Sunday, July 27, 2008

Aarya - I want to feel your love Allu Arjun!

Please note - all my Allu Arjun videos have been removed from YouTube. Read more about it when I blogged about it here and here.

Aarya (Allu Arjun) is a carefree, unselfish college guy. He meets Geeta (Anuradha Metha) and falls in love with her at first sight. Although Geeta has a boyfriend already, Aarya still loves her. He doesn't see anything wrong with him loving her if she truly loves her boyfriend, Ajay. Will Aarya succeed in finding his love? Will she ever "feel his love?"

Allu Arjun - I love this man! Since Bunny, I have fallen head over heels for him. He's so charming, sweet, adorable, cute and can dance. After watching again, I notice he has a kiddish voice which reminds me of Kunal Khemu. You will fall in love with Aarya.

Anuradha Mehta reminds me of Rinke Khanna. Her character Geeta is usually quiet and gets annoyed by Aarya. Although she has a boyfriend, Aarya still pursues her love and she "hates" him for that reason.

Siva plays Ajay, Geeta's boyfriend. Although he is a popular rich guy at school, he feels threatened by Arya testing Geeta and his love. Edited to include - Ajay is a bully and arguably a "villian" in the movie. Even though he is considered Geeta's "boyfriend," it is because he "forced" it on her. No spoilers intended.

Movie starts off with Geeta finding a notebook with a peacock feather on the beach. A guy is looking for his love. She writes on a page telling him she hopes he finds his love.

Aarya tells Geeta that he loves her.

Aarya challenges Ajay and Geeta's love. If their love was so true, Aarya's love for Geeta wouldn't matter.

Aarya was a super hit in 2004 which launch the hot Allu Arjun. It features him in songs that showed off his dancing skills. I've said this in my Bunny review but I'll say it again. The music is amazing and I'm in love with it.

A lot of Telugu videos on YouTube do not have English subs so
I uploaded them on YouTube with English subs. YouTube quality isn't the best but at least you will definitely see Allu Arjun's charm and dancing skills.

Sadly, this isn't the case anymore since my YouTube videos were taken down but I have replaced them...why were my videos targeted? Whatever! I wasn't able to find all the videos from the movie though.

Song #1 - "Thakadimitom"
Song shows off Aarya's energetic youth

Watch Below

Song #2 - "Feel My Love"
Aarya wish Geeta can feel his love

Watch Below

Song #3 - "You Rock My World"
It's Valentine's Day. Aarya sings and dances on stage to stop Ajay and Geeta from walking away.

Watch Below

Song #4 - "Oh My Brother"
A guy in college gets rejected by the girl he likes. Aarya encourages him never to give up his love.

Watch Below

Song #5 - "An Aante"
Aarya dances on stage with a random item girl. This song has been compared to Dil Se's "Chaiya Chaiya" because of the train. In my opinion, "Chaiya Chaiya" is a better song but "An Aante" has better dance steps choreography. Watch and let me know your thoughts. I think Arjun is a better dancer than SRK...and Malaika is hotter than random girl.

Watch Below

Song #6 - "Nuvvunte"
Due to circumstances, Ajay had to leave. Geeta and Aarya spends time together. Will she finally fall for him?

Watch Below

Geeta's wedding gift....

I didn't enjoy Aarya the first time I saw it as much as I do now. I thought Geeta was annoying and selfish. Ajay is also a very selfish guy. Aarya was too good to be true. Allu Arjun - you're the best.


ajnabi said...

Hmm, I'm not sure where I got the impression that Telugu films were dark and depressing. Are the two you've reviewed exceptions or more like the rule? This looks like lots of brightly colored fun! Anuradha Mehta is really beautiful.

Nicki said...

I don't think Telugu films are dark and depressing. I think like Hindi films, there will always be some films that are "arty" like that. I have some more Telugu films too, like Siddharth's movies.

Bollyviewer said...

Another one of those stalker-to-lover movies. :-( Thought Indian movies were growing out if it... Cant blame the girl for preferring her boyfriend - at least in the screencaps he looks more interesting though a bit too old to be a schoolboy/college-kid. Guess I'll like Arjun better when he grows up!

Nicki said...

Actually Aarya wasn't really stalking. You have to watch the movie. The guy is not really a "boyfriend" complicated love story. The storyline is actually more complicated than it really is.

Nicki said...

Dang, I made no sense, lol.

I don't want to spoil the movie at all.

This "boyfriend" of Geeta's, well it was "forced." He's a bully and think he's Mr Know it All.

Aarya is much sweeter. Yes, he's a bit pushy because he's in love with Geeta but there's a reason for it, which I won't spoil

Devesh Suryawanshi said...

I loved watching "Aarya" even i don't know telugu and without english subtitles. I watched it at least 10 times so far and i never get tired watching. Allu Arjun superb acting and dancing.

And thanks i got pics from ur blog.

Nicki said...

Thanks for stopping by Devesh.

No problem about the pics. Glad I could help :)

Anonymous said...

i love anu meatha i love arya film

Anonymous said...

I still have to see this Nicki. I remember talking/seeing "An Aante" before too, and now that I see the (unrelated) Arya 2, I need to see this. Nice screen caps of Bunny.
All the best!

beinghuman_786 said...

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beinghuman_786 said...

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