Monday, March 9, 2009

Nandhaa - Surya's big break as as a leading hero

Nandhaa is the name of the main character of the film. As a young boy, his father was having an extra-martial affair and was attacking his deaf-mute mother, so out of defense, he killed his father. For his punishment, he must stay in a juvenile jail until he become an adult. Adult Nandhaa (Surya) wants his mother's love, but she is unable to forget the evil eyes of the child who killed her husband. Will he ever receive his mother's love?

Young Nandhaa. I do know know the name of this child star but he is really good. He really freaked me out with just his expressions. It's the eyes!!

Nandhaa's mute-deaf mother (Rajshri)

Even though she has raised her son, she is afraid of him. I understand that but what got me was for how long? How many years? Your husband was having an affair on you and hitting you!

Adult Nandhaa. All he wants is his mother's love. After spending all those years in jail, he finds it hard to attend college or even find a job.

Surya's big break as a leading hero. If I am able to find Surya's movies, I must watch all of them. Just in case you're wondering. Yes, he's wearing contacts for this film.

Kalyani falls for Nandhaa.

With hardly any makeup on, Laila looks so sweet and innocent. She does not have a huge role but her character shows the loving side of Nandhaa.

Nandhaa's little sister. She was only a baby when Nandhaa was sent away.

A friend of Nandhaa who introduces him to Periyavar.

Periyavar (Raj Kiran) is Nandhaa's mentor and treats Nandhaa like his own son.

Song #1 - "Engengo Kaalgal Sellum"
Young Nandhaa goes to juvenile until he's an adult. He misses his mother so much.

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Song #2 - "Oor Aayiram Yaanai"
Nandhaa gets the only job available for him

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Song #3 - "Amma Endralle"
Nandhaa still yearns for his mother's love. Why can't she accept him?

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Song #4 - "Mun Paniyaa"
Kalyani falls for Nandhaa

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Song #5 - "Kalli Adi Kalli"
Kalyani is excited because she is going to wed Nandhaa soon.

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Just because I think Surya is smoking hawt in this film!!!

Overall, a great movie to introduce Surya's acting skills. Not a movie that I love because I disliked how it turned out. In the beginning, I was really interested but lost interested in the middle. Plus I didn't like how the movie concluded. However, I would watch some scenes again.


dunkdaft said...

How innovative the southies can go in terms of storyline? Every time whichever story you mention, has got different storyline.

lapetitediva said...

Other Surya flicks you might want to check out:

Aaru - to say it's "fairly violent" would probably be an understatement :) But I like seeing Surya playing a rowdy.

Vel - antiquated storyline--twin brothers separated at birth, grow up unaware of each other's existence, they meet, agree to swap places, etc. Not the greatest, but it was alright, in spite of its dated feel. Asin's in it, too. (I believe you mentioned that you liked her.)

Uyirile Kalanthathu - older brother(Raghuvaran) insanely jealous of younger sibling(Surya) who adores him and is unaware of elder bro's attempts to make his life miserable. I thought it sounded more interesting than it actually was, and the ending was a huge disappointment, but I found it watchable, if not great.

I haven't seen this one, but in Perazhagan, both he and Jyothika play dual roles. Here's a plot summary:

I apologize in advance if you've already own/have seen any of the above movies :)

ajnabi said...

I agree with Darshit, Southie plots seem way more creative. And you're right, Surya is hawt! LOL

Nicki said...

Darshit - that means you must watch a South Indian film soon!

lapetitediva - thanks soooo much for the list! I haven't seen any of them yet. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

ajnabi - I think I'm in love with Surya more than JA!