to see this one. I borrowed your Amrish Puri image for my post today, and linked this post to the photo. Hope that's Teekay with you. :)
All the best!

Nicki said...

sita-ji - of course not as long as credit is given :)

ja said...

hey i have all og govinda movies from the 80s to now. although farz ki jung as a movie is below average the govinda and neelam song are great espeacialy the first 2.

i recomned = pyar karke dekho, taqatwar, which are very good

Nicki said...

ja - I already reviewed Taqatwar. Haven't seen Pyar Karke Dekho in soooo long, wonder if it's on dvd with subs?

ja said...

ye it is available sachai ki taaqat , dariya dil also

Nicki said...

Thanks ja. I have Dariya Dil but not Sachia Ki Taaqat

ja said...

u seen hadh kardi apne or chalo ishq ladian yet

Nicki said...

Hello ja - I've seen both a long time ago and not a fan of either