Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yeh Vaada Raha - Hmong people's favorite Bollywood oldie film!!

Yeh Vaada Raha is loved by so many Hmong people. My parents always say the "Vicky and Sunita" movie. I've seen this movie so many times in Thai and Hmong dub. Or even with English subtitles. I own the Hmong dub version and the Hindi version with English subs. I wish I could find a clearer version of the movie. Since Hmong people love this movie soooo much, I thought it was really popular in India. Boy, was I wrong!!! The music was definitely really popular but movie wise, I don't think it was loved by Indians as much as it was loved by Hmong people. I remember one of my Hmong friends telling me she was telling her Indian friend about it the movie. The Indian friend was clueless about the movie. My Hmong friend thought Yeh Vaada Raha would be that popular in India.

A discussion came up about romantic movies you have to watch before you die in PebHmong forum so I thought I'll write about it here on my blog. It's been a while since I've seen the film. I rewatched most of it last night and made screen caps. So here goes.....

So what is Yeh Vaada Raha about? Yeh Vaada Raha is about a rich guy Vicky (Rishi Kapoor) falling in love with an orphan girl Sunita (Poonam Dhillon). Vicky's mother disaprove of the relationship. Vicky and Sunita elope but end up in an accident. Sunita is badly injured and her face is deformed. Vicky's mother (Rakhee) lies to Vicky that Sunita is dead. Sunita goes to a plastic surgeon to undergo surgey. She keeps quiet about the surgery and waits to see Vicky in six months. Surgery is completed and successful. However, no one knew how Sunita looked like. She now has a new face. Will Vicky's love overcome it all? Or does look really matter?

Rishi Kapoor - during his younger days, I found him very handsome and charming. In the early to mid 90s, I hated his pairing with younger actresses. Why Bollywood? Don't pair up older men with young stars!!! Rishi is adorable. I am a fan of his movies. (I'm glad his son Ranbir Kapoor has the looks and bod of a hottie!!!) Rishi as Vicky was soooo great. Many people who criticize him now haven't seen his older films. He's a good dancer and is great in quawaali.

Poonam Dhillon - cute and innocent looking. I'm not a fan of her but I've seen quite a few movies of hers. She plays the beautiful orphan girl Sunita really well. She ends up playing the supporting role in Yeh Vaada Raha.

Love at first sight. Stalking girl to win her heart is a popular theme in Bollywood in the 80s and 90s.

Rakesh Bedi - I've always see him in small roles. He's funny. I remember him most from the movie Lovers. He has such a small role in Yeh Vaada Raha as well playing Gogi, Vicky's friend. He is an artist and heard Vicky chant Sunita's name. He ask Vicky to describe Sunita (song breaks out) and Gogi paints a portrait of Sunita with Vicky's descriptions.

Vicky thinking and dreaming of Sunita....describing (singing) about her beauty. Who says looks don't matter???

Such a beautiful and accruate portrait of Sunita. Vicky sure knows how to describe. Gogi is such an artist. :)

Watch "Aisa Kabhi Hua Nahin" below

The best way to win her heart and to save her from embarassment. She'll love you back and you'll get the necklace you tried to win earlier.

Watch "Jeene Ko Toh Jeete Hai" below

The cute and famous song "Tu Hai Wahi". I couldn't get a good screen cap of the adorable clapping hands dance movements.

Watch "Tu Hai Wahi" below

Vicky and Sunita promise to always be together. Together they tie the necklace Vicky gave Sunita.

Mom does not approve of Sunita. You have to marry a rich girl. How does that look like if you marry a poor orphan girl? Rakhee is a good actress. She makes you hate her and that's a good thing! From the moment you saw her on screen, you wanted to choke her!

I didn't make any screen caps of "Maine Tujhe" but watch the video below

Since Mother disapprove, Vicky and Sunita elopes. Friend Gogi is there for support.

Unfotunately they met with an accident. Vicky and Gogi had minor injuries while poor Sunita's face is severely damaged.

Shammi Kapoor plays Dr. Mehra, the plastic surgeon who will treat Sunita. I have not seen many of Shammi's movies but I absolutely loved him in Yeh Vaada Raha!

Dr. Mehra tells Sunita to be strong for the next six months. After surgery, she can surprise Vicky. I wonder how the rest of her body doesn't have much pain?

Surgery is completed. Sunita's face is beautiful. However, it's not the same Sunita as before. Dr. Mehra didn't have a picture of Sunita. She didn't realize her face until she was about to call Vicky and sees herself in the mirror.

I didn't make any screen caps of Sunita imaging herself with Vicky after surgery but watch below

Vicky still misses and loves Sunita. He can not move on with his life.

