Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chak De India - one of my favorite films in 2007

Chak De India is about Kabir (Shah Rukh Khan), a former team captain and hockey superstar in his earlier days, taking on the India's woman's hockey team. No other coach wants to take on this responsibility. With his guidance, he disciplines and shapes up the woman's hockey team.

What a vague synosis! I know. I didn't want to give out too many spoilers for those who haven't seen the movie. Chak De India was another movie that I was hesitate to watch. For some reason, it didn't excite me as much. Again, Shah Rukh is a good actor. He's very entertaining and I enjoy watching him. I just didn't wanted to be disappointed. However, I was proven wrong again! I absolutely love Chak De India. What I also love about the movie is we get to see more Indians from different states! Within the past few years, I've been doing more research, ony own, to learn about India's history and culture. A couple of times, I've been mistaken to be from North East India because of my knowledge of Bollywood. Also within the past couple of years, I started to watch other cinemas from India besides Hindi.

I love the little subplots in the movie with a few of the girls. Each one has their own story. Players of the team. Below is taken from Wikipedia.

    1. Aliya Bose (Anaitha Nair), #7, Right Out, senior player, West Bengal. Boy - crazy Aliya likes fashion and fun.
    2. Balbir Kaur (Tanya Abrol), #3, Left Defender, Punjab. Tough as nails, Balbir must learn to overcome her quick temper.
    3. Bindia Naik (Shilpa Shukla), #5, Center Half, senior player, Maharashtra. As the most experienced member of the team, Bindia feels herself above everyone. Angry that she is not given more power equal to her experience, she frequently attempts to overthrow the coach.
    4. Gul Iqbal (Arya Menon), #10, Left In, Uttar Pradesh. She is the grand-daughter of star hockey player Mohammad Iqbal and feels compelled to uphold the family legacy.
    5. Gunjun Lakhani (Shubhi Mehta), #4, Right Half, senior player, Andhra Pradesh
    6. Komal Chautala (Chitrashi Rawat), #8, Right In, Haryana. Tomboy Komal, referred to as Chhokra in her village, has only one regret: that she wasn't born a boy. Komal's character is based on Mamta Khrab, the current captain of the Indian Women's Hockey Team
    7. Mary Ralte (Kimi Laldawla) , #15, Substitute and Penalty Stroke specialist, Mizoram.
    8. Molly Zimik (Masochon "Chon Chon" Zimik), #6, Left Half, Manipur. Mary and Molly are from North-East India and are initially treated as "foreign" by their teammates. They are always together.
    9. Nethra Reddy (Sandia Furtado), #11, Left Out, Andhra Pradesh. A Ground-Man's daughter, Nethra plays to make her father proud.
    10. Nichola Sequeira (Nichola Sequeira), #12, Maharashtra.
    11. Preeti Sabarwal (Sagrika Ghatge), #9 Center Forward, Chandigarh. Rich-girl Preeti went to the best schools, was the team captain in Chandigarh, and is referred to derisively by some of her teammates as "Memsaab." She is dating the (fictional) vice captain of the India national cricket team, Abimanyu Singh, who doesn't take her commitment to field hockey very seriously.
    12. Rachna Prasad (Kimberly Miranda), #14, Bihar.
    13. Rani Dispotta (Seema Azmi), #2, Right Defender, Jharkhand. Rani moved from a jungle village to Ranchi and learned how to survive among her urban-born classmates.
    14. Raynia Fernandes (Raynia Mascerhanas), #16
    15. Soimoi Kerketa (Nisha Nair), #17, Substitute, Jharkhand. Also from a jungle village, Soimoi struggles with language and fitting in.
    16. Vidya Sharma (Vidya Malvade), #18, Goalie and Captain, Madhya Pradesh. Former goalkeeper for The Railways. Recently married, Vidya's husband attempts to force her to choose between hockey and family.

    I've never seen Shah Rukh look much sexier. I love a man with stubs. He impresses me all the time. He has charm and gotta love him for that.

    Just watch this film. One of the best! Shah Rukh, you still got it.


Unknown said...

It's a film full of passion.
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Thanks Rajesh.

I think I need to do a better review next time