Friday, December 26, 2008

Lakeer - why a John fan like me still couldn't like this film

John, oh John. Never ever ever ever play in a movie like Lakeer again. Please don't! You looked adorable. Finally playing the cute college guy. But please, no more melodramatic beat-up scenes, love-struck-with-the-forbidden-girl, and nonsense fighting and crying. Lakeer is your fourth film after great acting and critically acclaim roles in Jism, Saaya, and Paap. Okay, so what's Lakeer about? Lakeer means "line" or "border" from what I was told. So Lakeer: The Forbidden Line -- makes sence about the significance of the movie title.

Arjun Rana (Sunny Deol) is a powerful guy is loved and also feared by many. He is love because what he gives back to the community. He is feared because there has been many unsolved encounters. Arjun's one love is his younger brother, Karan (Sohail Khan). But Karan is a young college guy who flaunts his riches to others. Arjun has also help raised Bindiya (Nauheed Cyrusi) ever since she was a little girl. Karan is secretly in love with Bindiya but does not tell her. However, Bindiya and Saahil (John Abraham) are in love with each other. Like Arjun Rana, Saahil's older brother Sanju (Suniel Shetty) loves Saahil dearly. But unlike Arjun Rana, Sanju didn't grow up with the wealth and riches. When Karan finds out about Saahil and Bindiya's love, he makes sure Saahil gets the hint that Bindiya is off-limits. These two different elder brothers from different world start to collide with each other.

Lakeer is a hit-and-miss film. You don't really miss it if you have seen it. Now I think the message of the film could have been better. Plus I hated the ending. Even my hottie John could not save this film! A few songs were definitely worth mentioning. Other than that, it's a yawn-fest. Why did I put myself through this torture? All for John! And the few songs. Oh yeah, Suniel is looking really good in the film too.

Arjun Rana. Older brother to Karan. Raised Bindiya. Loved by many. Feared by many as well.

Doesn't Sunny look like his father, Dharmendra here? I've seen just a handful of his films, especially his earlier ones with Dimple Kapadia. I do like him but don't love him. One of my favorite films of his is his debut film, Betaab. For some reason, a lot of SRK fans really dislike him because of the Darr days. I don't know why. I mean it's their own problems. If you like the Sunny as an actor, why put in his real life problems with SRK just because you like him a lot, like it's a part of your problem? That's just me. Sunny is one of my favorite Bollywood action heroes during his days.

Karan. Spoiled brat. In love with Bindiya.

Sohail looks like a mixture of both of his older brothers, Salman and Arbaaz. I'm not a fan of his acting but I don't mind watching him on screen. Preferably, I like him with either one of his brothers on screen. Besides he directed and produced one of my favorite Sallu films, Pyar Kiya To Darna Kiya.

Bindiya. Raised by Arjun Rana since she was 3-years-old. In love with Saahil.

Nauheed Cyrusi is so cute. She's one of the few actresses in Bollywood who is full-blooded Parsi. Although her films aren't doing well at the box office, she is best known for her pop music video, "Piya Basanti."

Sanju. Tough. Macho. Older brother of Saahil.

Suniel Shetty looks really really good in this film. Love the subs and tough boy look on him. Plus love his voice. He's one of the action heroes from the 90s that I like.

Saahil. Innocent, sweet, caring guy at college. In love with Bindiya.

John's first and only college-boy type of role. Please make it your last too. I prefer you in angst, dramatic, or comedic roles.

Do you recognize this face? It's Apoorva Agnihotri. Doesn't ring a bell yet? He played Rajiv, the cute jerk in Pardes. In Lakeer, he plays Ronnie, another annoying character. Ronnie is best friends with Karan and a bully.

Song #1 - "Shehzade"
Brothers Arjun and Karan hang out and have fun.

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Song #2 - "Rozana"
Bindiya doing cheerleading moves.
This is the first time I've ever seen any sort of cheerleading type of moves or anyone dress up as cheerleaders in a song. If there is more, let me know cause I sure don't remember! Ignore the beginning, the song will begin.

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Song #3 - "Saadiyan"
Bindiya's birthday. Karan wants to express his love. Saahil shows up so he can express his love as well.

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Song #4 - "Paighaam"
Saahil and Bindiya in love

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Song #5 - "Nachley Nachley"
Brothers Sanju and Saahil celebrate.

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Song #6 - "Offho Jalta Hai"
Karan images being with Bindiya only to see Bindiya's heart for Saahil.

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If any one of the stars' fans, this film is only worth it to watch them. Coming from a John fan, I just like most of the songs and John's expressions. Otherwise, not worth it!


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I love how Suneil looks in this movie, but aside from that, nothing else- totally agree w/ "nonsense fighting and crying"- totally! Poor John just looked lost here :)

Nicki said...

Shweta - Oh gosh. I know. Suniel looks really good in this film. I want to see this look more on him! I know. Boo-who, poor John. Thank goodness no more roles like this since then. Whew!

NidaMarie said...

Its too bad the movie wasn't better cuz the men are looking hot--esp John! Though I have a secret Suniel Shetty crush, too. :)

Nicki said...

Oh yes Nida - the guys were looking good. Just the movie sucked, hehe

BB said...

I'm so confused. Is there a plot to this movie? Or is it just pretty actors running around pretending their characters are interesting?

Nicki said...

BB - yeah, there's a plot the movie. I just think it was so late 80s/90s type and was just bored. What is the purpose behind this movie? Blood is thicker than water? Or even the ones closest to you will backstab you? Or what goes around, comes back around? Or remember where you come from? The movie focuses more on Sunny Deol. LOL