Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ghajini - Bollywood style with Aamir Khan

Finally saw the Hindi version of Ghajini with the one and only, Aamir Khan. Am I satistfied? Yes!! Disappointed? Nope. Is it your favorite film of the year? Nope. Is it similar to the Tamil Ghajini? Yes and No.

Well, as you may or may not know, I have seen Memento. A week ago, I saw Surya's Ghajini, which I discussed about the similarities of the two films. After I post this, I am going to blog about all three films, the differences and similarities.

Today, I had my heart on seeing Aamir's Ghajini for a while in the theater. I love all kinds of film genres. Some people may think this film is too violent for them. Not me! One of my favorite Hollywood films is American History X, which is a very violent movie. For me, I try not to dismiss any films of any language or genres. If I do, I'll never get to say that I have seen it. I try to open my eyes and see it with an open mind.

Memento is a wonderful, unique film. Maybe since it's not on my top favorite films of all times that I'm not as critical in analyzing Ghajini? Well, I'm saying this because if a certain film is one of your favorites, no matter who remakes it, or what language or country does it, you will criticize the "remake" or if there are just certain elements that are "copied." Honestly, I don't see Ghajini, Tamil or Hindi, a remake of Memento. But Ghajini has copied and taken the main plot of Memento, no doubt -- the Polaroids of people for remembrance, short-term memory loss, notes and tattoos on body.

If I like Surya's Ghajini, I will like Aamir's Ghajini, right? Right, but even more. I enjoyed so much that when I came home, I couldn't write a review without any caps! Therefore, I was able to make some caps online. No spoilers here but my next post with the comparison with the two Ghajini's and Memento will have lots of spoilers.

Below, copied and paste from Surya's
Ghajini. Almost exactly the same on some. If you want spoilers, you can read here with comparisons, even with Memento.

The successful businessman, Sanjay Sinhania. After a tragic incident where his ladylove gets murdered, Sanjay suffers from short-term memory loss, in which he can not create new memories and his brain refreshes itself every 15 minutes. He still seeks revenge to find the murderer.

Aamir Khan. What can I say or not say? He is my favorite actor. The best. He has not disappointed me for the longest time. Love his transmations. Love how he tries new roles. Love his facial and expressive eyes! Love, love, love him!

Kalpana is a sweet, aspiring model. Don't let her good looks fool you. She has a kind heart and go out of her way to help those in need, which caught Sanjay's eyes and heart. Since I liked Asin in the Tamil version, I absolutely adored her in the Hindi version as well! Sge reminds me of Isha Koppikar a lot in the looks department. She has a meaty role since she is seen in flashbacks only. Unlike Memento, her character is well-develop and descriptive, which makes you fall in love with her.

Medical student, Sunita, wants to learn more about the case of Sanjay Sinhania because he has short-term memory loss. Unlike Memento, there is no medical student --there is another female character but is caught in the deceptive memory loss game. Unlike the character Chitra, in Surya's Ghajini, Sunita didn't annoy me as much. I quite like Jiah Khan playing the role, which she added the extra oomph on screen.

Ghajini is the evil, selfish murderer Sanjay is looking for. Unlike Memento, the main character doesn't know who the killer is -- he is still searching for him. Unlike Surya's Ghajini, there was no one named Ghajini. Pradeep Rawat is so good which makes you hate him even more!

Song #1 - "Aye Bachchoo"
Kalpana at work and her intro

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Bekha"
Sanjay falls in love with Kalpana and imagines being with her

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Lato"
Sunita as an item girl dancing in club. Sanjay wants to kill Ghajini.

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Guzarish"
It's official -- Sanjay and Kalpana are in love!

Watch Below

Song #5 - "Kaise Mujhe"
Sanjay and Kalpana part, thinking about each other.

Watch Below

Just thought I'll make caps of what is similar to Memento, besides the short-term memory loss and seeking revenge.

Stay tune for my comparisons with all three films. Update 12/31/2008 - you can read it here now.


dunkdaft said...

Where did u get dvd from??? Pirated i think.
We are online at the same time :-D

Can we chat someday?? my yahoo id is 'dunkdaft'

[will read your review later, cause i m at work]

dunkdaft said...

Spoilers Spoilers and more Spoilers.

Put a warning dear. I m waiting WAITING for comparison, as i m not getting any of other two dvds easily.

Nicki said...

Darshit - Oh no. I don't have the pirated movie. These stills I made online. From movie stills, scenes, etc that are available on YouTube. I just kept watching many scenes and songs on there.

Unfortunately, I don't chat. I shouldn't even be on the computer and internet as much I should, hahaha. It's bright and early here where I'm at now. Soon I'll be heading to work. I'll write on my spare time at work and not sure when I will publish the post. So just look out.

It definitely will get posted today, I guarantee it.

Bollywood said...
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cmleigh said...

Thanks Nicki, nice write up. Maybe now i will see this and look for the toher movies mentioned

ajnabi said...

I think this'll be worth seeing as soon as I can FF thru some of the more violent stuff. (My hubby doesn't do vengeance stories, though, so I guess I'll have to watch solo.)

Nicki said...

Everyone, I apologize for not putting on my thoughts on all three movies yet. OMG, I've been swamped at work! It's overload! I've been working OT too so hopefully I'll post tonight.

theBollywoodFan - I agree with you about remakes with songs as well. I found a few people who prefered Surya's over Aamir's. It's interesting though. I agree, not my fave Aamir films of all times. Love him, most of his films are really good.

cmleigh - hey there!! Thansk for checking out my blog. I know who you are. :)

ajnabi - my hubby don't watch any foreign movies with me, especially Bollywood, lol. It's good your hubby watch them with you. I love revenge movies though. Can't wait to hear what you have to say.

NidaMarie said...

Nicki--Just saw this yesterday and my thoughts echo many of yours! Wow, I knew Asin reminded me of someone and you are SO right-it IS Isha Koppikar!

This was a great film. The violence didn't bother me--there was a lot, but not as much as I had expected. Haven't seen Memento in like, 7 years, but I thought I remembered that having much more violence ?

Was really surprised by the amount of romance in the film,but totally ended up liking it by intermission :)

Anonymous said...

The film is very good and I'd watch it 5th time now! Though, the movie is better than today's ordinary love-stories. But, the violence is too much, I think (at least for me, who doesn't watch many violent movies for obvious reasons).

The Hindi version has the last 30-minutes changed. You've watched the Tamil film also. Were the last30 minutes more violent in the Tamil Ghajini?

Oh, in case I've not said before --- Happy New Year!

Nicki said...

Nida - glad you enjoyed it as well. Yah! Also glad I'm not the only one who thinks Asin looks like Isha K.

I think both Memento and Ghajini have the same amount of's just that Memento has more manipulating.

The Bollywood Lover - Really glad you enjoyed it. Happy New Years to you too. You can read my comparison with the Tamil and Hindi version here and even with Memento here.

Paul said...

I really liked the version of Ghajini that featured Jiah Khan as Sunita. In the Tamil version, does the character of chitra also inform Ghajini about Singhania's intent to kill him as Sunita does? I really enjoyed her spicy way of playing the role. Thanks