Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Aashiqui - the Bhatt's won my heart with this movie

Rahul (Rahul Roy), an aspiring singer, meet Anu (Anu Agarwal), an orphan, and fall love at first sight at one of the strangest location - a police station! Rahul is charged with creating a disturbance at his father's place because his father left his mother (Reema Lagoo) for another woman. Anu ran away from the girl's hostel warden. Will Rahul and Anu's love triumph all?

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They are together. The End. Typical 90s love story, huh? Not, what makes the storyline more interesting is there's more to it than that! When Rahul and Anu are finally together after all he has to go through to be with her, it doesn't end there! Anu tells Rahul that she doesn't want to be dependent on him and tells him that she has to get on her own two feet before she can live her life with Rahul.

Rahul waits for Anu to be make a name for herself as she gets offered a modeling career. Little did he know that he has to achieve something in life too. His pride and ego get in his way and ruins his strong relationship with Anu. He feels inferior and not good enough for her anymore. Too many small talks in his head. Therefore, he lets Anu go. What will happen?

Rahul Roy - his character and real life name. He's so darn cute! He, like Kumar Gaurav, hit it big with their debut film and slowly drift away from the limelight. I miss both so much!

His good looks and long bangs rocked his unique look until my other hottie John Abraham came along with his rugged, long bangs look.

Not only was Rahul good looking, he was great portraying the lost guy Rahul. His anger against his father, how he fought for Anu, his frustrations with his pride, all that - he was so real to me.

Anu is gorgeous. Such a natural beauty. Too bad she wasn't in so many films. What I don't like her about her is her deep voice. It's not husky and seductive.

Her portrayal of the girl-who-needs-to-be rescue was great! With her lost and confused looks were emotionally conveying.

Deepak Tijori plays Rahul's best friend. What I love is he was there for his best friend through thick and thin. From beginning to end, you see their strong friendship bond.

No matter what Rahul did, he chose to stick by his best friend's side.

Deepak Tijori has always played secondary roles. I think the audience is used to seeing him in those roles. Whether it's Anjaam playing second fiddle to Shahrukh Khan or Jo Jeet Wohi Sikandar playing second fiddle to Aamir Khan, Deepak stands his ground.

Reema Lagoo is awesome. I love her. My favorite Bollywood mommies of all time.

Aashiqui, I believe is the first Bhatt movie I've ever seen. Till this day, I still support their movies. Regardless if they are remakes or not, I support them all the way. Not only is their music top-notch but even if their films are remakes, I prefer the Bhatts' versions more.

Song #1 - "Ek Sanam Chaiye"
Rahul's intro

Song #2 - "Dheere Dheere Se"
Rahul wis in love with Anu

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Tu Meri Zindagi"
Rahul almost gives up on Anu

Song #4 - "Main Duniya Bhula"
Rahul comes to rescue Anu from marrying another man

Song #5 - "Jaane-E-Jigar" (Part 1)
Rahul and Anu are separated but reunited

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Song #6 - "Jaane-E-Jigar" (Part 2)
Anu is forced to live with her irresponsible uncle. Rahul searches for Anu calling out for her.

Song #7 - "Nazar Ke Samne"
Anu wants to be independent. Rahul helps her out.

Song #8 - "Mere Dil Tere Liye"
Anu gets the modeling gig and celebrates it with Rahul

Song #9 - "Ab Tere Bin"
Rahul's pride gets in the way and wants to make a name for himself since his bride-to-be is a successful model already

Watch Below

I love this movie so much. It's one of my all time favorites. The soundtrack rocks. I just wish the dvd quality was much better. However, I am glad the songs are subtitled on the dvd.


Bollywood said...
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ajnabi said...

Rahul is super cute! I want to see this; the music is fun.

Anonymous said...

The songs were soooooo popular that they played in India (radio, TV, shops, everywhere) all the time! I liked them to begin with but was heartily tired of them within a few months. Wonder what happened to Anu Agarwal - apart from this and (I think) King Uncle, dont remember seeing her anywhere.

Nicki said...

thebollywoodfan - I agree with you about the music driving the movie. I loooove that soundtrack even today.

ajnabi - Rahul Roy is such a hottie.

bollyviewer - Hahahaha, yeah, I would get tired of it was playing everywhere too but lucky for me, I am not in India to hear it overplayed. I still love the music till this day. As for Anu Agarwal, she got into a car accident and since then she is just focused on her yoga school. For movies, she definitely was in King Uncle. And this other one called Khal-Nayika that was a rip-off of Hollywood's Hand that Rocks the Cradle. She played the villian.

priya kaur said...

Rahul Roy is super hot and damm cute. I hv watched this movie more than 100 times. I love u Rahul. Bas ek Rahul chahiye aashiqui ke liye.