Sarika plays Rita, the girl who Vicky's mother wants Vicky to marry. She comes from a wealthy family. Sarika is very lovely and fits the role perfectly. Her character isn't snotty but just wants love from Vicky.

Tina Munim plays Sunita Number 2. I think she is absolutely beautiful. I prefer her look over Poonam Dhillon. I've seen several of Tina's movies and I absolutely adore her! Sunita Number 2 goes by the name Kusum in the second half because she wants to move on with her life because she thinks Vicky has moved on with Rita.

Look at the colors. It's definitely an 80s fashion statement.

Watch the video below, "Mil Gayi Aaj Do"

Overall, despite my stupid comments....I do loooove this movie. I know it's an older movies which I can find so many WTF moments. It's one of my childhood Bollywood films I grew up watching and loving. Not every film is realistic and you just have to watch Yeh Vaada Rah with an open mind and heart. I think Hmong people adore this movie for its twist in the old story - poor girl, rich boy scenerio. We love fantasy like movies and love a man who will always love us no matter what.


ajnabi said...

Tunim *is* gorgeous. I'll have to check this one out, if only too see what all the Hmong-love is for. ;-)

Nicki said...

You must only watch it for that reason. Why Hmong people love it. ;) Can't wait for you to watch it and hear your thoughts.

Bollyviewer said...

It was a pretty interesting story - if only the film-makers hadnt tried to convince us that a facial plastic surgery tends to change a woman's figure as well as her voice!

Rishi was a very underrated actor. I thought that he was always very natural in his roles and not given to any exaggerated styles. But to me, his great points are rather overshadowed by his insistence on wearing terrible sweaters to cover his burgeoning beer-belly in the late 80s!

Nicki said...

bollyviewer - glad you saw it. I read that Jaya Prada did the voice for both of the girls though. I was okay with the figure cause since Sunita had to undergo surgery, she got slimmer.

Yah, you and I are in agreement about Rishi. I totally agree with you on his fashion statement. :)

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

rofl and major laughter.
Sunita 2 was slimmer AND shorter than Sunita 1- heeh- maybe she just shrunk during the accident :D

Rishi was actually good here. I think he shouldnt have made any movies in the 90s- which were apparently a bad time for everyone. Now that he does more mature roles, I love him as always.

Nicki said...

Hahaha!!! I didn't realize that Sunita No 2 was shorter than Sunita No 1. Yeah, it's just the accident that made her shorter, hehehe.

I hate when older actors pair up with young actresses. Urgh!!!

Elle Woods said...

men u guys analyzed the movie....i googled the movie and found this site. i think i watched this for the first time when i was 12..i didn't even know the was always sunita to me.
Awesome movie...the music and dancing was so vibrant..u have to keep rewinding to watch it again.

Nicki said...

Nyob zoo Elle Woods. Thanks for stopping by. Yeh Vaada Raha is loved by many Hmong people

Anonymous said...

Yeah. You've got it right. One of my all-time Bollywood favorites!! Love the movie. Love the storyline. Love the songs.

Last year I was at this OG club and they had a live band performing. They started to play the music to Tu Hai Wohi (the DJ Aqeel version) and the girl started doing the lala's and I started saying, "Gah this is going to suck" thinking it was going to be another cheap Hmong ripoff. But low and behold, the girl singing it started to sing it as original as she could. She actually had done a really good job and did the song justice. It was great seeing the OG's get up and do their little line-dancing to this song.

Nicki said...

Dang crazyamy - do keep on coming back and commenting. Love it! I'm hitting it on the Bollywood movies that Hmong people love. I hope to find more. Oh gosh!! I would've loved and cringed at the same time to hear that version at the OG club! I'm very critical when Hmong girls dance to BOllywood music and copying the moves too!! Thanks so much for the info!

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I think it's cheesy to go to the New Year and see Hmong girls attempting to dance to some of the greatest Bollywood songs and blow it. Koj puas yog hmoob Hawj? lolz. I'm such a fob.

Nicki said...

crazyamy - kuv yog hmoob Hawj mas. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool beans. Me too!

Nicki said...

crazyamy - I have a cuz name Amy too. E-mail me sometimes.

NidaMarie said...

Nicki--Great review! And screencaps. I was wishing my version was a tad clearer, and the subtitles a little better...But ah, well. I liked Poonam but loved Tina. It was so good! I can't wait until its time to watch again. :)

I am really liking Rishi, too. Will be checking out some movies of his soon...

I'm glad to see YVR was so popular in the Hmong culture. It was sooo good...

Nicki said...

Nida - I am just happy you were able to watch this film and enjoyed it. Tina Munim is actually one of my fave actresses from the 80s along with Poonm, Padmini, Rati, Meenakshi, etc :)

Young Rishi is very handsome. I hope to review those films soon