Saturday, December 27, 2008

Baaghi - Happy Birthday Sallu!

Happy Birthday to Salman Khan! He is 43 years old today. I still love the guy throughout all these years. He holds a special place in my heart. A lot of my favorite films of him were from the 90s. Plus during this time, he looked his best. Now, I still love him no matter what. I admire him for still staying strong at the box office. Heck, all three Khan's (Shahrukh, Aamir, Sallu) still rules. Sallu has one of the most loyal fanbase, ahem I'm one of them.

Thought I'll contribute this day to watching another one of Sallu's older films that I loved. So far I have the reviews from Maine Pyar Kiya, Khamoshi: The Musical, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kiya, to Saawariya. Other related post on Sallu are the Rockstars Concert 2006, which I was fortunate to get an autograph from the hunky Sallu!! and my animated avatars of him.

So this time, it's going to be Baaghi. It's actually Sallu's second film. I remember reading that Sallu had all hits early in his career - that's 7 hits (Maine Pyar Kiya, Baaghi, Pathar Ke Phool, Sanam Bewafa, Kurbaan, and Love.) His first flop was Suryavanshi.

Baaghi means "rebel," so the tag, Baaghi: Rebel in Love fits. Saajan (Salman Khan) is a definitely a "baaghi" in love. His father (Kiran Kumar) wants him to join the military like him but Saajan doesn't. Saajan is in love with a girl who was forced to be in the brothel name Kaajal (Nagma). However, love don't pay the bills. Owner of the brothel and a ruthless gangster name Dhanraj (Shakti Kapoor) doesn't care about Saajan and Kaajal's love story. Saajan is determine to take Kaajal from the brothel with the help of his friends.

Saajan is a lover. He doesn't want to join the military like his father did. He has seen Kaajal before and fell in love with her. By coincidence, he sees her again and is determine to be with her. When he gets to know her better, he learns of her hardship and what she is going through. He is willing to risk his life for her freedom and happiness.

The 90s was a great era for Sallu. Not that he is doing any worse. I just miss that youthful innocence I see. I know life moves on and I sure wish I could look as youthful as I used to.

Known as Paro in the brothel, Kaajal is forced to live there. She is the new girl in the brothel due to human trafficking.

Baaghi is Nagma's debut film. She is also the older sister of Jyothika, who is married to Surya. With her sweet, innocent face, she fits Kaajal well. However, she doesn't do much but cry most of the time.

Baaghi is definitely Sallu's film all the way. Why not? Look, he's even credited for the storyline.

Saajan's father (Kiran Kumar) - stern father who wants Saajan to follow in his footsteps.

Saajan's mother (Beena Banerjee) - a loving, sweet mother

Leelabai (Asha Sashdev) - in charge of the brothel where Kaajal stays but has a soft side to her and loves Kaajal as a daughter

Dhanraj (Shakti Kapoor) - money hungry, powerful gangster who owns the brothels

Jaggu (Monish Behl) - works with Dhanraj and head over brothel with Leelabai.

Saajan's three friends. I don't remember their names but they all met in college and remain friends till the end.

And look it's Dev Anand. Just kidding. Just a student who looks like Dev Anand, one of the jokes in the film.

The songs are great. Brings back nostalgia moments for me. Love the innocence of the songs. None of the background dancers coming out of no where. None of the different shots of foreign locations either.

Song #1 - "Tapori"
Saajan and his three friends hang out

Song #2 - "Sapno Mein"
Saajan realizes that the girl who is in the brothel that got beaten up is the same one who he has seen and fallen for.

Song #3 - "Saajan"
Kaajal eagerly waits for Saajan. He works nightly to save up enough money to see Kaajal.

Song #4 - "Kaisa Lagta Hai"
Saajan can finally show Kaajal the world

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Chandni Raat"
Saajan and Kaajal are in love. Saajan takes Kaajal from the brothel.

Song #6 - "Har Kasam"
Saajan gets blessings to marry Kaajal

Watch Below

Is the following in the city, Ooty? I think that's what I remember from the film. I've seen this location in a lot of 80s and 90s films. Now, all the recent Bollywood films want to film in other locations besides India.

Love Sallu so made extra screen caps.

Did you notice that in Sallu's earlier films, besides the wife beater shirts, he wore a lot of striped shirts? I remember a black/white stripe one in a few other films.

Watching this movie again, I did find many flaws but I ignored it. Why bring up it up when I enjoyed it so much before? That's what makes a masala movie. Plus this film came out in 1990. It was fun and entertaining with great music. That's all that matters.


NidaMarie said...

Thanks for the Sallu-tribute, Nicki!

I love Salman first I didn't but he's definitely grown on me. And I think he's very good looking too! I agree he looked better in the 90s, but still looked hot in "Salaam-e-ishq" and had his moments in "Partner".

dunkdaft said...

No, his Pathar ke phool, was a flop. But I really liked Suryavanshi. And heard that 'Veer' a forthcoming one, is remake of that. Interesting. U should watch suryavanshi, kind of re-incarnation drama mixed with mythology.

Hey is there Pradeep Rawat?? As Saajan's friend?? He is Ghajini.

Lovely songs it has. I have watched this flick when I was Kid. So can't remember more scenes from this but songs still rocks. S.P.Balasubramaniyam just perfect voice for Salman.

And is this the same movie, where Salman counts 10 to 1, when he gets angry?? memory is coming back.

P.S.: Why removed John from titles???

dunkdaft said...

is the lovely song
'Saathiya yeh tune kya kiya....'
from the same movie??

If yes, why din't u mentioned it??

Nicki said...

Darshit - I changed the header blog cause it's Sallu's birthday now. That's all. :)