Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saaya - One of my faves of John's

December 17th is the birthday of my hottie, John Abraham. Even though I just saw him in Dostana, I miss the guy. You see, I had fan-crazed crush on him earlier on in his career and supported him. Not like the many John fans now who love him after seeing him in Dhoom or Dostana. Often I complained many times that many people don't see most stars' acting potential until they star in a big banner film, such as the Yash Raj or Karan Johar's. Back to my jaan, John, lol...sadly, I haven't reviewed many of his films. I thought I'll start today since it's his birthday. All day, I thought about which film to start off. Finally, I came down to my favorite films of John's. Disappointed, my Karam dvd is messed up. Add that film to the list of films I have to get again. I think I overplayed that movie too much. So my next favorite John film is Saaya.

Since this is a Bhatt film, it must have to be inspired by some Hollywood movie, right? Yep, it is. However, I haven't seen the original yet. The original is Dragonfly with Kevin Costner. I know a few people who have seen both and was not disappointed in Saaya at all. I loooved Saaya so much, I'm afraid to watch the orignal right now but I will.

Saaya - Can Love Bring Back the Dead? Saaya means shadow. So when I first saw the trailers to this film, I thought it was going to be a horror film. I didn't mind since I love horror films. But I was wrong. Saaya is about Akki (John Abraham) who does have haunting moments which makes him believe his dead wife, Maya (Tara Sharma), is trying to communicate with him.

Dr. Akash aka Akki lost his beloved wife but for some reason is still sensing she is around trying to tell him something. Determined to solve his uneasy feelings, he makes risky decisions that could jeopardize his friendships and even lose his job.

While watching this film again, I started having the teenage-high-school-crush on John. I went screen cap crazy but had to delete a lot of them. I find him so sexy with his glasses.

Tanya is the lovely wife of Akki and is also a doctor. In addition, she is a good samaritan and loves to go out of her way to help out others. However, since her tragic death, Tanya's memories keep haunting Akki. Is she trying to reach out and tell him something? Tara Sharma doesn't have a huge role but is seen a lot in flashbacks.

Tanya is Maya's best friend. She lost her husband a while ago and thinks Akki is losing his mind thinking that Maya is trying to reach him. It was a pleasure to see Mahima Chaudhary because I really like her since Pardes. Too bad she only had a supporting role. My friends and I say that Mahima went the Manisha Koirala way, meaning they started off really well in their careers and just went downhill afterwards.

Sister Martha guides Akki to find the truth if Maya is really reaching out to him. Although Zohra Sehgal had only a short, guest appearance, it's always great to see her. Love her!

The music is amazing. The Bhatt's rarely disappoints in the music department.

Song #1 - "O Saathiya"
Akki and Tanya are so much in love
Sorry I went screencap crazy on this song. I looooove it! Plus John is smoking hot in the song, and the picturization is gorgeous!

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Aye Mere Zindagi"
Akki gets a letter with pictures from Maya when she was in North East India. It was post-marked before her death. Akki misses her.

Watch Below

Song #3 - "Kabhi Kushboo"
Akki doesn't know what to believe anymore. Is he really losing his mind? Or is Maya really trying to reach him?

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Song #4 - "Har Taraf"
Akki goes see Sister Martha and ask her for help.

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Song #5 - "Seena Pada"
Akki is trying to let go....but he can't.

Watch Below

For some reason, this sign keeps coming up for Akki. He has to find out what it means.

What made me fall hard for John is his crying scenes in Jism (which I shall watch and review soon). Every time he cries, he tears me up!

My fave scene from the movie. I made caps but won't explain what it means. :D

Lastly, since a few scenes were shown in North East India, I made caps. But I tried so hard to find out exactly where in North East India it was filmed. If anyone knows, please inform me! Why does it mean anything to me?? Well, read here, then you'll know why. **update - Anonymous - thanks for letting me know this was filmed in Nagaland.

Many people will argue with me and say John isn't a good actor. And like before, I will defend him! I don't agree with the films choices he's making lately. But I do think, not only is he a fine, gorgeous guy, he can act. Do you really judge stars in a few films? Usually you have to watch more to give a more solid opinion. Every star has his or her bad films and you overlook their acting with the character or script. Imagine if a newbie only saw Shah Rukh in Guddu or Oh Darling Yeh Hai India. ;P


dunkdaft said...

I need to watch this movie now.

But let me tell you, this is a HOT title picture. [your blog title bar]. Looks like you are 'drooled' over John.

So by that, have you seen him in 'No Smoking'??

And good news for you. I just seen his new trailer, movie 'New York' starring him alongside Neil Mukesh and Katrina. Good news is that, 'John has bared it all,,,,,,,, he will be wearing nothing at all in a serious [Jail] scene'. Howzzat??

Anonymous said...


Nicki said...

Darshit - Yes, please do watch this! John is great. Thanks so much for the compliment. Yes, I was truly all over John, hehehe.

Yes, I have seen No Smoking. I've seen all of John's movies. Actually I own them all, except Dostana, which hasn't released on dvd yet.

I did hear about New York, John bearing it all.....yah! :D

anonymous - Thanks for telling me!