Friday, December 5, 2008

Indian cinema style - Nicki's New BFF

Okay, what's up with today? No review but next review is going to be Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic -- delay is I just haven't made screen caps but that will be accomplish tonight. I love blogging and just want to blog today about my thoughts and want other's opinions.

This past Tuesday night, I was flipping channels. And for some insane reason, I decided to watch the season finale of Paris Hilton's My New BFF on MTV. Now, I am no fan of Miss Hilton but I found the reality show funny -- a well-known female celebrity searching for her new best friend. I only saw the end of the show, with the final speeches and the result.

One of the girls on the show, Vanessa, is an obsess-fan crazed person. The girl who she was competing with, Brittany, debated that Vanessa can not get pass the fact that Paris is someone who she admires and adores so much, it's almost like a stalkerish friendship. Vanessa debated that since Brittany is an aspiring rock star and is using Paris to pursue her career.

Their debates got me thinking because I love my celebs. I've met some but it's more of a crazy fan who just want to take pictures and get autographs with her celebs. Now, would you go on a personal level, to get to know them? I know I sure will. I was disappointed when I wasn't able to talk to the Rockstars at the dinner.

Forget bragging to your friends that you actually "met" the stars. Many people do it. I mean the celebs meet so many people all the time. In the end, are they going to remember you? What makes you different from all the other obsess-fan crazed people out there? What got me thinking and blogging about this today is there anyone in Bollywood who you want to hang out with and know on a personal level?

If there was anyone in Indian cinema -- Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, etc -- who would it be? And why? Who would you want to be your Indian cinema BFF? Come on, I want to see your reasons too. :D

Note - this post is just for fun. Not to be taken seriously. I am very much happy with my life, except if I win the lottery. If you really think I would give up my life just to be a celeb's BFF, then you, yourself need to re-consider why you think that way! ;P

To make my post more interesting with visuals, I included my reasons on why I would want my fave gal, Bipasha Basu, to be my BFF, not just someone I adore and admire besides me rambling on why I love Bips so much.

I would love for her to show me some tips on fitness. I need to boost up my workout routine. She got into shape really well. Since her figure is fit and not skinny, I want to maintain that look as well. I need a dedicated workout partner with me.

Sexy & Flattering. She would be a great shopping partner with. I think she's honest so if something don't look good on me, she would honestly tell me. She would give constructive criticism and not be rude. Oh yeah, hair styles since I like messing with mine too.

She loves to eat but is health conscious. She works out to keep her figure and still have a sweet teeth -- that's my problem too. Plus she cooks for her man, John Abraham. He's said before that even though his favorite food is his mom's cooking. He loves Bips' cooking as well. I love to cook.

Although she doesn't have any kids of her own yet, she loves children and spoils her nephew and niece. We could hang out because she adores children. I have a few friends who wants to hang with me but doesn't understand why I put my kids first sometimes because they don't have kids of their own.

Sad but true, even though I was born in Thailand and came to the USA when I was only a baby (6 months old), I have not been outside the USA since then. In the future, I want to travel. Bips loves traveling and for relaxation purposes. Granted, she can afford it but still....

John Abraham/stable relationship
Despite what people may think about JoBi's relationship, they are still together. Both are strong and are their for each other. Reminds my relationship with my hubby. Many didn't think we'll last this long, let alone be together. But we prove everyone wrong.

These are the reasons why I would want Bips to be my BFF.


Andromache said...

I would be totally cool with being Konkona Sen Sharma's friend. Seems like she would be fun to talk to.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would say this but...Kareena Kapoor. I know many people think she's a drama queen and diva, etc. BUT I think she just keeps things real...Like you said about Bips, I think Kareena is brutally honest and straightforward and doesn't care what people think about her. I think she'd be a good friend to someone who is honest with her as well. And if you think about it, her friendship with Amrita Arora has lastest a pretty long time.

ajnabi said...

Hahahahaha! I love this post! If I could pick a B-wood star to be my BFF it'd be (no surprise) Preity!!! She seems totally fun and unlike lots of heroines seems able to maintain friendships with other women in the biz. But that could all be her PR. ;-)

Nicki said...

I've been having trouble logging in Blogger all weekend! Urgh!!!

Andromache - Konkona's my favorite working actress right now! I love her natural acting. However, I'm not sure if her off-screen since I haven't been keeping up with her.

Nida - I have to disagree on Kareena Kapoor. Mainly cause her BFF used to be Esha Deol. She used to say it all the time back then. Another reason why both were on the Rockstars concert together. I don't know exactly what happened to them, why they fell through but I was shocked to hear Kareena say on KwK that Amrita Arora was her new BFF. To me, I find Kareena more arrogant than honest. I love her as an actess but hate her personality off-screen.

ajnabi - Preity's awesome. Love her personality. So bubbly. Some of my friends dislike Preity cause they think she talks too much though, hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Frankly I'd rather hang out with a fellow movie-lover like you and exchange notes on our favorite movies, stars and argue about their rival merits! :-)

But if I must choose a present-day star (I would prefer sooo prefer yesteryear actresses) to hang out with, it would be Konkona Sen Sharma or Soha Ali Khan. They both come over in their interviews as intelligent and interesting, and exactly the kind of people I'd like to chat with over a cup of coffee, or go shopping with!

Nicki said...

Aaahhh, thanks bollyviewer! I would love to meet you too.

I adore Konkona. I am not sure about Soha since I don't keep up with her. Not exactly a fan of hers either since the only film I was impress with her is Rang De Basanti. But she used to date Siddharth so she got some taste. :D

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I knew Kareena wouldn't be the popular choice! Lol--
Although I had no idea about the Esha Deol thing. That would make me rethink being her BFF... I think I just appreciate that Kareena is a fun,fearless female in a male dominated society...

My second choice--which would probably be my first choice if I'd known about Kareena's BFF resume--would be Madhuri Dixit. I think she is just lovely and classy. And she could give me dance lessons! Also, she seems honest and down to earth,too.

THis was a super creative and fun post Nicki!:)

Nicki said...

Nida - You're so silly. I do stick up for Kareena when people say she can't act caus she can! I like her. Just not her off screen personality. That is totally different from her acting. It's actually a tough choice to have a fun, fearless female in a male dominated society. I honestly don't know any Bollywood actress who can hold up her own. It was debatable between Kajol and Madhuri though.

I agree with you. Madhuri is lovely and classy. I love her. Always have. She is very intelligent. I totally agree about the dance lessons too!

You're very welcome! I try to come up with some creative posts besides just movie reviews sometimes. :)

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

theBollywoodFan - You are too funny!! :)

I love your reasons. Wow, I was quite surprise about Salman. I have met him. He's sweet. Plus I agree about him, in real life, being really sweet despite of what the media has said about him.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Nicki! I love your reasons for wanting Bips to be your BFF. I'd pick Kajol, not because we have a whole lot in common, but actually because we are pretty different. I would find her really amusing to be with, I think.

Nicki said...

Hey there daddy's girl. How have you been doing? Thanks so much for the compliment and sharing with me who you would like to be your BFF.