Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jism - Just the beginning of my John filmfest!

Warning - this review may contain too many screen caps for you. Many images of the hot, sexy, to-die-for John Abraham are on this post. Please view with caution in case you may faint.

Many people say Jism is Bipasha's film, but I disagree. It's John's film all the way. The teary, love-struck, alcoholic, restless amateur lawyer that John played is one of my favorites of his. Although I did say I enjoyed
Saaya more than Jism, John's emotional breakdown in Jism won my heart.

Jism is said to be a remake of the Hollywood movie, Double Indemnity. Both plots are very similar, but overall, the way both films execute them and are made towards different audiences. If that's the case then Hollywood has re-made Double Indemnity as Body Heat too. I don't mind remakes as long as they are done well to suit whatever audience. Very ironic considering that Jism has been dubbed in English as Body, which is actually the literal meaning. At my local movie rental, I was able to find both Jism and Body.

The life of Kabir Lal (John Abraham) takes a complete turn when he meets the beautiful, seductive, sexy Sonia (Bipasha Basu). Even though she is married, Kabir knows she is unhappy with her marriage and pursues her. Falling in love with Sonia even more, he never realized that he desperately wants to be with her. Suddenly without realizing the consequences, he starts to be careless and not caring about his actions. He slowly starts to self-destruct.

Why is Sonia so lonely and sad? She is a young, hot, sexy woman married to an older, rich guy.

Bipasha Basu has been given seniority over John in the film. Her name appears in the credits first before anyone else.

Jism definitely shaped up Bipasha's image as the le femme fatale. Her character definitely portrayed more power than the girl-next-door. Sadly, her voice is dubbed in the film. Like most Bhatt films at the starting point of their lives, their voices are dubbed. Watching the film again, I dislike the voice used for her cause I prefer her husky voice. Plus all that unnecessary breathing from her character Sonia was overwhelming at times.

Although he is a lawyer, Kabir is careless alcholic who doesn't care much about his life. Until the day he sees Sonia, he obsessly starts to fall in love with her. Not even caring if she's married. But he doesn't care since he knows she is not happy with her marriage. He constantly pursues her not realizing he is letting himself go.

Jism is John's debut film. Even though Aetbaar, also with his beau Bipasha, was suppose to be his debut film, it got delayed.

If you think John didn't have much clothes in
Dostana, then you haven't seen Jism yet. To me, Jism is one of John's films portraying his acting. When I first saw this film, I didn't drool for John, I was so invested in his character that I fell for him. I just wanted to go to him and hug him. Tell him that what's going on. His facial expressions, the look on his eyes, his crying melt my heart. His earlier films, to me, showed more of his acting skills than his recent films. In my opinion, ever since Dhoom, since it's a commercial hit and a big banner production, John is choosing his films differently.

Rohit Khanna is the older, rich husband of Sonia. He constantly is too busy away from his wife on business.

Although mostly seen in supporting roles or as a villian, Gulshan Grover is a good actor!

Siddharth, a police officer, is one of Kabir's best friends. He only wants the best for Kabir, but he hates to see Kabir self-destructing his life.

Vishal, a lawyer, is Kabir's other best friend. The three of them hang out. He wants Kabir to admit what is going on with Kabir's life.

How great is it for me to see Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey in Jism! When I first saw this film back when it released in 2003, I had no idea who they were. Of course, I know who they are now! They are both underrated actors! Love them!

Soundtrack is one of my favorites. As I mentioned before and I'll mention it again, the Bhatt's have amazing music on their films soundtracks!!!! Not all the songs on soundtrack was in film. The beautiful, probably the best song out of the album, "Mere Khwabon Ka" was left out of the film.

Song #1 - "Awarapan Banjarpan"
Kabir loves to drink and doesn't care about anything. He roams around and suddenly sees the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale"
Kabir is obsess with Sonia and sees her everywhere.

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Jadu Hai Nasha"
Kabir and Sonia are in love

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Shikayat Hai"
Reality check for Kabir. He actually sees Sonia with her husband, Rohit.

Watch Below

Jism was filmed in the beautiful Pondichery. When I saw the scene below, I didn't know it was the city. One of my friends told me that it is a city south of India. I read it on
Wiki and it is spelled differently but is interesting.

Movie starts off with the badly, wounded Kabir. He, then, takes a look at his life.

Loving the scenes with Kabir and his two friends Siddharth and Vishal.

Although this film is known to be a remake, Double Indemnity and Body Heat, the following is actually from a different movie, 9 1/2 Weeks. This ice scene is frame-by-frame except it is not as graphic as the Hollywood version.

I loooove my number one reel/real jodi, JoBi (John-Bips)

As I mentioned in the Saaya review, I love his crying emotional scenes. It breaks my heart to see him cry. Puts me to tears every time!

In case you didn't know, I'm just a Hmong Chick who loves John Abraham. Of course, his six-pack abs got me melted as well.

I know. I know. This may be too many screen caps to handle but I actually cut it down a lot!


dunkdaft said...

Its winter . And i m sweating. Such a hot movie u have picked.

