Sunday, July 6, 2008

Black & White - with colors at the end....

Black & White is about a suicide bomber Numair (Anurag Sinha) who disguises himself to stay in a professor (Anil Kapoor) and his activist wife's (Shefali Shah) house.

Newcomers in a non masala flick always interest me. Why? Forget those heroes who run around in trees romancing the heroine. They can always do that later. Choosing a non masala flick as a debut film, impresses me. Why? To me, it shows that they care more about the audience appreciating them for their talent than being popular.

To make it more pleasurable to watch, Anurag Sinha is easy on the eyes. I think he's very good looking and acts well too. Two for two! His character Numair grew up disturbed with a lot of anger because he was a victim of communal riots in Gujarat. For that reason, he has a lot of hatred towards Hindus.

Anil Kapoor gets better every time I see him. I will not criticize his choices in films anymore. Mr. Kapoor, you have a place in Bollywood doing what you do. Whether it's Black & White, Welcome, Tashan, or Race. Anil plays the professor who teachers Urdu Literature at Hussain College. He teaches all Indians there is no difference with religion - Hindu or Muslim - you are still Indian. People are ignorant because they aren't educated with the truth. Not everything is black and white.

Shefali Shah - loved her since her character Pyaari in Satya. It was great seeing her again. She plays the activist wife to Anil in the film. She is very outspoken and wants justice brought to every individual.

In the first ten minutes or so, the film is black and white. I thought the rest of the movie will continue this way but I can see why it was shown to be black and white.

The rest of the movie shows how beautiful life can be with color and not everything is black and white. There's always shades of gray and color between if you give it a chance.

I can see why someone would not like a film like Black & White. Some aspects were unrealistic. However, to me, the meaning behind the movie is more significant. Not everything is what it seems. Definitely an underrated film for sure. Plus watch Anurag's hotness. Can't wait to watch more films of him.


ajnabi said...

Anurag reminds me of a young Ajay Devgan, plus facial hair. I hadn't even heard of this movie before you reviewed it here!

ajnabi said...

I always check back for replies, so yeah, if you reply here I'll catch it. :-) Who's Sammir Datani? What has he been in?

Nicki said...

I like to watch a lot of B graded movies as others say. Low budget films that many people don't think about watching in Bollywood. I think there's a lot of talent out there but just because they aren't in the Yash Raj camp doesn't mean they aren't talented. I loved Preity way before she joined that camp.

Hmmm, I don't think Anurag looks like a young Ajay Devgan because I didn't think he was attractive when he was younger either. He reminds me a bit of Sammir Datani

Nicki said...

Ha, okay. Sammir Dattani is in Pyar Mein Twist, Corporate and Life Mein Kabhi Kabhi. Told ya I watch films that aren't really known, lol

ajnabi said...

I've heard of Corporate, though! I'm glad you like alternate cinema; as you can see from my blog I'm a pretty pop-y chick so your blog is great for learning about not-so-mainstream stuff that goes under my radar. :-D

Nicki said...

I watch too many movies. I watch both, plus Hollywood and Korean cinema too. I need a life, lol