Monday, April 12, 2010

Varudu - Allu Arjun on the big screen

Yes, yes, yes. This is the same pic on my blogger header :)

I had to wait one week to watch this film in the theater. For those who followed me on Twitter, I was so pissed that the showtime on the Internet was different from the actual time.

Well, good news is I actually got a chance to watch it on Saturday! Telugu films do *not* have English subs in theater yet...but that didn't stop me from seeing Bunny on the big screen! I remember a few years ago, I didn't go watch Desamuduru in the theater because of no subs. Now, I don't care, that's how much obsess of a fangirl I am of Bunny.

Craving for some Indian food, I ordered a samosa (afterwards, I went to the International store down the street and bought a bunch of Indian frozen foods, yum! Post/pics later) Sorry for the blurriness...

There wasn't much news about Varudu. The music released only a few weeks before the film hit theaters. On top of that, the mystery around the heroine not in any of the promos got everyone guessing.

The storyline is nothing new. Arranged marriage. Groom and Bride meets for the first time. Villain kidnaps Bride. Groom searches for Bride. That's basically it.

Is the film worth watching? Heck yeah it is.
You don't have to be a Bunny or Arya fan to enjoy it.

Personally, I like Bunny's looks the most in this film. Some may not like it. Others have talked about his weight gain. I don't care. I think he's adorable. Okay, that's because I'm a fangirl. No disappointments from me. It's his facial expressions when dancing that makes me love him more.

Having to watch Varudu without any subs in the theater, I kept wondering if I heard Bunny's character name correctly. I thought I heard Sandy and was wondering if they were referring a female. Instead, Bunny's character responds. Therefore, I thought Bunny's character's name was Sandy. When I got home to read about "Sandy," it was actually Sandeep. That's what I get!

Sandeep's friends were all surprise he was for an arranged marriage. Why? He was helping one of his friends with their love marriage. I can relate to him. Sometimes we want the best for our friends, but when it comes to our personal life/decisions, we think of what is the best for our family.

I looooooooved Sandeep's parents. Ashish Vidyarthi is a familar face in the Indian cinema industry. However, it was endearing to see him *not* play a villain. Interesting enough, the mother is played by Mani Ratnam's wife, Suhasini. I adore her and want to see more of her! I think she's gorgeous!

I have never seen any films of Arya. He's a popular Tamil actor and why haven't I seen it? Honestly, in the Tamil industry, I've mostly seen films of Surya or Maddy. I must venture out to Arya's films. I think he's attractive and that's enough for me to want to see more :) Actually I want to see him act in the industry he's always been in to hear his voice and see more of his good looks acting.

Arya plays the villain, Diwakar. He was more of a psychotic stalker who is in love with Deepthi and kidnaps her during her wedding. When you first saw a glimpse of him, you're like dang, this Arya dude is hot. Then the next scene, he was wearing makeup, lots of eyeliner, and showing off his left nipple, lol. He looked like a lost goth trying to look cool. But no worries, that's only for that one scene :)

It is no secret anymore. After Varudu released, everyone should know the heroine of the film is model turned actress, Bhanu Mehra. When I first saw a glimpse of her, I didn't think she was that pretty. It must have been the makeup but with*out* all that makeup, I thought she was beautiful. Her face structure and light skin made me think she resemble Kareena Kapoor.

Even though Bhanu didn't have a huge role, what I do like about her character, Deepthi, is that she is not a whiney female and puts up a fight if she has to. I hope to see more films of her in the future to show off her acting skills.

I love the songs! But I do like all of Bunny's film soundtracks ;P Mainly because I don't think I could ever be disappointed in any of it. Even before the film releases, if I am not feeling a song yet...after watching the film, I know Bunny will do justice to the song by showing off his amazing dance skills.

Trying to remember the songs from memory....

Song #1 - "Saare Jahaa"
Hotness. It is no secret that Bunny can dance. He never seems to disappoint me in the dancing department. Sorry, NTR Jr fans, you know Bunny is #1 in dancing ;P In every one of his films, there is something new to watch. This song is worth it just to see what new energetic dance move Bunny has up his sleeves.

