Sunday, September 7, 2008

Second post of the day and yes, I'm indeed a blogger since I can blog on so many stuff ...

Yes, yes, this is the second time I posted today. Earlier I posted the review for MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyar. I can blog forever. Come on, I got four blogs under blogger, lol.

As I was posting a response to theBollywoodFan in her Bachna Ae Haseeno post, deja vu hits. I recollected my thoughts again because I've mentioned this plenty of times before with my Desi friends and even on various Bollywood forums.

Maybe it's just me or maybe because I watch too many movies...wait that didn't sound right. What I meant to say is since I'm not Desi, I don't have that much expectations in Bollywood films? Nah, I don't have expectations in many films at all.

What am I trying to get at? Well, critics of Bollywood yearly wants a king or queen of Bollywood. They are always being analyze because they are celebs. You expect that. As a Hmong viewer, I don't view movies and have high expectations of celebrities. I like them then I like them. I don't expect them to always them to always have a great movie or blow me away every time. Yes, it would be nice but you're not going to enjoy a film if you find flaws in the film or if you already have set in your mind that you dislike a star.

It could be that I'm not Desi. I mean I do criticize Hmong movies or music a lot more and expect more but I don't watch Hmong movies or listen to the music unless my parents make me. Do you have higher expectations? Okay, I also realize that Hmong people watch movies just to watch it and they either say they enjoy or don't enjoy a movie. A lot of flop films in India turn out to be a SUPERHIT to the Hmong people.

Or maybe because people hear so much about a movie that has been praised and expect it to be better. That's what happens. Or don't expect a movie to be as good.

I think Shahrukh is definitely star material! He's King Khan after all. Although I do prefer Aamir over him but I always enjoy his films no matter what. Some people argue and say that he overacts and hasn't acted as well as blah-blah film. To me, it doesn't matter, maybe cause I can be easily amused. Whether or not the star is Shahrukh, it can be anyone - replace his name with someone else and you have the same scenerio.

This whole post almost didn't make sense since I'm trying to watch the MTV VMAs, do some homework (yes, I go to school - trying to go back to make more money), and get on the net. I'm just blabbering....cause in the end....everyone has different opinions.....


Bollywood said...
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ajnabi said...

I'm with you, Nicki--I don't need a movie to be even close to perfect to like it, especially if it's in a genre I prefer. And I try really hard not to let offscreen antics affect my opinion of onscreen work--at least not to let it affect my opinion negatively.

Nicki said...

Hey thebollywoodfan - I'm glad my post didn't get you upset or anything. I wasn't trying to point you out or anything but the conversation with you made me recollect my thoughts again. :)

OMG - you're a guy? All this time I thought you were a female. Sorry about that!

Yes, you're right. Blogging is great.

ajnabi - I agree. I think too many people are involve with celebs' lives. If they are good in a movie and if you like the movie, why hate it because you dislike a star? Makes so sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I think the only expectations most viewers have of movies is that they will be entertaining and engrossing. Of course, everybody's has a different idea of entertaining.

As to images of specific actors - I think its natural to form a mental image of a specific actor after watching him/her in a few films. In this age where every newspaper, TV news and email website has gossip splashed across it, its very hard to be unaware of your favorite star's off-screen persona too. And if the two images dont match, it may affect your liking him/her. Dont think it affects most viewer's liking their movies, though. For example, if people went by Salman Khan's off screen persona it would be hard to like any of his movies!

But I dont agree with you that one shouldnt have expectations of movies. If we viewers dont expect more we will never get better movies and better acting from our stars!

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - I agree with you to an extent in your last paragraph. I was just rambling that day and that's what came out. :)

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