Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jab We Met - one of my favorite films in 2007

Jab We Met is about the well-off businessman Aditya (Shahid Kapur) who became sad, depressed, heart-broken after his true love married someone else. Unaware of his surroundings, he ends up in a train and meets the talkative, sassy Geet (Kareena Kapoor). Both end up missing the train after a stop, Geet tells Aditya that he is responsible for taking her back home. Arriving to Geet's home, her relatives mistake them for being lovers. However Geet is determine to get to her love Ashuman (Tarun Arora) with Aditya's help.

Although Kareena Kapoor is a very popular and established actress in Bollywood, Jab We Met was such a low budget film that many didn't hear about it. Not many promotions were done for the film. I heard about it after it was declared a "sleeper hit." Many critics praised the film for its simple love story that we haven't see much in Bollywood. Script of the movie actually reminded me a bit of Korean movies - a spontaneous, chatty, sassy girl with a quiet guy both goes to girl's house, family mistakens them as a couple, blah blah.

This is the first film I've actually seen chemistry with the love birds Shahid and Kareena. Sadly to say, they were broken up afterwards. Regardless, this film is worth the watch. The songs are great. The song 'Yeh Ishq Hai' was picturized in Manali located in Northern India. I was so amazed by the beautiful scenery. Since it's further up north near the mountains, there are a lot of tribal groups in the area. A lot of the outfits in the background reminded me of Hmong clothing.

I recommend this film because I really like it. However, don't expect it to be amazing. It's well worth the watch. Shahid - you're just sooo adorable. Kareena - glad to see you back on the screen.


Anonymous said...

Hi ApunBindaas!!

I am Punjabi and I enjoyed the soundtrack of this movie. Mauja Mauja is a great dance song, especially.

Nicki said...

Hey Gauri - I was quite impress with the film. Have you seen Korean films?

Kaitlyn said...

JWM cheered me up one time, because I often feel like Aditya. So it's fun to strap and in enjoy the ride and the songs.

My sister - total Geet. (And a bit of a Poo as well, but while she liked JWM, I'll have to build her up to K3G!)

Nicki said...

Kaitlyn - gosh, I have to review this film again, another re-watch!!!