Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Khamoshi: The Musical - the best SLB film ever

Annie (Manisha Koirala) gets into a car accident and her whole world flash in front of her. Her father Joseph (Nana Patekar) and mother Flavy (Seema Biwas) are a married Christian couple who are mute-deaf. Their lives turned to joy when they gave birth to a daughter Annie (Manisha Koirala) and son Raj who can hear and talk. With the guidance of Marianna (Helen) as a mentor and friend to the family, Annie learns about music and enjoys singing. After a tragic accident, Annie's family is torn apart and gives up singing. Until one day Raj (Salman Khan), a music composer, comes into Annie's lives. Both fall in love but can Annie leave her mute-deaf parents to pursue her own life?

Khamoshi: The Musical is definitely a musical movie. With nine beautiful songs to listen to and a great storyline, your heart and thoughts get so invested in the film. Definitely my favorite Sanjay Lee Bansali film ever. Ironically it is his debut film. Regardless I still enjoy his films but his recent films seem to be missing something. Unlike Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam or Devdas which more people are familiar with because of the star cast and gorgeous outfits, Khamoshi does not beautiful clothing but a unique script and brilliant acting.

The movie starts off with Annie's album being presented.

Annie is an obedient daughter of mute-deaf parents. Music is her passion and wishes her parents can understand her love for it.

Manisha Koirala is what makes Khamoshi: The Musical. I miss her. She's definitely one of my favorite 90s actress. Her curly-locked hair looks so good on her and brings out her innocent character more. This is definitely one Manisha's best acting.

Raj is the music composer who brings music back to Annie's world. He loves Annie and proves to her parents his love is true. Even though he is not Christian, being Hindu does not change the fact that he loves Annie.

Salman Khan is freaking adorable. Characters like Raj makes me love him more. I wish his name was Prem in the film. It would flow with his other earlier films with the name Prem. Most of Sallu's earlier films, I found him playing second fiddle to the heroine and/or playing the supporting actor and losing the heroine to the other hero in the movie.

Joseph is Annie's father. His faith was shattered when a tragic accident occured in the family. He's not sure how to support Annie's love for music. No matter what, he loves Annie but is too stubborn at times. Nana Patekar is top-notch! He gets into his character so well that you almost forget it's Nana Patekar.

Flavy is Annie's mother. She's more stubborn than Joseph at times and thinks the world is mocking her and her husband's deaf-mute image. Seema Biwaas, like Nana, is one of a kind. Always great in whatever role she's in.

Miranna introduces Annie to music. Helen is so adorable. It's always a pleasure to see her on screen.

Like all SLB's movies, Music is wonderful.

Song #1 - "Huya Huya Ho"
Joseph and Flavy wait eagerly for their daughter Annie and son-in-law Raj to come and visit

Song #2 - "Mausam Ki"
Marianna brings music to the family

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Hey Mauj"
Marianna hangs out with the kids

Song #4 - "Aankhon Mein"
Raj comes to town and sees Annie

Song #5 - "Jaana Suno"
Raj and Annie in love

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Song #6 - "Ye Dil"
Annie's singing rehearsal

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Song #7 - "Aaj Mein Upar"
Annie celebrates, music is back in her life

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Song #8 - "Bahon Ke"
Raj comforts the sad Annie

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Song #9 - "Jaano Suno"
Wedding Day

Everyone has different opinions but I most certainly do believe this movie is very underrated and under-appreciated. I know it is a flop so many people don't even think about this film. Plus it is ignored when people think of SLB's films - Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Devdas, and even Black comes to mind. And the most recent Saawariya. However, give Khamoshi: The Musical a watch.

I found the ending subliminal message cute while others may cringe at it.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Manisha looks gorgeous. Thanks for the review and stills, Nicki.

Incidently, have you seen her recent-ish film "Mehbooba" yet?

ajnabi said...

Manisha looks like such a baby in your screencaps, Nicki. Can't believe how young she was. This movie looks awesome--I really wish Netflix carried it. Oh well, I'll wait till I get more extra money and just buy it, probably. LOL

Nicki said...

piyaare - You're very welcome!

Nope. I haven't seen Mehbooba yet. I don't know if I want to. Manisha was awesome in the 90s but in the 2000s, didn't really love her like I used to. :( She, along with Mahima, just drifted away.

ajnabi - Manisha looks so cute and beautiful. Well, I have the movie now so you can always tell me which movies you want to substitute when I get the blank DVDRs :) You should watch it but then again...we all have different tastes.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

Nicki: I am firmly with you, supporting Khamoshi. Salman, pretty songs, gorgeous Goa and a 90s Manisha- cant beat that :)

You are also right about Mehbooba- My husband and I giggled through the whole fiasco that the movie was :D

Nicki said...

Yah shweta! Khamoshi is definitely an underrated film. I love Sallu in these roles.

As for Manisha, after Lajja, I think she just slowly slipped down the I-don't-care-anymore trail.

Anonymous said...

I'd tend to agree with comments made about "Meh-booba." I think if the film had been made 10 years ago it may well have been OK.

Manisha's not as ridiculously cute as she was when "Khamoshi" was made but, I still think she's 'got it.'

Er...the picture quality on the DVD was excellent (clutching at straws now).

Nicki said...

piyaara - I can't say whether or not Manisha still has the it factor. Even though I love seeing Juhi and want to see more of her, I think Manisha should go the Juhi route to re-establish her career.