Let me tell u, i watched first day last show of this flick, and believe me i declared from the first scene 'good actor, he is here to stay'. See.

The dialogue used at various scenes 'suraj saab ko salaam karna hai'. My favorite.

I think this was bips' first film too. She was sizzling. Both share Amazing chemistry (..and physics and biology and...) Oodles of hotness was everywhere.

Yes, emotional John was very good.Whenever I m alone and roaming in city at late night, i always remember this visuals.

And the song. 'awaraapan...'.
Music was outstanding. Shreya who was just one film old (devdas) did amazing job. She sound so sexy in 'jadu hai' and 'chalo'(the best dreamy song ever).

I really liked caution at starting. Obssesive?!?

Nicki said...

Darshit - Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my John-obsess-fanfest. Thanks also for the laughs in your comment.

You know, I am extremely happy that John is finally getting recognize; however, I want him to be recognize for films like Jism instead of Dhoom. I freaking love the Bhatt's. Their films are so underrated.

Actually Ajnabee is Bips first film and the Telugu film, Takkari Donga is Bips first film as a heroine (Lisa Ray is in the film too but Bips is the leading heroine, have to re-watch that movie). Raaz is Bips first Hindi film as a leading heroine and rocked it. I reviewed it here.

Jism is a good Bips film too. I think John should get more credit for this film versus Bips. I feel he deserved more credit because of his emotional. The movie starts and ends with him. Bips looks more like a supporting cast to him. But I can see why Bips will be remembered. People ran to see her. She was the reason why most people watched the film with her sexy, seductive looks and body language.

Aaaah, yes. I love the whole soundtrack. Wow, love how you associate "Awarapan" with you.

Shreya is awesome! I love her voice. Love how she sang "Jadu Hai Nasha." "Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale" is lovely, love looking at it. Love the bubbles popping on John.

Hahaha! I thought it'll be funny to put that. I mean, I did make a lot of caps and put it on the post. ;P

PS - I'm loving my John fest. Another one again soon. Hopefully...

NidaMarie said...

Wow, so I'm going to have to pull this out and watch it, hey? I've owned it for over a year...thing is, it was on VHS and I heard it wasn't very good. I did try to make it through one day and lost interest about 20 mins in.

Sounds like I need to try again--I wasnt fully sold on Bollywood at that time, and anything with John and Bips is worth watching for eye candy alone! What was I thinking??

Nicki said...

Hey Nida - I think you should watch Jism on dvd if you get a chance. I wonder who are the ones who told you about it not being good? Maybe anti-JoBi people, hehehe. But if you're looking for a song/dance movie with a lovey-dovey romance, forget it. Regardless, just watch it and review it. Would love to see your take on it. This film definitely got lots of eye candy.

ajnabi said...

Awww, crying John Abraham is the *best* John Abraham. But beat-up John Abraham runs a close second. Niiiice post, Nicki!

BB said...

Sometimes, I see that Bips and John are together in real life, and I realize that two excessively sexy people may one day be the parents of beauties to rival Aishwarya and Abhishek's pre-destined brood. I am terrified (and a little aroused).

Nicki said...

ajnabi - Thanks. I love John in emotional roles. Too bad is more popular now after Dostana for his hotness, which I totally agree, hehehehe. It's just that most people ignore movies like Jism claiming it's too bold and sexy. Whatever. You don't know unless you have given it a chance. :D

BB - I think JoBi is the equivalent to Brangelina. Not Abhiwarya. Plus Brangelina aren't married, they are a couple and not afraid to admit it, unlike Abhiwarya who suddenly out of no where decide to get married. That's just my opinion though. JoBi's babies are going to be hot, sexy ramp models and underrated actor/actress. Hehehe.

dunkdaft said...

Hey, know what?
Recently I got comment on one of my post, by Neelesh Misra. Who has written Fabulous lyrics 'Jadu hai nasha hai'.

dunkdaft said...

Check out his blog, its worth visit.

Nicki said...

Darshit - wow, that is great news!!! Congrats. Thanks for the blog, I'm following. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Nicki,
The movie is so racy! LOVE all the screen caps here! I got it from the library and watched it last night and found it had no subtitles, but my years now of watching Hindi movies allowed me to stumble on and follow the plot. Also, I knew first thing after viewing, I'd be able to get a recap at your blog, since the movie stars 2 of your favorites. :) Yet it was really nice NOT to have the subs so I could focus on John's handsomeness; who needs subtitles? They sometimes get in the way. I agreee with you here, "His earlier films, to me, showed more of his acting skills than his recent films." I also did NOT like the dubbing, could tell it was not Bips, but was John's voice dubbed too, I went back and forth on that and could not decide. Like Ajnabi said above, I really love him in the emotional roles, and most of all in Water. I'm glad I finally saw this film, and maybe I'll see it again with subtitles one day so I can be bother with that pesky dialog while I watch Mr. Abraham. ;)
All the best!
p.s. I was very discrete and checked the DVD out of the library quite quickly so that no one could see the title, which most of you know is a naughty slang word in English.

Aparna Ganguly said...

Interesting post. I was watching the movie again after years and found your blog. Love the fact that you love Indian films.