Sunday, July 6, 2008

Gandhi, My Father - Harilal's version

Gandhi, My Father is about the father/son relationship with the famous Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Darshan Jariwarla) and his son Harilal (Akshaye Khanna).

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this film because of mix reviews. I finally decided to watch it just so I could decide for myself. If you do not know who Mohandas Gandhi is. Where have you been? Even the famous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had adopted Mohandas Gandh's non-violence movement. I knew Mohandas had children but I knew little about them until this movie came out. Afterwards, I started to read more about Harilal since this movie is based on the biography, Harilal Gandhi: A Life by Chandulal Bhagubhai Dalal.

Akshaye Khanna plays Harilal. I do think he's a good actor. He played the part really well that I almost forgot it was Akshu playing the role, his best acting till date. Harilal wants to be a barrister like his father and get educated. However, his father disproves the decision because he thinks it won't help with the non-violence fight against the British for India to be free. Harilal disobeys and ends up converting to Muslim back to Hinduism, becoming an alcohol, and even becoming very depress.

Bhoomika Chawla - wow, haven't seen her for a while. I think she's cute but I'm not a fan of hers. Although she didn't have as much screen time as the other, she still manage to pull through and shows up her talent. She plays Harilal's wife, Gulab. She stood by her husband's side but through it all, she did what was best for their kids and her.

Darshan Jariwala did a wonderful job potraying the famous Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. His transformation to the Gandhi we know now is unbelievable!

Shefali Shetty is great as always. Loved her since her role, Pyaari, in Satya. Her portrayal of the wife Kasturba was great. I love how she stood by her husband's side but still knew her motherly instincts when Harilal came around.

Overall, the movie is worth a watch especially if you're a Gandhi fan or if you want to know Harilal's side of the story. I thought the movie was too slow at times and dragged a lot. I wanted to like the movie more but felt it lacked something. I do love how the film captured the scenery of the past of India and South Africa.


Unknown said...

that would be interesting to watch.

Nicki said...

You should watch more Indian movies!