Monday, December 15, 2008

Indian cinema style - Becoming.....

About a week and a half ago, I posted about me having Bipasha Basu as my BFF, which was fun to post about. Now, it's on to another MTV-style show that got me thinking about blogging again. I know, I know. MTV? Why? Well, I rather be in India having these MTV-style show. It would be so much fun. Since I posted about the BFF post, I thought about another MTV show that I always wanted to be on but I was not a big fan of any Hollywood stars, rather it be movie-wise or music-wise. I love Hollywood films and music, just not enough for me to be a "fan" of.

For some reason, all day today, I have been thinking about this one MTV show, when it aired, that I wanted to be on. I remembered some of the episodes but was unable to think about the name of the show. All morning, I searched for the show name and found it! The name of the MTV show is called Becoming. It stopped airing in 2001, but it is about re-creating a music video of your favorite artist but you will learn all the dance steps, wear the samt outfits, and look just like the person in the video. In other words, the only difference would be you in the video instead of the artist.
I'm sure people, not only fans, have thought about trading places with a Bollywood star in a movie. So, I thought, why not blog about it? Lemme be the one to do it!

Okay, I've come up with three movies that I would trade the places of an actress. Now, you would be that actress (or actor). You can not replace the person acting opposite with you. For example, I would love to trade places with Rani in the film, Hum Tum, because I think it's a wonderful, sweet love story. However, I rather have another guy opposite me in the film besides Saif Ali Khan. I'm not a big fan of his but I do like him as an actor. Plus in the film, there is a kiss, and I rather not kiss Saif, lol. I'll let the Saif fangirls take that movie.
And before everyone think that I'll chose a Bipasha movie. Nope! Not at all! I love the girl but I don't want to be scared to death like in Raaz, or be a deceptive person to a hottie like John Abraham in Jism -- although I wouldn't mind the kisses with him, or losing the guys in Barsaat or Humko Deewana Kar Gaye to another female -- hey, I'm competitive!

No way! So the following are reasons why I chose the characters in the films. So, which films would you choose and take the place of the actor/actress, why?

Pyaar Ke Side Effects
I love the modern love story. Besides, I have inexplicable crush on Rahul Bose. He is an underrated actor who I adore! But something about him is so sexy! I believe Rahul Bose's character, Siddharth, is similar to most men's relationship out there. When it comes to sports, he rather sit in front of the tv than pay attention to his live-in girlfriend. Plus I love Mallika's character, Trisha. She is the fun-loving, easy-going, my-man-needs-to-be-committed, I-want-to-be-loved woman that I would enjoy playing.

Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula
Another Pyaar Ke/Ka movie, hehehe. I know....but this is one of my all-time, underrated movies of all times! Just thinking about it now again makes me disappointed because I have to get another dvd of this film! I used to own it but need another one. This is the film that made me fall for Milind Soman, who I'm not a big fan of. But the storyline is like most girls' dreams anyways. Even though you may be a huge fangirl of a well-known model who has already have a girlfriend. But in the end, it turns out that he only to have him fall for you! What a dream come true! Heck yeah!!! I want to re-watch this movie so bad! Besides, having Tanuja has my dadi is awesome!

Hey, I gotta act opposite one of my hotties, right?? Allu Arjun, it is! Since this film is one of my favorites of him, why not replace Genelia with me? Although I had some minor complaints about her character in the film, I still adore her anyways. I would love Bunny having a crush on me and doing sweet things for me on the side without me knowing since I'm a selfish person like Madhu. In addition, I love the love-hate relationship in the beginning.


Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I LOVE Rules- its my secret indulgence- must have watched it like a dozen times :) Totally love it when Milind disses the model- + its just so cute and funny!

Anonymous said...

Another great idea, Nicki!

Havent seen Rules or Pyaar Ke Side effects but they sound like fun. Me, I wouldnt mind replacing the heroine in any Saif or Hrithik movie except for Jodha Akbar - I'd need intense physical training to carry all that heavy jewelery! lol

BB said...

Rahul Bose is a wonderful actor; I agree that he's completely underrated!

Bollywood said...
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Nicki said...

shweta - I must buy me another dvd of Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula asap! I am missing it right now!

bollyviewer - Bet you would love to be in Na Tum Jano Na Hum, hehehe.

BB - I know, Rahul Bose is awesome!

TheBollywoodFan - I guess I'm picky because I wouldn't want to play a damsel in distress or anything like that. A lot of movies do entertain me but I wouldn't want to play any of the girls in Karan Johar movies. As much as I love John, I wouldn't want to be any of the heroines in his films, hehehehe.

Thanks for sharing with me your list of non-Aamir movies.

NidaMarie said... comment just got deleted!

Anyways, another fun and creative post Nicki!!!

Ok here goes, sorry if I picked too many!
1)Anjali in "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" fave film and fave character!Plus the gazebo scene with SRK...
2)Jodhaa in "Jodhaa-Akbar"....Hrithik had something to do with that!
3)Geet in "Jab We Met"! Ahh, so many reasons for this one...Fun songs, great film, and Geet was an awesome character. She's fun, lively, and unpredictable. Oh yeah, and she got to kiss Shaahid!
4)Miss Chandni in "Main Hoon Naa" because of all those lovely saris she got to wear...
5)Zaara in "Veer Zaara" cuz she's a Pakistani!

I haven't seen "Pyaar Ke Side Effects" but have heard only good things about it! Haven't heard of "Rules" before but will have to check it out!

Nicki said...

Nida - Thanks so much for sharing with me your list. I'm sorry to hear about the comment. I hate when it does that too!!

See, I love Kuch Kuch Hota Hai but I wouldn't want to choose Salman over SRK, hehehe. I thought about Jab We Met but I don't love Shahid that much. I'll let ajnabi have that movie, lol. I want a bigger character than Sush in Main Hoon Naa. I wouldn't want to be Preity in Veer Zaara because she took too long to get her love, hehehe!

I must review Pyaar Ke Side Effects very soon! I need to get Rules again. Love that movie!