Song #2 - "Aidhurojula Pelli"
I absolutely am in love with watching this part of the film. It's mostly the wedding prep song. What I love about this song is the lovely colors and picturization of what goes on at the wedding.

Song #3 - "Bahusha Vo Chanchalaa"
Very beautiful song sung by Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal, which follows immediately after the wedding preparation song, "Aidhurojula Pelli". Sandeep and Deepthi are imagining being together, falling in love with each other.

Song # 4 - "Kalalu Kaavule"
Bunny makes a slow song sexy. Seriously. He'll still groove to the beat and make you wanna get up and dance with him. In this song, Sandeep misses Deepthi.

Song # 5 - "Relaare Relaare"
Sandeep and Dipthi are very much in love. This song was a treat to watch because not only does Bunny "bust a move" but you get to watch Bhanu dance too. What you do see of her, she does well.
Another tidbit, Bunny was injured on the sets and wearing a cast. He's such a dedicated and professional actor who continued to practice and work on the dance steps to this song. It is so cute how the backup dancers have a "cool cast" to match him :) You can watch the behind-the-scenes videos on his dancing and his cast - Part 1 & Part 2

Sandeep's intro was hot. I love how he busted in riding a bike. Okay, I'm a sucker for a guy who can ride a bike. Sneha Ullal is also in the film for a very brief moment during the bike scene.

I absolutely love Bunny & Arya's real life buddy chemistry. They are so adorable to watch! I love it when Arya says to Bunny, "What do I do to take the Arya out of you so I can have my name back?" (Bunny has been in Arya & Arya 2) Watch Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 -- enjoy!

I'm just going to tell you to watch it to support Allu Arjun.
But if you just want brainless fun with all that masala that has been missing in Bollywood, you won't be disappointed at all! Hey, even my daughter went to the theater with me and told me she loved it :) Varudu is soooo bad, so cheesy, that it's sooooo good  :)

I cannot wait for the dvd so I could make the beautiful caps! I *have* to own all of Bunny's films :)


cmleigh said...

I want to see this Nicki but I will wait for the DVD. Nice reviewand since the train has stopped I forgot what else I was going to comment on. :-( It is tough getting old some times. I think the extra weight looks good on him.

Unknown said...

So a thumbs up from you :D
I totally love the soundtrack of Varudu. Bahusa O Chanchala is my favorite. Arya does look amazing. Don't know where to find the time for him backlog just keeps piling up.
Oh & don't pick on Ntr fans. They are our future potential converts...they just haven't seen the light yet :P

ajnabi said...

I think Arjun looks good... I'm not seeing the extra weight, unless it's muscle??? Anyway, this looks like fun!

Liz C said...

I loved Sandeep's parents, too.
Suhasini was great, and she was rocking that suit in the early scenes. Mani sir is one lucky guy.

Nicki said...

cmleigh - I think Bunny looks hot :) I cannot wait for the dvd too!

Kiran - Yes, two thumbs up :) I love the soundtrack, listening to it nonstop. I must not let Arya smitten me :)

ajnabi - I think it's just a fun-filled film. Some people are saying he has gained some weight, I guess if you compare him to his other films?

Mrs Arjun Cullen said...

Hey Nicki,
catch Arya's Arindhum Ariyaamalum (Tamil), he's really good in it!
Very candid actor, a pleasure to watch!

And i thought i was the only crazy fan to hit the cinemas but u even brought your daughter?? haha, welcome to the crazy club!

Shona said...

oops, sorry just wanted to add in that the movie i recommended just now "arindhum ariyaamalum" has Navdeep in it as well! Have fun watching:)

Nicki said...

Thanks Shona!! I really appreciate you taking the time to come to my blog and letting me know :)

Magdalena said...

I watched Varudu today, and I really enjoyed it! First place to go as soon as the film is over is... your blog! :D
Great post! Brilliant pictures! Interesting to read your thoughts, I'll try and put down a few of mine in a post now too. Keep up the fab job, Nicki! <3