Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Showbiz - when a good storyline gone wrong

Showbiz is a movie about the dark side of being a popular celebrity. Another Page 3 type of movie in which you see the good and the ugly from the paparazzi. Rohan (Tusha Jalota) is a rising singer who makes it big but the media takes him down revealing some personal information about him and a prostitute name Tara.

First of all, I love the Bhatt's for always giving newcomers a chance! Whether it's John Abraham, Udita Goswami, Emraan Hashmi, or Kangana Ranaut; there's talent out there with out the Yash Raj camp. However, Showbiz is a blah movie! Newcomer Tushar Jalota is average looking - he looks like a mixture of Fardeen Khan and Ritiesh Deshmukh. He has a nice body. From the cover, it looks almost like Hrithik Roshan but nope, you are wrong, it is just Tushar. I Although he had the lead role as Rohan as the rising singer, can't say whether or not he did a good job. I wasn't impress with him but it could be that the movie was that bad.


Mrinalini Sharma is so gorgeous - a mixture of Udita Goswami and Bipasha Basu. I loved her since I saw her in Awarapan. She's the main reason why I watched this film. I wanted to see her in a lead role. She does have to improve in her acting but I'll give her another chance. With her professional look, she reminds me of Bipasha Basu in Corporate - the long hair slicked back in a pony tail wearing a business suit. Who says you can't be sexy and look professional? Then you have her in a song looking sexy showing off her curves. She played the character Shikha who is Rohan's manager and later falls in love with him.

Delnaaz Paul doesn't have a big role in the movie but I just thought I'll mention her since many have seen her as Naina's (Preity Zinta) best friend Sweetu in Kal Ho Naa Ho. She looks bad with the loads of makeup put on her. I want the natural and bubbly Sweetu. In Showbiz, Delnaaz plays Mrinalini's assistant.

Shilpa Arori plays Tara, the prositute on drugs who messes up Rohan's career. Why does Rohan care for her so much? Who is she to him? She causes the drift between Rohan and Shikha.

Showbiz's tag is "the dark side of fame." The storyline seems very interesting - good script, beautiful heroine, good songs (you can't go wrong with any Bhatt soundtrack). So what went wrong? Let me tell you.

The script is really interesting but for some reason it just didn't translate as well in the movie. It just fell flat. Movie was very fast paced but fell through in the middle. I'm okay with some stories being unrealistic in some aspects but I just didn't buy the entire ending of the film. Maybe it's just about trying to show too much of the media gone wrong at the end that bored me.
Overall the movie is only worth a watch if you really have nothing else to watch. Or just want to watch it for Mrinalini Sharma cause she's hot. Otherwise, forget it!


ajnabi said...

Tushar looks so American in those screencaps. (By which, I hope it's clear I don't mean gora, I mean he looks like he hails from my neck of the woods. It's weird.) It's cool seeing Sweetu still getting work, even if it's in a second-rate movie. ;-)

Nicki said...

Aaaahhh, I think you meant American as an ABCD for Tushar, hehehe. I agree with you on that.

I know, it was good to see Sweetu again.